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The Milk Monster
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  • Hey Milk, just sending you a message saying that me(Gooeybanana) and AnDaLe/An8676 will be coming from Peoria tomorrow morning for Melee singles. We got boned so we have to take a train which runs from 10:15 and arrives in STL at 12:20, so we'll miss signing up for doubles but whatever lol. I'm just asking, if signup is at 11, can you sign both Gooeybanana and AnDaLe/an8676 for Melee singles? I promise we have venue fee and singles $, we just are going to be arriving at the venue around 12:40/1ish more than likely. Greatly appreciate if you can help us out! I'm running on E so I'm getting these precious 2 hours of sleep =)
    Good stuff.

    Lucario is interesting..I keep using Nair even though its laggy.

    Got any tips for me?
    Ya hes pretty legit

    And No I haven't seen any vids. You would have to link me
    Dude....I see you've picked up lucario.

    Im going to start using lucario as well...he is so much fun to play with
    Could you gimme the phone number of whoever is in charge of Aerial Rave? I wanna talk to them about the venue fee being $20 instead of $10. I honestly think it will cut the number of entrants in half, meaning it will be a financial loss for them, not to mention a large turnout creates more hype for a future event, making a lower venue fee a good long-term investment. I have other arguments to get the fee lowered too, so I really want to talk to someone about it. Help?
    Hey, I messaged you a few months back about if you had any footage of Legan ****** in Brawl for our community combo video. It's been a couple months but do you have anything? We're actually gonna start starting and wrapping this up...(after months lol)
    Hey , do you have any Legan videos on your hard drive still? Over at the AiB boards us Links are doing a community combo video and Legan needs to be in it. He just has to . . . but he doesn't own a Wii or probably have any videos of himself on his computer. Do you have anything left of him?
    We've all moved to AiB, no one goes to the SWF Link boards anymore. Just letting you know.
    Oh yeah and what I told you was the normal part of my day lol. The very awkward part was I saw the tit through the shirt of my good friend's cousin..... And how I learned they were cousins? We had to a name memorization in the class I have with her and so I was talking to him in the scrounge and I said how am I supposed to remember all these people who aren't in my class. And so I said, like how am I supposed to remember the name of that ridiculously hot gymnast. And he asked if I meant the one in the pink. I of course said yes. And so lol
    I've got two programs I'll give you download links to make it go faster. Other than that, go into moviemaker. Crop it so its the video you want to use. Go to frame 1 and click save picture as and save it. Go to frame 2 and repeat. It shows it in 15 fps so you won't get over 150 frames generally. Or pirate photoshop, which I still have to do.
    Dude, I think I've found a contemporary for age defying ability chick side. There's this insanely hot freshman who had to have her wisdom teeth removed because they were literally growing in like a 24 year old in 8th grade and looks like a senior now. Only reason I know this: she's hitting on me lol. But she's 14...
    Don't ask me why, but I only allow SamuraiPanda and Youko to be on my friend's list. Nothing against you, but I've just always kept it that way XD
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