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Dark Sonic
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  • Yo I wanna make easy money what I gotta do? Hmu I will tell you how to beat sheik <.<. Jp your beast. I saw your set vs hbox a lil while back damn man I think your right. Marth > puff

    You did ****ing good I was rooting for you but.its hungrybox man. Also how was your set with linguini at advent??
    Hey Dark Sonic, rongu taimu no shi

    I remember a long time ago you were talking about pivot tilts

    are they even feasible? I mean for any character, but I guess Marth could be the specific example. I've got pivot smashes, grab, aerials, and jab down

    i can sorta do pivot turnaround stand, but not intentionally. Probably because I don't know the exact motions. This is also the closest thing I can do to pivot tilt is by doing this then tilting LOL.

    Did you go to Genesis II this year? I'm not really up-to-date on Smash stuff lately lol.
    hey, I just wanted to compliment you on your posts... not many people on here post like you do. Logical posts are hard to come by now a days.

    By the way, I remember a while back there was a topic in a thread (I believe it was the '08 tier list thread) about Marth's metagame. I remember you made some posts about how Marth can still compete with the top tiers if Marth mains would just catch up to the metagame. I remember you also gave some suggestions/techniques Marth players could do to improve... what were those suggestions? Also, have you thought of any new techniques? Tipped Off 6 really made me want to improve, so I feel a bit inspired now, haha ^_^

    It also helped for me to actually READ the topic title first and then see: backflip.

    I like: Doc, Jiggs, Ice Climbers, Capfal, and Maybe sheik... Those actually would be the ones most fun AND viable to me for tournament.

    Yeah thanks for listening, I don't even know if you remember me but I played you in friendlies in wato 5 LOL

    btw I like logic. : D
    Yo. : D

    "He is claiming that no lame character is able to perform backflips, not that characters that can't do backflips are lame. He's not saying that Bowser is lame because he can't do backflips, he's saying Sheik can't do backflips because she is lame!"

    Hmmm, I don't remember saying that characters were lame because of not being able to backflip...

    Plus he DID say that all characters that can't backflip had something in common. So yeah when you see common, then he's just saying "all the chars that SUCK don't have backflips" which doesn't mean that others that suck would suck just BECAUSE of not having a backflip also, it was just something they HAD IN COMMON. Like it's just a group of things with the same thing, doesn't make it ANOTHER thing.

    LOL so what I said just proves you right. (It was just showing you I understood what you meant)

    But then really... After that, LOGICALLY, backflips doesn't even matter. It all comes down to preference.
    hey i left my memory card in your wii at ceo. If it's still there, please send me a message back, and let me know. Thanks.
    By the way I think I saw you play Eggz at Genesis. You broke his shield when he went Falcon first match yeah? That was hella tight
    OMFG I love your sig...

    You deserve a hero cookie...

    (Also, in no way would Marissa win that scuffle...)
    For the ceiling glitch, I know it has something to do with wavedashing. For example, if you wavedash to ftilt with luigi and shield +oos upsmash with Fox it will always do the ceiling glitch.
    lol Nah I'm gonna try to make it to next gigs, but I need help with the Marth matchup for Ganon, so look out for me and we'll hog a setup. :)
    Nah dude, it's me Jason, dude with the fro, I main Ganon. You'll remember me if you think real hard about it. I live in SFL btw
    Hey DS we're gonna have online discussions on the Negima game on crunchyroll from now on instead of just emails. Remember that account you made long ago, dark_sonic, just use that one.
    Hey whats up its been a while. Just got off a boat, no joke. Anyways I'm making an rpg game based on Negima with some other friends and I was wondering if you could recommend me some really good battle music. Thx.
    There are people wanting to make Dair spike in exchange for Dair canceling O___O
    Have you already bought tickets from genesis? I'm trying arrange how our crew is gonna get there. Im considering arriving wednesday or thursday
    Oi, are you busy anytime this week. We should smash more often since it's the summer.
    hey dark sonic, is there any way you could help me get brawl+ on my wii next week? i really wanna play it.
    Yeah I know what you mean man. God just to go to Florida Gaming I needed housing since I live in St. Cloud.

    I don't think I'll be able to even go. :[ (already used up monies haha)

    Man, I need to play you sometime again. ;] How are you doing?
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