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FAST 1 Results/Shoutouts Thread!!!

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Sep 29, 2007
UCF (Orlando, FL)
Well FAST 1 is done and it was AWESOME, thanks to everyone who came, even if it was just for friendlies!

Shoutouts later, results now!

Melee doubles

1: Super Metroid Redesign is the longest game ever made (M2K + Cort)
2: Shiz in a box (DaShizWiz + Hungrybox)
3: Tim on Top (Swift + Eggm)
4: ***** **** (Xelic + Caveman)
5: Keep Sleepin (KeepSpeedN + SOFT)
5: Thunderskulltip (QDVS + RockCrock)
7: Sword of DK (Jesus freak + rayzorium)
7: Thunder Cougar Falcon Bird - ENGAGE!!! (Colbol + Lambchops)
9: Close to the edge (Linguini + Green Mario)
9: None12 (DoH + ARC)
9: Fire beats ice (DJ Nintendo + PB&J)
9: Pokerface Frank and Whoevers (Zig-Zag! + Random)
13: Needle in a Pillstack (Smashmac + Inui)
13: TNT (OTRU + Skrach)
13: HY5 (Hylian + Jesse)
13: **** Clubbin (Full Metal + Everlasting yayuhzz)
17: Blender cats (fluffyf + exarch)
17: Metal Phobia (Marin + Zoro)
17: The Jason Zimmerman fan club (C@sh Mooney + festizzio)
17: We **** Jigglypuff (Captain Crunch + Dark Sonic)
17: Burglealerlar (Aarow + Chexr)
17: Scrub Tactics (Finch + Garbanzo)
17: Apollo Racer (Raistlin + Apollo)
17: Team America (chaddd + c.......)
25: Ridiculous Babies (rx- + bossmagnet)
25: CP9 (forkgirl + essence)
25: SmashPR (DSL + ExcelZero)
25: Super Smash Bros. RPG (Alpha + Nice1)
25: Youtube Tactics (Genoblast + SamDvDs)
25: Ben+Jerry's Ice Cream (dyse + maverick heero)

Melee Singles

1: M2K
2: Cort
3: DaShizWiz
4: Colbol
5: KeepSpeedN
5: Xelic
7: Caveman
7: hungrybox
9: RockCrock
9: Lambchops
9: DJ Nintendo
9: chaddd
13: DoH
13: ESAM
13: Green Mario
13: QueenDVS
17: eliott
17: FullMetal
17: Eggm
17: Linguini
17: uuaa
17: exarch
17: Chexr
17: Yayhuzz
25: derf
25: Zig-Zag!
25: Swift
25: Rayzorium
25: dogysamich
25: SmashMac
25: ARC
25: Inui
33: OTRU
33: C........
33: PB+J
33: Jesus Freak
33: AaroSmashGuy
33: AfroThunda
33: Nice1
33: ragnarock
41: Dark Sonic
41: SamDVDs
41: Nick Riddle
41: Raistlin
41: Hylian
41: Random
41: Alpha
41: Gage
41: Nicky
41: Zoro
51: SOFT
51: Apollo
51: Garbanzo
51: Mr. P
51: Maverick heero
51: Captain crunch
51: DSL
51: GenoBlast
51: festizzio
51: ExcelZero
61: forkgirl
61: Rx-
61: LukeNessMonster
61: Rend
61: Theo
61: Dyse
61: marlon
61: Essence
61: C@sh Mooney
61: PURP
71: Pengie
71: DJ Chidori
71: KurBay
71: Needle of Juntahh
71: Sworddancer
71: Finch
71: RAZE
71: 300 "zeitgeist?"

Brawl Doubles

1: m2cort vs super metroid against the bar dynasty (M2K + Cort)
2: Rxyz- (Rx- + xYz)
3: Quicksilver Rx- I love (Afro thunder + linguini)
4: Dr. Pepper tastes better than Hylians ex girlfriend (get with it) (Gmoney + Hylian)
5: Team Puerto Rico (DSL + ExcelZero) ($50.63)
5: Grab Rest (cDoc + Chaz) ($50.63)
7: Quarter Second Lag (Pierre + Lee)
7: African american homosexual (Desu + Yayuhzz)
9: nice1 should be on the mid-south power rankings (Nice1 + Reflex)
9: **** Salad (Colbol + Lambchops)
9: Sui-Die (bonesaw + tommy g)
9: Inui+dmbrandon (Inui + dmbrandon)
13: Team Ditched (Garbanzo + OTRU)
13: Next time on Dragon Nut Z (GDX + Hrnut)
13: Zig-Zag! Sucks (Zig-Zag! + Biglou)
13: Broken Watches (Needle of Juntah + PB&J)
17: E-Riddle (Nick Riddle + ESAM)
17: Mamhalberd (Redhalberd + Mampam)
17: KFC Warriors (AtotheZ + Lichodust)
17: Thor+Loki (Thor + Loki)
17: Marshall U Rep (Snad + MBVRG)
17: Sexy Infinite Dimensional Chocolate Cape (Fearless + Loto)
17: Just Warming up for singles (Bozzar + Loki)
17: Team SACS (Seibrik + Equi)
25: Quantum eclipse (Tidus + Jay)
25: Everyone (C@sh Mooney + Finch)
25: BRB Ice Cream (Ryuu + Fuzz)
25: Burgulurgulugr (Smashguy + Chexr)
25: Team **** (PolMex23 + JT)
25: My **** tastes Gmoney (Sly + Riot)
25: Piranhas on an escalator (Raistlin + Apollo)
25: Cereal Box (Captain crunch + hungrybox)
33: Team Green (Guyingreen + Chaddly)
33: Rock you like a hurricane (Slit + Eight)
33: Venom is gay for Eddie (Hunter + C-Hill)
33: Roe vs. Wade (Green Mario + Tim)
33: Love me some Lobstah (Fenrir VII + Angry Lobster)
33: Scandinavian Rattlesnakes (Dark Sonic + DJ Nintendo)
33: Team Radiance (HeRo! + ViRo?)
33: WeeG Board (Bruce + WeeG)
33: So Zeta Awesome (sky + leira)
33: Chaos Phobia (Kyon + Marin)
33: The Worst Character in the game (PRiDE + S(prin)kull(ce))
33: Team QQ (festizzio + galax1117)
33: Banana in a box (Matt2 + Adam)
33: Youtube Tactics (SamDVDs + GenoBlast)

Brawl Singles

1: M2K
2: Reflex
3: Cort
4: AfroThundah
5: HRNut
5: Inui
7: Needle of Juntahh
7: Fearless
9: Rx-
9: Hylian
9: Colbol
9: xYz
13: Bonesaw
13: Redhalberd
13: Equi
13: Seibrik
17: Tommy G
17: cDoc
17: Lee.
17: Chexr
17: ExcelZero
17: AarowSmashGuy
17: PRiDE
17: SamusABE
25: Diem
25: Dguy
25: hungrybox
25: Yayhuzz
25: Lambchops
25: GDX`
25: Galeon
25: DSL
33: Biglou
33: Captain crunch
33: Will_
33: DJ Nintendo
33: chaz
33: ESAM
33: Gmoney
33: Loki
33: Linguini
33: FenrirVII
33: Bozzar
33: Nick Riddle
33: Chaddly
33: AngryLobster
33: Petey
33: Snad
49: Adam
49: Loto
49: CO18
49: Thor
49: Nice1
49: Hunter
49: Zig-Zag!
49: Thee Incubus
49: Garbanzo

Unfortunately because pools took so long, we didn't play every match to seed all the players, so I don't have accurate placements for whoever didn't make brackets. I was gonna figure out the placings today, but we lost the pool sheets >.<, so I will just list everyone who didn't make it in alphabetical order.

C@sh Mooney
Circular Geometry
Dark Sonic
Desert King
Green Mario
Loki (LA)


FL peeps

Rx/BossMagnet - You guys were amazing this weekend, and without your help things would have failed. Nobody can do this alone, and you guys really stepped up and made it poosible from the very beginning. From fronting money for the venue, to helping run and clean and just make sure things were ok, to designing and sellling the shirts, there's no way I can repay you guys for all that help. Good **** getting 2nd in doubles Rx, and BossMagnet, way to step it up on sunday!!! You OWNEDDDD on that mic and got this tourney done on time! Again, thanks for everything guys, you both ROCK!:)

Fenrir - Dude, way to go, from the beginning finding the venue, and negotiating the price, and showing up and supporting everything. You're totally awesome, thanks a bunch! Next year we gotta get the convention center for real though, that venue is too good, and no xbox!! lol

QDVS - Dark knight on thursday was too good, good job to you and rock for doing well in doubles!!! Thanks for helping me figure out ties in pools and stuff also!:colorful::colorful::colorful: (get smilied)

RockCrock - Dude it was awesome meeting you, you're a really cool dude, why don't you live in Orlando!? Thanks for helping me seed on thurs/fri!

Colbol - Good stuff getting 4th buddy you rock, also thanks for helping make the brackets on melee/brawl singles days! Thanks for housing too, it really helped.

hungrybox - Thanks for housing so many, it was a big help, especially since we couldn't get onsite housing, you really held it down with housing. We need to do more mini melee tournaments also.

Raistlin - Cool stuff dude, hope you had an awesome birthday, glad you could spend some of it at FAST. Props for also housing, you da man!

Exarch - Thanks for being so supportive, it really means a lot, and it helps especially with hard situations like the ones we had. Next time there's a brawl tournament, bring that PT and show them what you can do!!

Apollo - You're a good dude man, too bad we didn't get to hang out more!

Dark Sonic - Dude your Sonic is beast, I was watching friendlies with you and M2K, good stuff!

OTRU - Thanks for comin man, I feel honored that my tourney was your last one ever (but you should come to gigs anyway), you know I got your back, especially when it comes to getting out of pools lol, good luck in the future with everything you do!

xYz - Thanks for housing people man, it was a big help, and good stuff on Saturday, you and Rx- owned!! Best G&W in the nation!!

SheerMadness - Holding it down with the 64, good stuff, that way all three games represented!

DaShiaWia - DUDE you're so nastyyyyyy! As if it hasn't already been said, shiz+m2k = greatest set ever. Your falco is god, and we are your humble servants. You and your brothers are mad chill, hopefully you guys can come to gigs.

KeepSpeedN - Man, you're like the most chill dude ever, watching you and Rx- beat on the tables was funny, as well as throwing medicine balls around the gym!

SmashMac - Your doc is still as beast as ever, and you're a cool guy to talk too, it was great seeing you and your brothers!

Lambchops - Man you're one crazy dude, thanks for hangin out and owning with falco!

Skrach - Good seeing you dude, too bad you couldn't stay for singles, you would've owned with marth!

h1roshi - Man, you get all 4 days off, and only make it to the last day, but good stuff anyway!

Zoro - Magic trick is toooo good, thanks for holding it down with that old-*** TV, that setup helped on melee days! Hopefully you hate brawl a tiny bit less after this weekend.

Marin - Yo! Thanks for coming, it was great seeing you, you and Zoro were holding it down in teams!

Gmoney - Good stuff in teams, you and Hylian were a sick team, way to go! Sorry I couldn't get that b-troller to you, maybe at the August gigs (if they have one lol).

Barban20 AKA Dr. Barban20 P.h.D. AKA Garbanzo - Great to see ya bud, you're mad funny, make sure to come to gigs this weekend and own!

Afro thundah - Man, you did GREAT this weekend no matter what you think. FL is beast at brawl, we just lost to the one region that is consistently better is all. Chops is right, you are the Shiz of brawl.

Fearless - Olimar is too good, you and Loto did a good job this weekend.

Loto - You and fearless beat M2K and Cort in doubles friendlies!? Good ****.

HRNUT - SHIELDDDD BREAKKKERR, it never fails, you will break every shield in the world someday.

GDX - Diddy konggg owns, good stuff man, you and the whole ********* crew held it down.

C@sh Mooney - Thanks for coming money (yes i spelled it money), come to gigs and own!!!

Linguini - Yoooo thanks for coming man, Ganon is da bomb.

Green Mario - It was good meeting you, and good stuff in melee (best marioooo in da world!).

Tim/Mike Madness - UCF represent, thanks for coming guys and doing it real big!

I think that's everyone from FL lol.

OOS (too lazy to do regions)

DogySamich - Man you guys are all funny as fvck, next time you guys have a GA tourney i'm there! Scream at me!

Alpha Gundam - It was cool meeting you, you're a good dude.

nice1 - Don't hate on the wagon, it is NOT a soccer mom van, you're just jealous is all. You need to be on the midsouth power ranking for sure.

Marty - FL sucks for sweet tea, sorry :( (who doesn't have sweet tea at a Denny's???) You're good at fighters too, good stuff.

Yayuhzz - You took like every tag we had, hopefully you just frame that shirt up and never use it again (especially since you wore it for 4 days straight). Walking into IHOP with those tags was too funny, that waitress was funny too (cockhead!). For real though, we can't go anywhere in public ever again, or risk making a huge scene. :laugh:

Desu - Finally I know why they call it "barlw", haha. It was cool meeting you, you guys are all awesome.

Reflex - OMG WARIO IS THE BEST!! Way to hold it down for the South, best Wario in the country by default, for real though you could hold your own against any player in the world right now. Also, it's not my fault you went to bed early and missed your shoutout >.<

Hylian - Psh I ain't scared of the IC's....well maybe a little bit, you and Gmoney are too good in teams, way to go! Texas represent!

Random - Good stuff on the M-I-C got that commentary, also you're just a cool dude overall, that article about competitive brawl was a great read!

Zig-Zag! - You did good considering how the odds were against you, from M2K in the first round, to death pools with Afro thundah, good stuff man!

forkgirl - Girl smashers rule! Enjoy your FAST 1 shirt, and thanks for coming!

inui - Thanks for helping out with the tournament, and good stuff on brawl days!

dmbrandon - Thanks for coming, it was interesting to meet you, I remember when brawl first came out you were like the "authority" for brawl and I was like "gee I wonder who that dm guy is?". Also you showed that G&W is good in melee too, nice!

M2k/Cort - The beasts from the east. You show up to lil ol' FL and take all our money, good job M2K winning every event, you are the best in the world no doubt, and you and Cort are disgusting in teams, owning all life that faces you.

Eggm/Swift - Thanks for coming all the way guys, you guys are really cool! I wish things could've gone better in singles, you guys probably would've placed, but hopefully you guys got to have fun and play a ton of friendlies!

DJ Nintendo - Watching you show up with a quart of milk and a box of cereal was funny as hell, forget fast food, you just show up and do it big, breakfast style! Best bowser in the world, for sure!

DSL/ExcelZero/Kacht - Thanks for coming guys, all the way from PR!!! PR is sick at brawl, hopefully you guys can make it to more tournaments, you should go to critical hit 4 and own there!

festizzio - WC represent! I was born in Cali, so I was glad to see a WC player there, next time you come, bring all of WC so we can do epic crews!

ARC - You're a cool dude, it was great getting to know you this weekend, good luck with your tournaments, and hopefully FL can make it out there someday!

GuyInGreen - You asked me for any tips about running a tournament. The only advice I can give you is also the oldest advice ever heard : Anything that CAN go wrong WILL, so always be prepared.

Ugh, it's almost 3, so I'm done, if i forgot anyone I'm sorrry!!! Having so many people come, I want to shout out to everyone, but I can't cause i'm mad tired!!


Whoever stole the Xbox - Your mama's a *****, and I hope you die twice tomorrow!

The YMCA - You guys suck for being ***** about the Xbox, next year we're gonna try for a place smart enough to afford surveillance in the room with all the tech stuff.



And of course...


July 2009

Aww yea...:chuckle:


The Designated Hype Man!
Jul 3, 2002
Warner Robins, Georgia

Welp, first and foremost.

1 round tiebreakers are bull****. Im not going to get over that cause its dumb, but just like at the time it was announced, and when the dust settled, im not mad at anybody specifically. That's just how life goes.



What's really good
Frames: Good job running the tourney. Well, the melee portion atleast. :) You's a kool dude, inspite of me rollin in day one with a megaphone strapped to my chest yelling random obscenities for no reason. :D

Colbol; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HOUSING. Your family is tooooooo nice. I cant believe they'd let us loud *** maa****ers stay in your house for that long. I cant thank you enough for giving us food and a place to crash. Im lookin forward to messin 'round with the fat ***** again. a.k.a. the american dream, a.k.a. garfield. .... >.>

Alpha: *points up to top* pools was bull****. Next topic. Trip was ridiculously fun, inspite of all drama. Wouldnt have it any other way. Too bad you never got to play Bubsy on the way back. :(

Nice1: I was walkin in the house today and i looked down and saw a book of matches. I picked it up and said ".... omigod man." Why are you so good at reading people? Congratulations on stepping up into status of professional hypeman. Now you can aim to go 4 days without completely losing your voice like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Reflex: Well, first and foremost, congrats on 2nd in brawl and reaching your goal of making wario a good character. Second congrats for "beating mew2king" (better known as Mike Tyson in Punchout). Too bad you didnt get the knockout. Last but not least, tech skill and mindgames, im going to sit down and type up a summary of that dicussion we had (and the following one once we got home) i think that'd actually be an interesting read for people. Oh yeah, one more thing. GOOD JOB CREATING AN ADVANCED TECHNIQUE ON BOP IT EXTREME

The Doc Conference/Mario Meeting

$mashmac: Double docs is officially amazing. You're taking point though, cause you've got mad combos. My best combo is still pill -> run like a *****. We've got plenty of stuff to share with the doc boards.

Heavyhands: welcome to the world of tourneys, and welcome to the wonderful world of doc. The sooner you realize the trap you've fallen into and the faster you get out, the better. :) I mean look at caveman.

Rend/Doc: Nice meeting you two. Both of ya'll got some docs, doc is a good thing. *looks up to last shoutout*. . . .

DJ Nintendo: Too, fricking, smart. Nothing more can be said about that. Mindgame combos? Lets be real now, that's just blatent abuse of somebody mental process. You're too good. Thanks for the advice. It's going to good use already.

Greenmario: .... ow. Mah face. Double docs got steamrolled by you and DJN. Why do you combo so good? I actually learned some stuff from you too, so thank you kindly sir.


Joja (GA)

Chaddd: Dude, im tellin ya. "Double D's" is going to be the tightest vid ever. Way to rep that ganon. Perfect wavelanding is amazing.

Soft: Good **** in teams. Way to earn your time in the spotlight. Keep up the work with the jiggs

Fullmetal: *slowly nods his head* Yeah, yeah. Goin hard like always. Good stuff

Cornel: *salute* That's all that needs to be done here.

PB&J: I actually saw you rockin some people. Way to put them ICs to work.


Flowduh: (FL)

Dguy: MAN, KIRBY/M2 TEAM IS TOO GOOD. Nice to see you still have that m2 gimpin hard. Now you just need to go get that tetragram of fail up to speed. ;)

Angry Lobster: Long time no see, and it was good to end that quick. It was nice to play some IRL brawl teams. Wish there was some 3s there so I coulda got at that Alex. Good seein ya.

Fenrir: I saw the VIth one at mcdonalds on the way home. I was waiting for you to walk through the door and upsmash him in the face. I was sadly disappointed. :( However, i still have you, so it works out for the best in the end.

Desert King: Man, ima start calling you Tundra King, cause you're so chill. Too **** kool to hang out with, man. Too **** kool.

Lambchops: Thanks alot. Im never going to look at dbz the same again. *shakes head*

Linguini: Man, i knew you had a sick ganon, but i had no clue about the falco. Where did that come from? That was painful. Good stuff.

Shiz/Speedn: Im comin with new beats next time. There is going to be a whole set of dancin/beatboxing. And you guys are still going to be too broken.

Hungrybox: a.k.a. starving crate. Good lookin out for melee with the free tourneys. I like how you threw me on the results even though I didnt enter. It's ok, if somebody catches it, ill just say somebody poisoned the chicken.

Raistlin: Always good to see ya, man. Didnt say much to ya, but it's always a pleasure. Keep it real.

Exarch: Playing peach isnt a healthy habit, especially when living in FL. Good job reppin the ***** with the ghetto booty.

Elliot: It was kinda funny when you walked into the house, cause i said in my mind "Hey, that's the peach dude who rocked my **** at gigs last time". And then you pretty much did it again in pools, and did it for the most part in friendlies. You're pretty **** slick. It was nice catchin up to ya again.


ColBallin's Crib

Everlasting Yayuhzz; Dude. Way to rep the midsouth/GA area with your mouth you ***-nog. Straight up DTP 24/7. XD. I'm bout to finish this "Manly drink" sittin right next to me. Scream at me.

Siren: -stare-......*wave*. It was nice meeting you. I feel sorry for you for having to ride in that car. :( You're a toughie, though. I'da stabbed yay if I was in you.


Marty: I got some sweet tea in the fridge, want me to bring you a cup? >.> Look on the bright side of things, you got alot of practice in for 2-d fighting games, you got to play some melee, and you got to hang with your buddies and rip on people. Everything worked out fine in the end.


The Secret Guilty Gear Society:

This one pretty much just goes out to marty and desu.
DOLPHIN LOOPS 4 LYFE NYUKKAZZ *grabs his anchor and runs*



Afro Thundah: Good **** living up to the hype in brawl. And regardless of what you say, you've actually got some skills in melee. You've got some pretty good spacing with that ganon.

Seibrik: I know you're not specifically a brawl player, but it's nice meeting the ring leader of the Kirby terror squad. I hope you feel good about how you've soiled the name of the freedom fighter. :p

Loto: *points up* pretty much the same thing i said to Seibrik. Nice playing you kirby vs kirby in teams. My bad for punkin' out of the s64, though. You have my permission to drag me to a n64 and play kirby dittos next time we meet.

WeeG: I see a sick luigi in your future. Trust the ouiji. Nice to meet ya man, keep up the good work. You're doing right.


Other unsorted people

M2k: Im going on record once again and saying I didnt miss my rest, which is why I was the first one up. I was just the guy in front of the 4 puff pile up in the middle of nowhere. Congrats on keeping smash on lock.

Cort: real chill, nice meetign ya. The awesome infinite falcon... thingy is frickin amazing, surpassing "Guy on the right" as the time burning game for smash. Good stuff.

Caveman: .... ow. That's no fair beating the mess outta me like that, you actually know how to wreck docs. :( I actually do appreciate the allout sheik, though. I've seen some things that i've never seen before.

Random: Your commentary is too flippin good. If you're not on some team somewhere, you should be. Seriously. I would listen to you shoutcasting matches for anything. Hell, i'd listen to you shoutcast brawl if you'd go for it.

Eggm: Good lookin out on the recording man. I appreciate you makin sure everybody has access to DJN and GM steamrolling me. Makes me feel good inside. Im purposely not mentioning that falco because nobody needs to know about double docs vs double falcos. I lost sleep over that mess.

Swiftbass: Nice meetin ya man. Gotta looooooootta good friendlies in. You're got some pretty nasty stuff goin for ya.

Inui: Disrespecting the doc is a crime punishable by death. It'll do you good to keep that in mind. >.> <.< *runs away*.

Hiroshi: Nice to see you're still around, and nice to see you're still rockin the 4 Swords shirt. I actually am going to dig through my closet and find mine after i get done with this post because of you.

And that wraps up the shoutouts. If I forgot you, my bad, dont hurt me please.

Now for the new thing im bringin to shoutouts.

Top 10 Quotes from the tourney

10) *sigh* "I cant believe you dont have tea. Im cancelling my order" -Marty
9) "You see, Mike Tyson is like M2K because Mike Tyson is impossible to beat. If i practice and somehow manage to pull this off before Brawl, I'm going to win" -Reflex
8) "It was like, all he was doing was *wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah* *fist pound* and that's a wrap. I didnt know doc could do a space animal like that" -Nice1
7) "I mean, for Christ's sake. People are over there going crazy when somebody SDs. That's what is exciting in brawl. An SD" -Marty
6) "Man, **** the **** tornado" -Nice1
5) "Oh, there's a dead rat by the door. The fat cat sat on it" -(Somebody at the house)
4) Dogy: "Ya know what I just realized? Storm has been to a low-tier Metaknight."
Alpha: "What the hell?"
Dogy: "Dude. Storm can remove her hitbox from the screen entirely, but she has to gradually bring it back. Metaknight NEVER has to put his hitbox on the screen."
Alpha: "Oh lawd"
3) "Dude, did you see brawl teams? Frickin mew2king and cort rapin' folks with their Al Queda combo. They're all like 'FOR ALLAH!' *boom*" -Nice1 + Marty
2) "All ya need to do to stop mach tornado is keep a grenade at yo feet, and yo ears to the streets. Scream at meh." Marty + Everlasting Yayuhzz

and the number one quote of the tourney goes to

1) "Ya know Dogy. Has anybody ever told you you look like a struck match?" -Marty.


And for a bonus quote, from half of the venue.

"......oh. my. god. Dogy. Why the **** do you have a megaphone? WHY DO YOU NEED A MEGAPHONE?!?! YOU'RE ALREADY LOUD ENOUGH. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US ALL?!!?"

and on that note, im going to put my vocal chords to rest.



Not even death can save you from me
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC


Our car broke down. We are in a super motel 8 80ish miles from Pensacola. Exit 85 of I10 west. We don't have much money. We have to be out of this room by 11am.

If anyone can help us out at all we would love you forever. FOREVER. Housing, rides, ANYTHING. We are trying to figure things out. We don't even know where the closest bus station is.

My number is 512-417-9205 if anyone wants to help us out.

I will change this to shoutouts once I get back to texas...which I need help doing :(.

Tee ay eye

Smash Hero
Jun 1, 2008
<3 forkgirl and essence for the best team name ever.

You should have made your tags for the tourney Lucci and Kaku.

Alex Strife

Smash Hero
Apr 24, 2006
This tournament was mad fun, except for Brawl singles day. It was mad boring, thats why I even sandbagged in tournament lol. Get at me getting 9th in Melee singles with Bowser/Mario! Me & Green Mario are the best Mario players in the world! We're too good as a team because we went undefeated throughout all four days of FAST, lol.

I'll do shoutouts later. I'm definitely mad tired. Quit life guys, lol!


Smash Lord
Sep 6, 2005
San Antonio, TX
<3 forkgirl and essence for the best team name ever.

You should have made your tags for the tourney Lucci and Kaku.
:D Did you see all our shirts?!?!?! :D

also for shoutouts...

Otru: good matches and it was cool hanging out :) team friendlies were awesome too. I definitely want to play more of your fox! hopefully I'll see you at future tournaments!! :D

frames/bossmagnet/rx/hosts/helpers/makers of the tournament: thanks a lot for this tourney!! the venue was PERFECT, the shirts looked awesome, it wasnt too hot, everything went by quickly and smoothly. i had a lot of fun, so thanks a lot!! :D

Dogysammich: really good doc!!!! and you have crazy good mindgames XD

colbol: omg your fox is too good. You make me never want to choose peach against fox again. Luckily not all foxes are that good lol. :)

dark sonic: i enjoyed playing your marth a lot. Good marths are always a lot of fun to play :)

green mario: I'm so glad you went fox!! :D really fun matches!! next tourney, we should find each other and play lots of fox vs sheik haha

SOFT: Nice to meet you and good matches :) your jiggs is annoyingly good

swift: ahhh fun matches!!! I wish i could have played your marth some more, but i had to give back that controller ;_;

chexr: really good jiggs!! O_o I could barely touch you

mew2king: good to see you again, congrats at winning everything lol!! :) all those team friendlies were a lot of fun! JV 8 stock FTW!! teams is my favorite, so it was really cool to get to team wtih you for so long, even if they were just friendlies :)

xelic: :D 5th place!! :D yayayayay!!!! I can't believe how good you are and have gotten!!! it's crazy! Hopefully we'll get to hang out more at future tournaments! come to SA more often!! we can peach ditto all night. bring DoH too!

doh: not that your peach has ever been bad, but **** your peach got really good! You almost had hungrybox!!! MAn! it was soooo close. LOL@ you and jordan's hats :p

omg i'm so tired and i'm probably not even halfway done with shoutouts so i will continue later :) night ;D

DJ Nintendo

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Nov 4, 2005
Bronx, NY
My fault guys. That post by lightxdream was really by me. I was just on his name out of the randomness by accident, lol.


Smash Ace
Jan 17, 2007
*******, Georgia
Because I'm a lazy ****, here are my shout outs:

Col Bol - Thanks for housing us, feeding us, and letting us kidnap your bop it. <3 4eva

Reflex - Too ****ed good. I could go on, but I'll leave it at "mad respect". You earned it.

Fullmetal - Thanks for driving and covering my entry, man. Sorry I wasted your singles entry, though. I = Scrub. n.n;

Everlasting Yayuhz - Was fun teaming with you, dood. WAT? WAT?

Two-Piece - Thanks for showing me so much about Potemkin, man. Still working on a lot of it.

Pride - Beast with Yoshi. Nuff said. <3

Everyone else - You probably still deserve a shout out, but I'm a lazy ******* and you won't get a written one. You know if I think you're awesome. Sorry for sucking. :p


Smash Hero
Sep 11, 2005
Kissimmee, Florida playing melee! (f*** brawl, th
Hiroshi: Nice to see you're still around, and nice to see you're still rockin the 4 Swords shirt. I actually am going to dig through my closet and find mine after i get done with this post because of you.
lol, that shirt is too broken. the funny thing is i was fvcking that shirt up that day. first i spilled gatorade on it and then marinara sauce. wtf. good ish on repping the shirt as well though.



Smash Ace
May 7, 2007
Planet Earth

Mike G: Thx so much. :D
PBnJ: Thx for helping me out at this trny!!!
Keepspeedn: Well get em next time. You are way to good! (I can finally do that walljump with fox now :D)
shizwhiz: You suck for not playing me! Yur pretty good too.
Smashmac: You were really cool!
Fullmetal: Thanks so much for driving!!!!!
Chaddd: Good job, you keep getting better!!!
Desu: :( play more melee
Marty: You know you want more Link&Y. Link!
Hungrybox: Way to rep jiggs!
Otru good stuff making it out of pools.
Dark Sonic your marth is gay....
Colboll: I Camped the camper!
Green Mario: Why is your mario so good?
Chexr: Thx for trying to help me out.
Forkgirl: Good matches... Why did you go peach on me?
DJ Nintendo: So good with bowser...
Cash Mooney:

Frames: Thx for hosting!

There are a lot of people that I want to give shoutouts to but I am really lazy... ill probably edit this later!


Smash Champion
Jul 9, 2005
Orlando, FL

DMBRANDON: funniest kid ever batman was the shiznit hope to see you again soon no commas
Marin: xif clone
Hungry: resticle
rest of wato: awesome
sheer madness: im glad i lost to you :)
otru: dont leave
dj nintendo: bowser!
smashmac: too good
shiz: owned me
zig zag: nasteeee pika
chaddd: i cant play ganon!
green mario and linguini- thanks for sandbagging a little less on the last match
afro: is good
reflex: is not my clone AND PUZZLES EXIST
brawl: is boring
xyz:is tooo good

theres like a million people i need to give shoutouts to but i dont have ttime for it so

good games everyone

Dark Sonic

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Jun 10, 2006
Orlando Florida
dark sonic: i enjoyed playing your marth a lot. Good marths are always a lot of fun to play :)
Thanks. We'll have to play again at the next big tourney
Dark Sonic your marth is gay....
I get that a lot.

Man I am tiirrreeeed......will definitely post shoutouts tomorrow
Dude, I litterally just watched you sig for 5 minutes.

Too good.

And thanks for playing Guilty Gear with me.


I'll do shoutouts...when I remember everybody's names. I'm ****ing terrible at remembering names.


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Dec 3, 2007
Tallahassee, FL

I am way too quiet irl

brawl singles: quit life
melee: too good
shiz: god
m2k: mike tyson
mooney: way to not use our awesome team name. "everyone" is lame
garbonzo: we didn't get last in doubles. hooray
pb&j: thank you so much for showing me all that ICs stuff. I'm gonna practice it all and ****, especially with that moonwalk.

I'll add waaaaaaaaaaaay more shoutouts later.


Smash Hero
Aug 29, 2006
Neptune, NJ
Shout outs :

Raistilin aka Patrick - Coolest guy in FL, just laughs at everything and is the man. Has vicious rests. Coolest jiggly main I know. Thanks for the housing/rides too good.
Smash mac - Funnest dude to play friendlies with in the whole place. Didn't feel like I had to prove anything just got to play and chill and have fun. Wish we played more.
Linguini - ***** me best ganon ever without doubt.
Green mario - REALLY good in teams gosh.. I was having fun watching you **** in that double mario vs double doc MM.
DJ - Definitely the best bowser all dai hardbody. Get at you and green mario not losing a single teams friendly out of the randomness.
Chexr - Your jiggs is really nice. I hope Minnesota comes to smashtality 4 also. :)
Festizzio - "Your f tilt spacing has to be like perfect with falco against peach" "You have to be a space animal "
3 guys from tampa - You guys were fun to hang out with. I hope you guys got better and keep supporting melee.
Gabe - Your mom is top tier just like your marth in melee. Your marth is really really good. I think your gonna be a top player in FL soon. Your teamwork with pat is really really good too, who did you guys lose to in brackets?
ESAM - Talks A LOT.
Hungrybox - Complains about camping despite using jiggs. Pretty hilarious.
M2k - *****
Cort - We've still never played a full game ever once.
Swift - Awesome teaming with you and hanging with you throughout the entire tournament, made it bearable on brawl days and during no friendlies on melee days since there were like 9 setups. Kyrstal was top tier.
Inui - Your lame for telling me kyrstal sucked I coulda gotten it more than once on the trip. :(
Frames - The next FAST needs way more setups, sorry to hear about that x-box 360 thing. I still actually never heard the full story just bits and pieces of it.
Shiz - My bad for having warmup johns when there were a whole 8-10 setups. Good job vs m2k in finals super entertaining your falco is also super impressive in teams, how do you play falco in teams that well? Crazy.
I"m a little upset you said the opposite of what you said at mcd's IRL on the boards and replaced hungrybox with pp&j. But I mean you gotta defend your boy so whatever.
Lambchops - Beat cort in pools. Get at him.
QDVS - Thanks for the shout out man I'll be training for the next tournament. FL better come to smashtality 4. We've still yet to play.

So yeah FL defintley got in my head then ***** me in the tournament. I"m done johning and being mad you guys *****. Hopefully if you guys come here for smashtality I can do better. Shiz *****. Espeically in teams he inspired me to use my falco more in teams I didnt' think falco could ever be that good in teams ever. Defintley the best falco all around ever. Keep training with m2k as much as you can before he leaves. That way a falco can finally overcome marth. Maybe. Hopefully. I"m also gonna try to do that at smashtality 4. Maybe we can double eliminate him.
I couldn't handle the lack of friendlies and the ones I got i had people lining up to MM everytime and **** talking me. I grew from this experience tho I will get you guys back don't worry. You guys better fly to smashtality 4. its in Philly and orlando to philly is only like 140$ if you book early. Sorry I johned so hard, but its hard when FL gets you so mad trash talking you ever friendly and not regonizing your skill AT ALL. It was pretty hard going there seeing only 9 setups then being trahsed eveyrtime you play. Whatever no johns. I"m going to **** you all at the next one thanks for the teams inspiration with falco shiz and the falco ditto tips. I'll get you guys next time. I'll also add more shout outs later as I think of them.

Lastly woz is top tier so definitely fly down its not that much money he will make sure the tournament is ballin. :)


The Designated Hype Man!
Jul 3, 2002
Warner Robins, Georgia
****, no shout to dmbrandon. Cold ****, doggy.
i didnt mean it. :( Dont hurt meh. >.>


Why is reflex so crazy that he can create an advanced technique for Bop It Extreme?

That man created spin-cancelling. AND STILL GOT HIS *** BEAT BY NICE1. Then desu had to be a hater and pull the batteries.


Dark Sonic

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Jun 10, 2006
Orlando Florida
Gabe - Your mom is top tier just like your marth in melee. Your marth is really really good. I think your gonna be a top player in FL soon. Your teamwork with pat is really really good too, who did you guys lose to in brackets?
Me and Pat didn't team.

I still think we would've *****, but meh.

Hai Im Fearless

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Mar 4, 2008
Orlando, FL
Frames : Good tournament hosting, dude. You did a solid job, it turned out to be a pretty big success (besides the 360 incident).

Hungrybox : Thanks for the housing, man! It was hilarious attempting to friendly M2K. *pause*.

too lazy to do like 50 more shoutouts but dm_brandon is too sexy


Smash Master
Oct 14, 2007
Toronto, Ontario
Congrats to M2K and Cort for owning this tournament. Also, to DaShizWiz for nearly beating M2K in loser's finals in one of the most entertaining Melee sets I've ever seen.


Apr 21, 2004
Fort Myers, FL (Orlando/UCF for college)
Quick shoutouts...more to come later:

M2k: good stuff owning every event, your def the best in the world at smash!!!
Cort: You too, congrats taking all of FL's money...too good
Eggm: As much as you felt like you got flack from FL...I think your falco is def one of best in the country, you just need some more falco training and then you'll own the world...I hope that you didn't take my cheering on FL guys as trash talk...I'm not one to trash talk and if I am it's usually in a joking way...much <3 and hope you keep improving, so if you face FL again we can see more rapeage (from both sides)
Swift: We only got to play a few friendlies, but they were mad fun...I'm glad you find my marth creative, and it was cool talking to ya on the way to McDonalds
Shiz: Bronson I'm so proud of you...I said before this tourney you could beat anyone if you just put your mind to it and even though you didn't quite beat m2k, and lost to Cort...you still did amazing
chaddd: Very interesting set we had, you 3 stocked me, then I 3 stocked you, then you barely eek out the win...it was very intense and fun
Frames: The host with the most, I'm glad it's all over for FAST and you survived getting it done, despite all the times I was pessimistic to you about actually having it work...when I move back to Orlando I'm gonna own you
Rx: Good **** owning in brawl teams, and having fun in melee...it was awesome seeing you again John and I can't wait till we move in together in a month
Bossmagnet: It was so great seeing you again Amber, sorry I didn't drink any of the apple juice you bought me, but I loved the FAST shirt and the Wall E pillow cover (great gift)....thanks a lot for the housing...I can't wait till next semester
Rock: Thunderskulltip is too good, despite our 2 bad matches of the tourney we did well in teams....very good stuff in melee singles, you still got it in you, and despite my car sucking....you made the car rides fun

I'll do some more later, I just slept in and need to do some errands...LOL!!!



The Designated Hype Man!
Jul 3, 2002
Warner Robins, Georgia
Ok, i think i have the texas situation under control.

I'm sending my aunt out there to pick them up and take them to Fort Walton so they can grab a bus and hopefully be out today.

White women for the win.



Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
Meta2knight- so beast, way to win EVERY FAWKEN EVENT. North East got ur back son.

Raistlin - wow I see why renth hangs out with you.......ur probly one of my favs from FL. You win the award for smasher with best smile. ALL DAY and GET AT ME!

Festizio - you and patrick reminded me of a dynamic duo. It was sooo fun riding with y'all two back n forth ALL DAY. Them car rides were amoung the best GET @ ME. Some of the stuff said out of the RANDOMNESS was DEF amazing.

DJ- I dont care if everyone heard it a million times.......You got 9th in singles playin bowser!!! You DEFINETLY pur your **** down in both games and I learn everytime I play/watch you good ****. The whole trip with you and eggm was amazing.

Forkgirl- I LOOOOVE that matchup i cuoldve played it for hours. You def were like the only shiek I played so it was good(other than caveman in teams of course). You are top tier for them straw hat pirate shirts.....holy **** I wanted one of them more than the FAST! shirts.

Dogy- ur mad funny. And I was rooting for you and smashmac to take out DJ and green,

Green- yup yup I learned a lesson in that bracket set. Good **** making a combo video out of me.

ColBol- you win the award for most forogteen person. Every f**king time I forget to go get friendlies wit you.....*argh*.......*blasts off like team rocket*

Eggm- We F-ing rocked them in teams. I dun care wat nobody say get @ me. Real life sucks.

****a quick aside****

For the ppl who perhaps thought otherwise. I **** talk because it fun and Jason had NO ONE on his side. Plz try not to take it too seriously. I don't hate none of your guts or anything. I mean I may not particularly care for every single individual person equally(like anyone cares), but that doesnt mean that if I saw you hanging from a cliff that I'd tickle your hands. If you think I was annoying then oops >____>

Rivalry........it happens

****end aside****

Shiz- wow ur amazing still......THE falco you are.

SpeedN- good **** vs egg master

SmashMac- you're mad cool and your Doc is like water. I hope to see you in the future.

OTRU- omfg inui told me and eggm that Krystal sucked but thx to you showing me them hotdogs I saw the light. you got MUCH better from the last time I saw you (pound 3)

Marin- thx for cheering for DJ, he def was the crowd fav!

Noel/Danny- it was fun chillin wit y'all. tampa is an awesome bunch of guys and I liek the fact that you're willing to learn. Walmart trips are awesome.

Darksonic- it was nice to talk about other fighting games with you. I wish we couldve played some naruto. give your mom my regards for she is the best smash mom to date. Your old house is f**kin **** sell it to me lulz.......5 bathrooms ALL DAY!

Cash Mooney- We should play more friendlies, but im sure i'll see you around as well.

Linguini - ur ganon is MAD proper. Nice comeback in brawl teams.

Lambchops- wish we couldve continued our friendlies but I learned alot form the ones we had. You def made me play falco all the next day in teams. LOL shiz thought I was eggm in teams HAHAHHHA!!

gangsta- super fast peach

TEXAS- glad to meet you guys, glad to see caveman and xelic still on the scene. ARC is mad good for someone who never traveled OOS b4.

I think thats about it I cant remmeber **** else and im tired of typing maybe more later?

- Kyrstal is amazing

Diem- nice meeting you, I had to keep reminding myself that you werent MD/VA but North East bretheren

Cort- good ****, f**k brawl singles sry if I cheered too loud/much

Queen- thx for that ride. I RLY needed to eat @ that point. And thx for informing me of lambchops logic. and hell yeah ur marth is sick and im def hi-jacking a few things from it lol.


Not even death can save you from me
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
Ok, i think i have the texas situation under control.

I'm sending my aunt out there to pick them up and take them to Fort Walton so they can grab a bus and hopefully be out today.

White women for the win.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.

If you ever come to texas, I've got you covered for everything :chuckle:.


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Apr 13, 2008
Miami, FL
Guess I should do some:

Gmoney: I <3 you duh. I know you're not a pretentious prick like everyone seems to think, don't worry.
My boys (Afro, Equi, Hunter, everyone else): You guys rock and I love you. You still played amazingly Afro, even if you aren't happy with the way things turned out. Don't get discouraged, just play harder! :]
FIU (Tommy G, Chaz, Danny, Seibrik, etc): lol at finding a hotel room at 4am, but I'm glad you managed. Love hanging out with you, and you need to come to Nexus more. Seibrik's the man for helping Hunter out of pools.
Zoro: We didn't talk at the tournament (for obvious reasons), but we're cool now. I hope we actually can talk now at the next tournament we both go to, which will probably be a Brawl Gigs.
Hungry Box: I don't understand why anyone wouldn't like you. I think you're funny and a nice guy. "Brawl goddess Ginger", rofl.
Hylian: We didn't talk much but you teamed with my boyfriend and he had nothing but nice things to say about you, so I could only assume you're a cool guy, not to mention, awesome fashion sense xD Hope you come to Florida again.
Apollo: You're too cool.
Rx/BossMagnet/Frames: You guys made everything happen, and I love you for it. Such a good, fun, weekend.
Chops: You're always hilarious. I love you for always backing Afro and helping him through tough times, keep it up man, I'm sure I'll see you this weekend.
Linguini: Pick up a new character that you actually have fun with so you can start ****** face just as hard as you did with DK again.
Colbol: While I may never understand the logic in "I dropped Toon Link because he's not fun so I can play Dedede", you still rock regardless xD Long hair don't care.
xYz: Always holdin' it down for Florida in doubles. Keep it up, man.
Fearless: Wtf at placing 7th with STRAIGHT Olimar o_O you're too good. I am not looking forward to maybe playing you at Willvo this weekend Q_Q
M2k/Cort: You guys are too good. Toooo good. Mad respect and props to the both of you. M2k, you show the potential for MK in the MK/Snake match up like I knew there was, and I love you for that. Not to mention, nice guys pot split. At least our state got ***** by someone who is nice as ****. We're comin' for you though! ;D

That's all I've got for now. No negative shout outs, just good, happy times.


Smash Lord
Jan 6, 2007
Orlando, FL
Toooooo Gooooooddddd!!!


OTRU: good job getting 13th in teams with teh lou. and for hooking it up with brawl.
SKratch: same to you man, i haven't seen you in awhile, so it was cool chillen with ya.
Sheer: Best 64 player in the south for sure, and a big noob in brawl... bwahahah!
Rx-: best Teamate and team name in brawl fa shoooooo. I'm happy we were the only people in FAST to take a set off of M2k... we're too good! ahhaa lol... (disregard grand finals ppl LOL!)
Garbanzoo: just does not give a fawkkkk... he'll put you to sleep. you'll never wake up.
BossMagnet: best smasher in the world, and a hell of a tourney director assistant.

Everyone else:
Frames : best tourney director in teh worldzzz.
Shiz/speedn/smac: good to see you guys again like always. see you next time.

** I have to go back to work, i'll add more names when I get a chance...***
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