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Dark Sonic
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  • Hey, I'm that Sonic nub that gave all those ideas.

    I would like it if you would contact me sometime on some kind of IM or IRC. kthnx
    Gonna be in Gainseville end of April into early May. Festage at your place one weekend in there?
    (Lol I thought it was in Orlando, weird) ... oh, Kissimee, right...

    Its today. Brawl already started, but you may still be able to register for melee. If I can't, I'll just friendly then. :] (Some money saved anyways haha)
    Ramada Orlando Resort and Convention Center
    6375 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
    Kissimmee, FL 34747

    Thats where its at. :] Hope to see you there, although I johned alot, you are really good. xD (I complain alot about ANYTHING, for example work, so please ignore me if I annoy you while johning lol)
    Hey Dark sonic... YOU ARE NOT DARK YOU ARE DARK BLUE GRRRRRRR. Its me Carlos, the pink doc that only managed to get like, a stock (if I was luckyyY) off your marth [at Wato5]. xDDDDDDDDD GAHHHHHH

    I wanna play you again. You going to Florida Gaming?
    u live here in orlando right? i played you at gigabits a long time ago... gindz told me to hit u up for Brawl+ ....which other locals play? we should get together at sketchs crib with all the other players and ill get the beers =D ...
    "When did this happen? Marth vs Shiek is only slightly in Shiek's favor! CCing is certainly annoying, but all Marth has to do about this is hardcore camp with spaced fairs and d-tilts (even if Shiek crouch cancels, she doesn't have time to actually cover the distance and get that grab). You can also break the crouch cancel by using Dair.

    It's really not that OP in this matchup (I'm sure there are indeed some matchups that get wrecked by CC though)."

    Yeah, I was exaggerating slightly for my argument. The thing is there's only so much perfectly spaced fair and dtilt you can do, because it's not exactly like the sheik is just standing there waiting for you to set up your spacing options. You're right though, I did kind of blow it out of proportion for the sake of my argument.
    if you can go to hungry's house we can pick you up
    polmex is one of my friends ask him!
    Hey Dark Sonic check the pro tournament group and look at the link I posted something new.
    Oh, I'm actually not going to the fest today. I was just wondering where you were so we can actually play sometime... gasp.
    you could try going to the smashboards chat (on the top) or if you have an account there, allisbrawl.com's chat lol
    Ok, we really need to fight :-) What U doin on Mon night? Also, U goin to GIgs?
    Remember the good old days in the Melee Marth forums? Me, you, Emblem Lord, what's his name...the kid in Maryland...UMBC Super Smasher! Haha, Thebluedeath1000, Cactuar every once in a while. I remember I was kinda noobish and whenever Cactuar or Husband posted I got all excited and stuff LMAO man those were the days.
    Hey buddy that really was an epic match up earlier, and that was my connection was messing up. So anyway that was amazing match up, and I guessed I play Toonlink better than Luigi now I guessed. :)
    Dark Illusion Hokage, another great Sonic player I kno that uses a Black colored Sonic.
    Hi, Dark Sonic do you want to join my doubles tournament? It has random partners and opponents for more info or to join message me okay bye.
    Hi, Dark Sonic do you want to join my doubles tournament send me a message if you want more details bye.
    Hey Dark Sonic do you wanna play tonight buddy, if you not to busy. :)
    Sorry I been really busy bro, I really wanna play you but since my Laptop is F'ed up and I aint gettin paid until next week my life sux :-/
    Hey buddy we should challenge again next time, because your one tough competitive person and I haven,t seen alot of those people here yet, your the first person I know so far can play so very well, and specially Sonic. :)
    Hey Dark Sonic are you a Smash Lord because I never got beated like that before. Man your skills are amazing, I wish I get to your level. LOL! :)
    Hey man great match man, I really got my *** kicked by you Sonic. And sorry about my bad performance. :( Well anyway great match your way to good god****.
    Hey Dark Sonic do you wanna play Brawl or you wanna play later on, it's up to buddy.
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