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  • We should play some doubles this weekend, because I play with Bpx every time we go to jokers. Wario/Oli too good.
    Don't know if I'll make it to TP's tournament in time for us to do teams :/. Check the thread.
    Thanks! Far from done though so I'll probably do that as there's a lotmore to add . And it took me a few hours to get it ready lol I'm somewhat of a perfectionist at times. But I just wanted to get it done. This is only the first step in my grand plan to revamp these boards and get everything looking nice and updated. I'll keep you posted :D
    Hey bro we need to like coordinate something together and get the D3s doing stuff again. It's really frustrating me we have all these options available and no one is really stepping up and trying to make them more accessible for the community. Since you seem to be one of the few other D3s that care I thought I'd hit you up.

    And you're T-black. <3
    Oh yeah I saw that part it needing to be Jump Canceled. You just have to hold Jump right? Oh there's a video?? That would be help so much lol. I have a Lucario in my state that I want to unleash this on in tourney ;)
    Tblack <3 Hey bro I wanted to ask you something. I know you've been playing around with buffered Up Smash out of D-Throw and wanted to know how much progress you've made. I consistently get one frame shy of it connecting :( I've done it a few times but it's HARD as balls.
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