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Results for Hot Dickings! Jan 30th - 31st! 2010, STL MO (Pools and Pics link)


Smash Lord
Feb 21, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Even though I was close to a breakdown during the Brawl Tourney, I had a lot of fun. I want to thank all those that helped me out during both days. Special thanks to all of the StL crew who helped me run it both tournaments had a reeeaaallllyy good turnout so I'm glad StL stepped up with both housing and bringin set ups!! Thank you to the OoS for coming out, especially those that had inclement weather. Thank you Milk!!, Trent, QTP, Cook, MMM and anybody else!! Glad the StL turned out well despite problems!! <3

[EDIT] Blerg, I was not completely there when I was posting this during melee tourney plus I was only thinking of Brawl at the time since melee was still going... But continuation on my thank yous. Thank you to Darkatma, Nuris, QTP and Lixi for helping out with the melee portion. Ripple and tdk_samurai for doing Livestream and/or recording matches. Thank you to Affinity for helping out with Livestream and letting us use your account. I wish I could have talked to more people and met more people and played more friendlies. It was fun playing you, Tomacawk and MJG. Thanks for partnering up with me, Fino. It was nice talking to you CBK and Smeesh and anybody else. Thank you to all those that brought set-ups! I may do another tournament some time but I am on the fence about it right now. I apologize for not getting crew battles up T_T really really sad about that, maybe next time.

Overall tho, this was tons o' fun!

Pool Results


Pool 1
1. Zeton
2. Zash
3. Future
4. Klutch
5. CBK
6. Kemorroo
7. Alt F4

Pool 2
1. Lain
2. Fino
3. DLA
4. Kit
5. TP (lol aka Ticklish Prostate)
6. Peeks
7. Kite
8. Pogo

Pool 3
1. Clel
2. MMM
3. Ripple
4. Clove
5. James
6. Milk!
7. Zyran
8. DjIke

Pool 4
1. MJG
2. Zozefup
3. Chewyy
4. Trent
5. Yink
6. Schism
7. Johmn’ii
8. Oranos

Pool 5
1. Affinity
2. Nicole
3. Jordan
4. Tmacc
5. Sothe
6. Dajayman
7. Neb

Pool 6
1. Kain
2. Joker
3. QTP
4. FAE
5. Kappy
6. B
7. Silver

Pool 7
1. Cook
2. Domo
3. Rob Gambino
4. Veggie!
5. Brid
6. Jeremiah
7. Alex

Pool 8
1. Ook
2. Legan
3. Pu!se
4. Amphros
5. Dart
6. Zwarm
7. Dominic


Pool 1

1. Darkatma
2. Anthony
3. Lain
4. Uli
5. Wale
6. Fred

Pool 2
1. Dekline
2. JBM
3. Ripple
4. Blitzbolt
5. Tomacawk
6. T2

Pool 3
1. Dart
2. Jace
3. Tyser
4. Oranos
5. Nuris
6. Prodogy

Pool 4
1. Climhazzard
2. Secks
3. Legan
4. Klutch
5. Samurai
6. Dude

Pool 5
1. Kels
2. Smeesh
3. Lixi
4. Nude
5. Karl
6. Lordy

Pool 6
1. BigD
2. Book
3. QTP
4. A2
5. Daniel the Seraph
6. Studly

Pool 7
1. Viperboy
2. Hondafoo
3. Sinister
4. Jebus
5. Applejack
6. Am Ba

Pool 8

1. Raith
2. Smooth One
3. Siegfried
4. Dr. Peef Peef
5. Tforce
6. Cry Baby

Brawl Doubles (+ $100 Bonus):

1: Rapid Royale ($270.00) (Clel and Zeton)
2: Domo + Lain ($189.00)
3: Seven Years ($81.00) (Legan and MJG)
4: Team Real Team (Jordan and Kit)
5: Milky's Sexy *** (MMM and CBK)
5: Team We also **** each other (Ook and Zozefup)
7: Fae/Gambino
7: Dicksmash McIroncock (Affinity and Ripple)
9: Mother Gear Solid (Joker and Yink)
9: Mr. Gannon & Watch (Amphros and TP - Ticklish Prostate)
9: All Hedgehogs go to heaven (Trent and Mysterious Silver)
9: Afro Thunder (Dart and Chewwy)
13: Neon night Ryderz!!! (Alt-F4 and Future)
13: Team we **** each other (Nicole and Cook)
13: You mad cuz we stylin on yo (Fino and Radium)
13: Team Kit's Team (James and Johmn'ii)
17: Windows Vista (Toga and Clove)
17: Jeremiah/Ben
17: Special Zone 5 (Kappy and Sothe)
17: Pu!se/B
17: Gimpz! (Tmacc and Milk!!)
17: Old School (Zwarm and Oranos)

Brawl Singles (+ $250 Bonus Pot) 60 Entrants

1: Lain ($344.00 + $50 First place pot bonus) :popo: :gw:
2: Kain ($215.00) :wolf: uh...yeah no lie
3: Zeton ($129.00) :fox:
4: Joker ($86.00) :snake:
5: Affinity ($43.00) :metaknight:
5: Fino ($43.00) :olimar:
7: Ook :dk2:
7: QTP :diddy:
9: Nicole :peach:
9: Clel :metaknight:
9: Jordan :gw:
9: Domo :metaknight:
13: MJG :toonlink:
13: Future :popo:
13: Zash :shiek: Wuuuuut?
13: Chewyy :popo:
17: Legan :link2:
17: Zozefup :metaknight:
17: Ripple
17: Rob Gambino :metaknight:
17: DLA :ganondorf:
17: MMM :falco:
17: Cook :olimar:
17: Pu!se :metaknight: :falco:
25: Amphros :gw:
25: Kit :wario:
25: Trent :sonic:
25: Veggie!
25: Klutch
25: FAE :lucas:
25: Clove :samus2:
25: Tmacc :dedede: :luigi2:

Pool Cutoffs:

33: CBK
33: Ticklish Prostate
33: James
33: Yink
33: Sothe
33: Kappy
33: Brid
33: Dart
41: Kemorroo
41: Peeks
41: Milk!
41: Schism
41: Dajayman
41: B
41: Jeremiah
41: Zwarm
49: Alt F4
49: Kite
49: Zyran
49: Johmn'ii
49: Neb
49: Silver
49: Alex
49: Dominic
57: Radium88
57: Pogo
57: DjIke
57: Oranos

Melee Doubles (+$100 Pot Bonus)

1: Old dogs with new tricks ($210) (Viperboy and Kels)
2: Alleycat Blues ($147) (Darkatma and Geno)
3: Barksdale Crew ($63) (BigD and Dmac)
4: Nebraska Slang (Smeesh and JBM)
5: Team Shrug (Dekline and Jace)
5: The School Bus (Hondafoo and Raith)
7: Mad Cute (Samurai and Dart)
7: Team Dumptruck (Deku and Erroldactyl)
9: Epic Costumes (Lixi and Jebus)
9: Team BROKEN! (Siegfried and Lordy)
9: Team Alpha (Wale and T2)
9: Legan Wears Magnum (Legan and Ripple)
13: Sleep Johns (Blitzbolt and Nuris)
13: Scootie Puff Jr (A2 and Fred)
13: Team Clone (Studly and Nude)
13: Follow Me (Smooth One and Apple Jack)

Melee Singles (+$150 Bonus pot) 48 Entrants

1: Kels ($252 + $50 First place bonus) :falco: :fox:
2: Darkatma ($157.50) :sheik: :peach:
3: JBM ($94.50)
4: Smeesh ($63.00)
5: Anthony aka Dmac ($31.50)
5: Tyser ($31.50)
7: Lixi
7: Viperboy
9: Dart
9: Lain
9: Dekline
9: Jace
13: Ripple
13: Climhazzard
13: Raith
13: Smooth One
17: Sinister
17: Book
17: Hondafoo
17: BigD
17: Legan
17: QTP
17: Jebus
17: A2
25: Nude
25: Dr. Peef Peef
25: Klutch
25: Siegfried
25: Blitzbolt
25: Uli
25: Secks
25: Oranos

Pool Cutoffs:

33: Wale
33: Tomacawk
33: Nuris
33: Samurai
33: Karl
33: Daniel the Seraph
33: Applejack
33: Tforce
41: Fred
41: T2
41: Prodogy
41: Dude
41: Lordy
41: Studly
41: Am Ba
41: Cry Baby

Video Links!!!!! Thanks guys!




Pictures from the tourney

Lost and Found!!


I also found a coat....describe it and I may send it back.


Never Knows Best
Nov 8, 2006
Milpitas, CA
1 lain :popo: :gw:
2 Kain :wolf:
3 Zeton :fox:
4 Joker :snake:
5 Affinity :metaknight:
5 Fino :olimar:
7 Ook :dk2:
7 QTP :diddy:

I think.


Smash Lord
Sep 10, 2009
are there any vids from this tourney? more specifically, any vids of kain's wolf from this tourney?


Sleepwalk our lives away.
Aug 8, 2007
St. Charles, Missouri
vids pleeeease

edit: and i mean kain's matches, sounds sexy
Loser's Finals was Zeton vs Kain (Fox vs Wolf) and the first match was played on Lylat Cruise. They waited until the worm-hole, did the special taunt for Star Fox characters, THEN started the match.

It was epic.

The replays are saved iirc, someone should upload them eventually :)


Smash Lord
Jan 30, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana
I saw Kain got second and my jaw dropped.

Loser's Finals was Zeton vs Kain (Fox vs Wolf) and the first match was played on Lylat Cruise. They waited until the worm-hole, did the special taunt for Star Fox characters, THEN started the match.

It was epic.

The replays are saved iirc, someone should upload them eventually :)
That's too good.


Smash Lord
Jul 31, 2008
How many offline tournies has Kain been to? I've only heard of this guy from wifi.

Looks like he pulled a Jumpman.


Smash Ace
Nov 1, 2008
no kains been to a ton of offline tourneys places top 5 normally. hes 100% legit.

btw kain

GOOOD ****!!!!

The Milk Monster

Smash Champion
Dec 31, 2007
Collinsville, IL.
Kain got suchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh an epic nair to shine on Zeton I believe, Zeton or Joker.

Regardless, the entire last two hours of this tourney made me drool.

Omfggggggggggggggggg a Wolf in Grand Finalsssssss!!!!

God this tourney was good ****, thanks for being there for Brawl everyone who was.

Ripple: Thanks for t he tips, and generally being awesome and doesn't afraid of anything. I wish I wouldn't of been so exhausted after the tourney and we could've hung out some more + you could've helped me practice.

Affinity: Thanks so much for Stream help, your cool SD Card Pack, and being an all around awesome guy. Hope to see you at possible future events, you were really awesome.

MJG: Thanks for coming even though Weather. Wish we would've got to talk and or hang out a bit more though.

Joker: Good **** man, excellent show.

Yink: You and FAE were a ****** team, haha. Next time you should team for the tourney.

FAE: Thanks for playing the friendlies, sorry my money match was so disappointing, we'll get one next time at earlier then 1 am ahah. Teams was pre fun with you too, we did surprisingly well.

Todd: Good **** making it into brackets, you had it rough haing to play your first match against Zeton. :(

Zeton: Gooooooood **** in the tourney man, I honestly didn't see Kain beating you, but he really stayed on his game.

Kain: Way to steal the spotlight man, you did absolutely fantastic.

Lain: Good **** for winning the tourney man.

Ook: Way to really be on top of your game at Legans and at the tourney.

Metal: Thanks for helping me train a little bit. One day I'll come over again and we'll really train some more.

And Rauleen: Thank you so much for putting this **** together, it turned out amazing, and very well run. Amazing ****.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 16, 2007
Kirksville, MO
wow. haven't been on here in a while. also my first tournament in forever, had a lot of fun. thanks rauleen! good job everybody. need to stop having tournaments where there are bars though.

also, i don't understand the hype this kain guy gets, he's not great. dude only forward tilted me once.


Smash Lord
Dec 23, 2009
St. Louis
Kain tore it up, but Lain played really well in the Grand Finals, and the tournament as a hole. He's too good...haha
I had such a great time for my first large IRL tourny (happy I made it out of pools and did decent!), and can't wait to attend many more! Great meeting everyone, especially some people for the first time such as Milk!, FAE, Rauleen (thanks for the rides again), Legan, Kain, and numerous others. Everyone was so great, competition was fiece, which is perfect. Love it. Thanks guys, keep up the good work everyone! :D


"Their anguish was my nourishment."
Jun 28, 2008
Chicago, IL
Good sheet Kain! Too tired for shoutouts now, will post later.


Smash Hero
Dec 10, 2005
St Louis, Missouri/Fremont, CA
A big thanks to Rauleen for hosting such a good tourney: getting a great venue, procuring so many setups, getting everything done [pretty much] on time, and even adding her own money into the pot.
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