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  • Yeah, I have a really weird connection. When I play with my friend, when I host, I have 1 sec delay and he has no lag... AT ALL. when he hosts, both have lag. It's REALLLY weird... Never buy a NetGear WGR614 router. Piece of junk.
    oh, that's a shame
    I kinda wanted to counter your lazers with blaster "spam", but i totally forgot about reflector, and then you went G&W ! If you're up for some matches later, i'm game. You're one of the best i've fought latency wise, though there is always some lag.
    Do you have MSN Messenger? If so, add me - supervdz@dolfijn.nl
    I've had to adapt from ness to lucas pretty fast, so I'm pretty rough around the edges.

    I work full time, but I get most nights to play, so we'll definitely brawl again :)

    Can't wait :D
    As much as I like your sigs, many are not very character specific, so can you just make me a sig with a picture of myself in it with the text; Paul?
    Two questions:
    1. Did you play G&W in Melee as well? (That would explain our similarities in playing style.)
    2. Did you buy the game last Friday, like most European players (including me), or did you get it earlier (got it earlier from the store or imported it)?
    You're good :)
    And yeah, at the end was a bit annoying :\

    What happened during the Mario Bros. level match, by the way? Items suddenly started appearing, and you got owned 4-0...
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