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  • yooooo
    lemme get your address & when you're free to smash, might be down to drive over for a smashfest some time w/ some of my crew
    Btw it's me Carlos (I changed my username) lol. IM NASTY. I love that word... lol.
    Hey h1roshi, not sure if you remember me, I'm RandomSamusKid from LA, lol. I've been cravin some smash all summer, and it's been tough tryin to find anything goin on since you guys aren't at Valencia. Think you could let me know if y'all are having any get togethers? If you'd rather I look at smashboards myself, I've tried lol. Can't find any relevant threads for some reason. Let me know, man!
    I hate Melee because Kirby is so horrible XD

    But I can see where you're coming from. I found people to smash with in my city, but they play Melee only...I got Melee years ago, but I never found out about competitive smash until I joined this site, and I didn't really know the differences between Melee and Brawl at first.

    So I play Melee sometimes, and while I hate singles because Kirby's so bad, I LOVE Melee doubles. Kirby is actually pretty good there ^_^

    It's the opposite with Brawl...I don't like doubles very much, probably because I have nobody to practice teaming with, but I like singles. Even though there's lots of stupid crap going on.

    I'd say Brawl is more like Chess than a fighting game...it's just "different" from Melee.

    Brawl+ looks like it has potential though.
    :O Kirby main

    :O Kirby main that just plays Melee, not Brawl?

    I recognized your name right away, and then realized I haven't seen you on the Kirby boards in a long time/ever
    Hey. Since you said you are going to gigs, my friends and I will need a ride.

    Can you help us?
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