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  • Hey if you don't mind me asking, what do you do in the BRoom?
    Or is that a secret?
    Cool! Maybe if you come down here to the south I'll actually get to play you

    Maybe I'd even get a stock off if only my parents would start letting me go to tournies >_<
    Yea I've come to the conclusion that most of the people you meet are midtier or lower. Bill Gates = MK.
    Exactly, they refuse to play until we ban everything that keeps them from being tournament viable. I guess that makes us cheap or unfair. Its accusations like that that keep me awake at night.
    People really need to get thicker skin. This is the internet.
    I think one of the main reasons is that a lot of the people that receive your "controversy" are 13-16 year olds who aren't used to losing arguments.

    You play melee? Cool. Maybe I'll play you if you actually come to a tourney in texas lol
    So we'll still have the arguments (your pms I guess) waiting. That'd be nice! Now thats a f*cking auto-win! The biggest mismatch in Brawl. ProBans are bottom tier for sure. *says to self* "wow I'm lame"
    Yea agreed. Hylian offered to edit the arguments into the Official CGs threads OP but without the opposing side contributing it seems like gloating or . . . yea I guess trolling is the right word. Sucks but w/e. Seems a waste though.
    I like your controversial image. It's pretty badass to know that if someone gets in a debate with you, you destroy them so bad that they usually just give up, even tough this is the internet.

    It's really not even that controversial, people are just afraid of you.

    If you don't mind me asking, do you still play melee at all?
    Why aren't you?
    BTW, you are really one of the only reasons I still like some of the brawl community :)
    I've never heard anyone use it but its a pretty easy contraction so I wouldn't think its an IrArby original. Plus, as I said (or did I? can't remember) I only know one other Gaysian. I was hoping no one would think so I'm glad the term is used lightly. Oh yeah any word on the new OP stuff? I asked Hylian about it in the Official CG thread but hadn't had a chance to pm you yet. I'm don't know whether you still wanna make it or not. I just want the outcome of this thread to be laid out unlike your first balance thread. IDK
    lol, nice Resident Evil references. But it's true, half of the people here don't know what they're talking about and won't listen to reason.
    I'm finding it quite amusing to watch you **** all of the people on AiB in the D3 infinite banning topic. xD It's quite a pleasure.
    actually, yeah after really reading everything, i can understand- you were right, i was wrong. i apologize. also sorry for confusing you for a girl and the pms comment. I still want to play you competitively though.
    would you stop pms-ing already?
    you've never been to a tournament. you've never been to a tournament. lalalalala. is all I'm hearing. I've never been in a tournament but i grasp the rules as for the details, excuse me if i never found it. sorry if your cramps got you down, but don't take it out on me.

    f*** it. i concede. I'll go educate myself on all this and participate in a tourny. I'll have you know i had my ideas about melee to, what is "neutral" exactly. They disabled the smash ball to make the game more balanced, but not everyone got the same treatment. Play to win, huh? how about this, we both play online (offline, no idea where you're at) a single three stock match at final D. you win- i remove this account. i win- you remove your account.
    you words on competitive play has me intrigue and I would like to learn ( and eventually contribute to) it. So how about it?
    I ain't trying to argue here, im trying to understand, the views i brought forth are not to whine and the last statement i wrote to you was to make amends. I admit I may not know a lot about tournaments, but do not make assumptions about me. If you want to shut me up, 3 stock me with your tourny rules online.You saw competitive, you want to control some things but not others. Maybe I'm not getting what you meant by competitive. Maybe I have no right to say this: what makes these rules right?
    I'm not trying to antagonize you.
    (I don't know how to private message) The one argument you have against me that i admit is the fact that people get resurrected with the final smash at times, yes you are correct in the fact that such cheapness should be banned: you're right.

    What I'm saying is that that single incidence of cheapness is just as cheap as the chaingrab or S rank metaknight. Both are being debated on, should we ban them. no. Those cheap characters and cheap tactics should stay in the game and should be overcome eventually. Just as smashballs should someday be reintegrated, whether in the new game- an option to turn revenge FS off, or in this game with people understanding that the game can't get anymore broken then it already is.

    p.s. you want a match? let me know. I want to contribute to competitive gameplay, but i feel that things have gotten a bit static and shallow- its a overly exaggerated punishment game. I've encountered a handful of "great players" who just camp, its like fishing only someone gets an aneurysm.
    Im in Sundbyberg I forget my adress but its right by the subway station anyway my # is 0703932813 but I can only txt, I guess come by some time in the mid afternoon, I'll make some porkchops for dinner or something
    Tomorrow, my place. I'll have my Wii so just bring a controller. But bring your GC if you want to... like in case my Wii explodes
    yeah I actually made it to T-Centralen today so if you want to play at DL just come down later... and try to bring a console, I'll be there in the afternoon, txt me whenever, and pay me back if you can... oh yeah I got a new controller... its so good!
    yo I'm stranded in Sundbyberg this week without an SL card, you want to chill? I've gotten considerably better at both of those games. Hit me back, or join the forums, or something
    well at least your being mean is working lol, I wish I knew a whole lot about this game so I can start debating properly
    MTG is the shiiiz. If you like really complicated, chess-like stradegy. MTG isn't a competitive card game, it is THE competitive card game.

    I make a proposal to unban something, and because they can't even refute it, they instead ignore my proposal. *sigh*

    Yuna. Hey.

    I made a proposal for unbanning IDC, yet no one will argue against me in the old IDC thread (despite my bumps). Mods won't let me make a new thread.

    You know anyway of getting my proposal to the SBR (mods ignore me now :( )
    I know. I know. I greatly appreciate your wisdom in ripping these idiots to shreds. I think the worst part of Brawl is the young community of scrubs it dragged onto the scene, nevermind the gameplay...
    Hello there yuna...

    how are you?? what you been up to??
    sorry for just droping by but yer i just seen you're name and felt like saying hi...

    well take care talk soon... bye yuna...
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