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  • Get over it. You can back to sleep in 5mins. Cause my class ends at 1:10 your time. I'm ****ing bored, I can barely find anything to post about here, even in the Toon Link section.
    In the computer lab. Only site that's not blocked that we go to brawling/Nintendo wise.
    Hello. Would you, kind sir, like some TL dittos? Perhaps that will get my TL back in shape. The only character I could lay down the pwnsauce with lately is MK. -__- And anyone can lay down the pwnsauce with MK.
    Well I just played a billion games against Fzerox...he's good, but not invincible. His MK was cake to beat, his Snake barely beat me...he played a ton of characters, and I saw him trying to spam and stuff at some points. I think I won more than half of the games...wonder what he'll say about it.

    I couldn't beat his Fox though...I think Kirby has an advantage against Fox but I CANNOT beat them.

    So yeah, I played as Kirby and Falcon. His Pit was annoying...he camped on the edge at some points and I couldn't do anything :|

    Oh, and I tripped into a Donkey Kong fsmash and lost that game. -_-
    lol. Yeah. I actually played Dawei, but it was frustrating because he was pretending to be SOUP in chat and in game, so I didn't know if he was playing seriously or not.

    We had some fun games though...what's funny is that when we were done, he was more impressed with my Falcon than my Kirby XD but that's because I only played Toon Link with Kirby, and that's kinda a crappy matchup.
    Incorrect! When your wifi is back up, it is you who shall get a face full of dair! Muhuhuhuhahaha! I have worked on my bair to dair. =p
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