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  • Kk...xD

    Unrelated: Do you know how to change the title of a threead you created? Or is that impossible...?
    Yeah ive seen the footstool things and they are pretty impossible to pull off in a real fight. But a lot of us there are working on it.

    Wow you have quarternarys? I main Ness and sometimes I use Ike and i may pick up Kirby, but thats it....xD
    Hey ive seen yuo around at the Ness threads recently. Have you picked up Ness or do yuo just like it there? Cause ive lurked around and I thought you mained Zelda.
    yuna can u send me a few euro beat songs that will fit peach well? for future vids and so i can listen to them to, i like eurobeat songs anyways, most of my friends are from europe :)
    congrats, 90% of people who left SWF for AiB mentioned you as being the "arrogant pro *******". You inspire me.
    Kan väl fråga om de kan ha en Melee-turnering. De hade både DOA singles och DOA tag förra UppCon.
    På sidan finns det redan en Brawl turnering, med "riktiga" regler. Det skulle vara väldigt coolt ifall du hade en Melee turnering också, så att inte bara Brawl får kärlek. ;)

    Jag skulle i alla fall vara med på en Melee turnering! :D
    Vet inte om jag håller i den igen. Men "riktiga" regler blir det i alla fall. Antagligen blir det Brawl. Jag kan försöka få till både Melee och Brawl.
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