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  • It bugs me, because I have this idea that both your and my position is infallible and correct, and yet, we disagree over RAM hacking Brawl. I'd like to learn more about why you don't think it should be done, since I don't fully understand your position on it except that you're against it.
    Aha, I found it:

    Team Rocket (Featuring Yuna) Presents
    SSBM Tricks and Glitches

    Surreal (Time a Go-Go Mix) By Ayumi Hamazaki
    To Be (Eurobeat Mix) By Ayumi Hamazaki

    It's also telling me to watch out for a Naruto AMV called 'I can go the Distance' and an FFX/X-2 AMV.




    I'm going to go acquire some more Ayumi.
    : P
    Yeah, the commentary at the beginning of that vid says you weren't in the vid =_=.

    I was almost entirely sure that your name was attached to some random melee glitches video I had. The ending credits had a picture of Terry Bogard or something. I dunno, I'll have a look at my library of melee videos tonight : P
    I watched Crouching Peach, Hidden Stitchface again the other day.

    Your old Melee glitches video is also the reason why 'Surreal' is one of my favourite songs : ]
    You're the Christopher Hitchens of the anti-brawl and anti-scrub cluster****. You should write a book, or at least an e-book, about the entire argument and its history over the past few months, as you are probably the most knowledgable. Also, can we be friends? <3
    Hmm... my "åkremsa", you know, one of those 16-coupon thingies for the bus, metro and train is missing. I don't remember if I had it when I left Anna's house. Do you know if I left it there (if so, probably in your brother's bed)?
    You should post in the Debate Hall more often (not sure if you do or dont), you have talent when it comes to arguments and debates *looks at the Peach forums* :p.
    Oh, nice! I hope it goes well, and I wanna hear all about it if you can tell me. Going with anyone, though?
    Hey nice smashin with you man, I'm definetley trying to play again on like Friday or Sunday... maybe at my place in T-Centralen or at Dragon's Lair... who're some other Stockholm Smashers? I could contact them on these boards, or if you want to link me up that other board you were talking about...
    yeah word, Sunday is fine for me I live in Sundbyberg the address is:
    Tallgatan 1 3rd floor, the apartment right by the elevator
    the code for the building is 3553
    my bro's phone # is 073-070 88 52... my cell is broke
    give me a call tomorrow and we'll iron out the details
    Hi, you're in Stockholm? I've just moved their from the states, and I'm looking for some seriouse competition. I have a wii and a copy of brawl, but if you're mostly into mellee thats cool too. Drop me a line if you want to chill some time
    Hi, you're in Stockholm? I've just moved their from the states, and I'm looking for some seriouse competition. I have a wii and a copy of brawl, but if you're mostly into mellee thats cool too. Drop me a line if you want to chill some time
    oh oh oh! i noticed that u sing! i do too! whats ur voice range im a baratone :) oh and nice post in responce to Mario is the greatest brawler. if u saw my debate with him u probably have an idea of his "intellect"
    ok well this guy is beyond words... His name is Mario is the greatest brawler. and take a wild guess where u can find him ;) i think this guy is the most ignorant person i have seen on smashboards (idk about u tho, u have been on here longer than i have) but give me a sec to wander around and find a ******** quote
    hey i saw u post on the peach boards just a few minutes ago saying u lurk on character specific boards occasionally. Just a question do u look at all the boards equally, or just pick a few of the boards and leave the others out.
    plus on a side note, u like putting ignorant people in their place cause if u do i got the perfect person to put the hurt on :)
    Ain't that the truth.
    but enough sulkiness, hows it like in Sweden?
    Cause its usually up in the 100's where I live.
    no lol it just seemd like, to me, since you know so much about the game, game blance and a bunch of other things things that i thought you really only played competetively. guess i was super wrong lol.
    wow thats like 1.5 more expensive than the US. so do you always play competetive 1 vs1 or do you sit back and play some FFA and team battles sometimes?
    oh oops XD i get Zair and Nair mixed up at times i ment the Nair. and you don't own a Wii, wow how much do they cost there?
    Hi again. did you have to wait for europe release for smash or did you just import one of the other ones?

    Edit: i also wanted to ask, if you have to approach as Zelda whats safer shffl Zair or float in with Dins?
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