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Dark Sonic
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  • :-/ I have a test at 3:30 and then I gotta go to a practice tourney(We are tryina start something and make it big here in Tallahassee, Gmoney, HolyChef and Mangosuki came up here 2 the last tourney this past Saturday and GMoney won). But yeah I'll DEF hit U up as soon as I can man. U ever heard of a guy named 8? He either plays a Red Kirby or a Pink DDD. He says he played U B4 at a FAST tourney I think... IDK
    So Ur the Dark Sonic I've heard about eh? Lets say we have a Sonic Ditto? I haven't fought an actual GOOD Sonic in a while...


    I DJ at night so I'm not sure when we can do this but shoot me a message and let me kno when u free....
    Sure i'll challenge you tomorrow buddy.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048
    Hey buddy sorry about that I was at the wrong message. So you still wanna play brawl just let me know ok.
    Hey Dark Sonic wanna have a ditto match or a regular match it's up to you.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048
    Hey what up Dark Sonic my name is DK2 and I just wondering do you want to play Brawl sometime. If you want to that cool.

    friend code 1805-4015-6048
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