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  • Hola Mi nombre es Emily soy una Smasher de el Sur de California mi familia es de el salvador y eator curiosa como es la communidad d smash en el salvador?
    Yo, otru!!
    What's ur contact info
    Edit: took my number out bc i thought it was a pm. I'm doing this on my phone. Haha
    sending a separate pm.
    u can try download helper (firefox addon), but i don't know the best program out there to do it so download helper is the one i use.
    I really don't know if I'm going to genesis. It seems like it would be too expensive for me, even with housing accounted for. So...don't count on it.

    dude, me, u will...dbs...el vamp, lamugi...and samus abe...

    be at brawl gigs son. WE ALL BRINGIN FIRE!!!

    I got purp, ElVamp has kush...

    Abe got the fire as always an lamugi wit me...Dbs bringin Tallyban and you an will baby LETS GO IM SO stoked is there a place we can do this were we can smash after or somthin man? lets do it big bro
    hahaha! Here was this father trying to show his son a good time and we take their souls...it was a 16 stock!!!
    yeah, sry guys :S, i had asked my father before and he agreed, but then....he started saying stupid things like "you don't know them!, they can hurt you!, you don't know this city, taxi guys can kill you!" hahaha, and that stuff, so he screw my only chance to play against usa people x_x
    i was really upset :(
    sry for not calling back, the phone said it was a long distance call, dunno why, so i couldn't make any more phone calls
    say sry to sheermadness from me plz
    bye, hope we meet sooomeee daaay xD
    heey, im going to orlando, i play melee and ssb64, would you like to smash? im going to be there from tuesday 22nd, till the end of the week,
    i would like to play some good people there in the US.
    c ya
    getting ready for FAST I'm trying to get all my tech skill back... kinda rusty since ive been playing a lot of brawl, u?
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