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    Frank has covered wars...
    Thank you for not disappointing me, beautiful stranger. :awesome:
    I'll probably need your number again and I'm planning to come by a few nights a week. Whenever its good for you.
    Hey. I'm looking to get some practice this summer. You down for some games when I make it back to Palm Beach?
    That reminds me, have you heard of Miegakure? You should google it if you haven't. Unrelease platformer in 4D.
    Werd, I try my best to be fair to both games despite my personal preference. I know I'm not fair but I'm doing my best!

    Also Super Meat Boy is amazing. Why do you have such great taste in games?
    My post didn't have anything to do with Brawl/Melee--just bashing Sakurai. It wasn't BvM at first either, but did devolve into that. Fortunately I can put a stop pretty easily to things I start, and hopefully I'm nice enough not to put cheap shots in when I'm telling people to straighten up. (Example: "No more BvM, Melee is obviously the better game suck a d.")
    That's awesome. Gah I didn't know LBP2 was planned. I need to buy a PS3, even if there are no games. lol
    Sorry it's caused you some inconvenience. Hope you can get used to it/maybe learn to appreciate it eventually. *fingers crossed lol* Also LBP is awesome, I'm pretty jealous you're playing it. And your snake doll thing is pretty pimp.
    K how about tmw/Today evening ish


    I'm free anytime after like 2pm so that leaves the rest of the day to find some time in your schedule. Private message me your address so I can GPS it on my phone, Also, here's my cell 754-581 2756

    Thanks :D

    I'll burn you a CD
    "Yo if you come to my house no way, but i live far from zp." -Afro

    I'm confused as to what exactly this means xD

    I can host, and I can also pick you up or whatever.

    lets get together and play smash bros sometime before the tourney on Saturday.


    It's what I said in the backroom, what we need to do is discuss what everyone does with grenades. Cooking setups, tosses that land on platforms, bounces, so on and so forth, but it was never picked up D:
    well do you still play wifi? i rarely do, but it would be nice to battle you there. my fc is 4597 3585 8025
    hey. you want to meet this week to brawl? i need to ask you questions and brush up. i hope you know something about low tier characters. (particularly mario)
    noone can match codys swagger and style, and just about every thing he says is one of the best phrases in the game.

    Are you any good? Or did you just start
    please tell me its cody...cuz he's the only one I use like 90% of the time I play LOL I was so hyped for him before it was even out
    haha alright, I'll make sure to have my katana sharpened to maximum. I watch a lot of samurai movies so I should be OK lol

    nice sig lol
    nah meng i know its a cartoon i was just jokin. But sayin i wont survive is a threat, which means when i see you, i'll have to fight you to the death.
    So what you just said is that if it's ok to say and do things on a cartoon, it's ok to do the same in real life.

    lol lets not go down this path with the argument, you won't survive, plus I only gave you a warning. =D
    That wasn't good, and being black doesn't give you an excuse to type those things. =/
    Then they will be finished by chops and not someone who quit this game for 11 months and came back thinking he still runs the place ;)
    The only thing stopping me from achieving my fullest potential is that I'm not attending tourneys enough. I've still only been to 9 or 10 tournaments (Which I'm sure even pales in comparison to even Lambchops). All I need is minds to combat, I don't need any teachings as I've spent enough time thinking about player skill and smarts and the conclusion I've reached is that there's a limit to how much smarter people can get within their potential. If other top players are smarter than me then that just sucks for me but it means I just have to outplay them and work harder. And to do that I need to attend tourneys. Nothing else matters really.
    Seibrik, Esam, NickRiddle (SFL people) have seen me twice since you last saw me. I don't see what your point is. You probably talked to Seibrik. If he's referring to me being confident or something, that's part of my personality and is unrelated to smash. If he's referring to WATO then **** YEAH I was happy I came back 2 sets and 2 stocks to win it. He can't blame me for being happy after that but in general at tourneys like Winterfest (which you weren't at) I wasn't even mildly upset about losing to GDX and Lee martin. I didn't knock on seibrik for winning, for playing gay, or anything like that. At MLG I was the only person even cheering for him. You seem to try and make me out to be the bad guy when if anything, you and Seibrik were the bad guys before I came in and made things more interesting. So yeah...
    You think I'm even cocky? I know I'm not even top 5 in Florida right now. You honestly don't know what you're talking about 'sensei'. I don't think you're insulting me I think you're just clueless about me and where I stand (and think I stand in FL). Since when did I think I was godlike? December 2009?
    hey, i'll be in Legacy Plaza today. we are getting some flyers up. come check them out.
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