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  • Or you forget the adapter again ;). Which one of your places? Gimme the address (I'll be able to figure out how to get there myself through SL.se). What's your cell phone number again?
    I can't today. Bad back. Tomorrow? DL, your place, whatever. I'll bring my Gamecube.
    Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were american.
    Well that sounds fine, I live 20 minutes away by sub, NP.
    I don't have any tournament experience whatsoever but I'll gladly join
    Just give me a yell whenever u guys plan on heading to Dragon's Lair.
    hey man, friday was amazing. hope we can do it again some time. I didnt get to play you in brawl tho. I was looking forward to trying out my snake against you. ^^
    saw that on the swedish thread, but unfortunately I can't make it since I'll be away from around 6 pm on friday (that's when the bus arrives to the stop, that is) and come back about the same time on sunday. if I'm really, really, really, really, REALLY lucky I might be able to make it, and you'll get a heads-up, but as things look right now I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    btw happy birthday anyway.
    Sorry, I can't Wednesday. I have uni stuff again. I'm only free Friday this week. The other days I have stuff to read (100+ pages for tomorrow) and group meetings >_<'.
    sure, I'll bring some controllers. I'll probably be the person in a Nike cap and will probably have a blue Nike backpack (purely coincidental lol.) see ya there.
    SURE! I get off school at 13.30 so I have tons of time to get home (which takes 5 minutes) and then go 2 dl. when are we gonna meet, what are we playing and plz don't tell me I have 2 get the gear. :p
    Assignments for tomorrow and thursday. I can Smash on Thursday-Sunday.
    I dunno I have work give me a call around 1 and we'll work it out, also, we gotta go to linkoping friday aaaawwww yyyeeeeeaaaah
    I can play tomorrow. It's a bit too late to play today. What time and place tomorrow? I'm free Friday as well.
    Hmm... my "åkremsa", you know, one of those 16-coupon thingies for the bus, metro and train is missing. I don't remember if I had it when I left Anna's house. Do you know if I left it there (if so, probably in your brother's bed)?
    yeah, major change of plans for my weekend, a friends mom's away so we're letting him stay over @ my place for the weekend. I probably could come to dl (he plays brawl and melee too and is pretty good) but we'll probably just be @ my place playing brawl and other stuff with some other peeps.
    tomorrow doesn't work 4 me. I would be able to get to dl at... half past 5 if I'm lucky and my legs would hurt as hell.

    lol keep you sammich. and I don't wanna bring my gear there, last time I almost lost some things.
    sorry, thurday's my worst day of the week. I get off school at 4 pm and my last class is 1,5 hours of gym class. :/

    I'm free this weekend, tomorrow, mondays if I'm lucky and thursdays.

    I'm not following you either lol. am I supposed to bring my cables or my console?
    I do have a PAL wii w/ both melee and brawl but I'm not too fond of the thought of bringing my console somewhere. last time I brought my gc to dragons lair I had to search to find a cable. .___.;
    I'm free Wednesday-Sunday this week. Pick a time, tell others and I'll be there (incidentally, I start school on the 25th).
    Oh ****, I haven't been on the smashboards for a while since I just got my pc back and have been playing a crapton of Call of duty 4 and completely missed your message. >_< sorry, man. some other time, I guess. :(
    Sure. I'll call you today or tomorrow about it. My boyfriend Charles is here from England. If you're a member on that Swedish forum, make a thread asking if others want to come as well :)
    Here's the Swedish forum:

    I can't remember what the Stockholm Smashers nick on Smashboards, but their nicks are C, O, Jadde, among others. The picture verification system for signing up seems to be currently broken on that Swedishsmash forum, though. I'll make a thread there.
    yeah word, Sunday is fine for me I live in Sundbyberg the address is:
    Tallgatan 1 3rd floor, the apartment right by the elevator
    the code for the building is 3553
    my bro's phone # is 073-070 88 52... my cell is broke
    give me a call tomorrow and we'll iron out the details
    Sure, we could Smash tometime. How about this weekend? Tomorrow or Sunday? I could sleep over and we could make an entire day out of it instead of me just coming over for an hour (I hate commuting for over an hour just to play for 1-3 or so hours :p).

    We can play just Brawl if you want to. I'm cool enough with it to actually play it, despite preferring Melee.
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