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  • It's all good, I posted it on his FB to see if it would interest him. To be honest we just gotta go the right way similar to EVO and such. When it comes to the national scale. Locally, I think the reason it seems like it's dying is because those who used to play no longer care. And it's sad to say that we get no hype even though we have some of the best players here for Smash. I mean sure it seems like they are hard to beat, but at least they are here to help.
    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I get paid tomorrow so I can actually buy my plane tickets. Will you be busy tomorrow? If so, when is the next day you'll be free (so you can give me all the details of the flight)?
    Oh I see. O: Well next Melee or WATO I'll bring my 360. (I also left my Wii power cord at Hbox's house. >w>; )
    Yo are you going to Apex? Rom3? Go up there man need to play a good link/falco. And a falcon. And we need to team or something man TEAM AMERICA YEAH

    btw I'm goin to tournies more regularly now. ;D
    I see. Imma try gettin into the smash scene here in philly... just hard for me lol. Heard the lounge was dissambling, but I prolly know why, haha. Keep on keepin on. Miss you guys, srsly. ;3 Y'ALL BETTA MISS ME OR IMMA CRY. jk. lol

    i need help with the next gamezone tourney
    maybe some advice tambein

    give me a call or tezxt 321-202-0169
    or just call Edogsmokehouse

    haha eli
    Yo finding good low rates is hard these days so help me out when you get back online. lol

    We should prob talk on aim or something later on.
    Yo Chris, this is Carlos. ;p I heard you say theres gonna be melee in Inetz for nov, I wanna know when that is. :3 ttyl guy
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