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  • :flame:
    You shouldn't do that... You're going to go to a tournament one day, making people wonder if they want to Brawl you or **** you, and they might just want to do the other.... with a picture like that, I honestly am still having trouble believing you aren't just screwing with us and that you really are a girl... I'M FRIGGING CONFUSED! I wanna go to bed and rest, but I won't be able to rest now! ;.;
    Dude, it has to be fun being able to litterally "****" with people by doing that. The pic looks like what would happen if Samus and Link had a baby for Christ's sake!
    I wish I could wear skirts :ohwell: I'd probably get rocks thrown at me though.

    You're a BRoomer? I didn't notice o:
    You should make your name green :D
    Again, I probably shouldn't have drawn attention to it, but when I saw he posted it on the MK Voting thread, I honestly had to comment on it. I'm so being stupid by it, but I really needed to.... Yuna is actually more attractive than half of the people I know! You usually expect some of the stereotypical images when you think of gamers.... certainly not something like that...
    This is a foot-in-mouth, dumb-as-brick, you're-gonna-hate-me, comment, but I still feel I need to make it, just for the piece of mind.

    I'm not actually ethnically Swedish. Here I am in my manly splendor:

    (No make-up, didn't pluck eyebrows, I'm a bit ashamed of that picture, really)

    You are a very interesting looking guy.

    I probably lost one of the best mentors I could ever have just now, but I had to make a comment on this picture, just for my own sanity and ability to sleep at night. I really am sorry if this was stupid, and I probably should remove it now, but honestly, this is a very interesting picture of you. I had something more... bulky in mind when I thought of you. If you want me to go die now, just tell me...
    Well I tried to keep it to like friends only, because now it seems like every friend request is because Im a mod or something :p

    I haven't seen you post in a while o:
    Yeah I went through a massive friend deletion spree when I became a mod :p
    I deleted like 200 people :)
    I like you. You are smart, you make sure your posts are educated, and I feel I could learn a lot from you. Can I add you as a friend/mentor?
    Hey, Yuna, would you be interested in an European Brawl Backroom? Where we're discussing rulesets for Brawl and such. If you're not interested, that's okay, but I think you'd be a good addition.
    lol. I kinda suspected it from the avatar (and a bit from the nick... <.<).

    <3 u Yuna, lots of homo
    "Ho, interesting. Our most interesting female player is Yuna. Who isn't even female. And not that interesting.:("
    I love reading your posts. I actually sometimes get popcorn lol.

    Would you consider me a "Peachdeloon"? D:
    Your assistance is once again needed back in that infinite thread... too many ******* for me to deal with :/
    Holy ****, really?

    I mean, all those quoted posts you do, and even though there's a Multiquote, you can't multiquote the same person without opening another tab, and then there's the actual typing. =P

    Pretty impressive, bro. =O
    you're officially my mentor as far as debating is concerned. you're reply in the D3 chaingrab thread(p.358) was epic
    Now you are debating on camping/stalling? I'd have to say that you love debating with people lol
    NO the thread got closed :(
    Probably for the better though.

    Good points were made, but no one is gonna change their mind.
    Yuna? Could you come to Tournament Discussion and point out any problems with my IDC thread plz? I need someone smart to rip apart all flaws.
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