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  • New discussion in the Lucario Backroom, check it out.

    You know it's serious, if I'm sending this out.
    I wish someone would prank me so I could have a pretty pink name too...
    and no, i'm not going to hold anything over you. i'm done with that. i love you (as a friend) regardless of your opinion of me, and you're important to people i am pretty good friends with, such as kelvin and trevor, so i will treat you well because my father raised me well. when my brother would feud with me and threaten me (drugs ftl), my father would tell him that's wrong regardless of his opinion of me, since i am my father's son and my brother should respect that out of love for his father. get it? you need the money and i can maybe drill some work ethic into you, so i'm offering you the job. i stand by everything i said about wanting to change for the better and prove it to everyone, and be truly forgiven, and to forgive others. i'm going to be a good person and kill the bad in me. i don't want to sound arrogant, but you're lucky to know me.
    let me know asap about helping with my event. i only hire good friends or people with a lot of useful skills, so consider yourself lucky considering your current stance on our relationship, little ***. what i want is help the day before with setting up and making sure everything is ready, which neither kai nor doom can help with, and i'm assuming izumi will have to drive others (can't house more than two people) and brandon will want to stay home or will drive others. keitaro is sort of far away. so, i'm going to offer you that now. it pays the most (hence magus always got the most at the hotel). if not, i'll ask izumi, or maybe even atomsk.
    uh, okay, i guess you won't... sent you some offline ims about me trying to get vinnie unbanned on aib. that's all. also was gonna say i'm leaving for dallas tomorrow and to wish me luck! i'm tired and going to bed early tonight so see yah later. text if you want to respond to anything or say anything in general.
    wow man seems kinda lame, but you (as i expected) probably weren't ready. well i hope it gets rescheduled for some time soon and you pass it. get some practice in, and i'll gladly help you if you need it. if women and black people can get a license, so can you! =D
    i asked you a question but apparently your phone died and you didn't charge it ~_~ why aren't you able to take your driving test? don't you need to drive rather soon for employment/education purposes? D:
    lol I was trying to clear up space on this profile by deleting comments but this just looks worse!
    Get on aim!!! I miss u *****h, and haven't watched anime in years, my head is about to explode *throws computer at wall* tried duradara, I am lost :-:
    After I sent you my most recent text, my french teacher took away my phone, nuuuu! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! wahahaha
    God job at ohio's trney lol, this shoutouts are booty + ur never on aim , but JG XD
    Aw, that sucks. I was looking forward to meeting/playing you. Especially since you seem to like Taiga. =O
    Oh yeah, how does anyone do lucario wifi without doing "rollcario"? Seriously, CLL is ****** in NW and I'm here like "wow, need to get myself some wifi practice", and I can't space well, and it seems so weird, like beyond lag weird.
    ya I figured especially if he camps.
    No way lucario is gonna catch his paws on that sucka.
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