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  • don't forget my $$$ ;p
    also where have you been, I am pooning everyone... I want to play with someone better than me
    what happened to that anime convention?
    Yuna, I saw an episode of Paris Hilton's New BFF, and there's this really gay Asian guy on there who has pigtails and looks like a girl and speaks with a lisp.

    Is it bad that every time I read one of your posts since then, I've imagined you as him, sitting at his keyboard, typing away while speaking in that crazy lisp?

    Also, where you been? It's been 9 days!! :(
    I try to stay patient. I really do. Sometimes, I just snap because my opponent has shown that they're too illogical or unintelligent to be reasoned with. It's not just giving them another chance, it's giving them several chances. If I see them in another debate and they actually debates well, I will forgive the past and judge them solely on the current debate (as I have done with The Halloween Captain, yet he repeatedly earns my scorn, yet I often give him a new chance).
    it's "wrong" in my view of how a responsible debate should be made. This means nothing because SWF is hardly a venue for civilized debate, but I still would prefer you win arguments the way they should be won... otherwise it feels like you just robbed a victory.

    fine fine. I'd still say to always give them an other chance... but you are certainly justified in not wanting to in that case.

    yes... that may be it. like I said... my bad. sorry.
    *offers hand*

    I won't roll over and say that I agree with how you do things or that you are right, becasue I honeslty don't believe that.

    but I WILL say that I was wrong for attacking you that way, wrong in some of my accusations and wrong for misdirecting the thread. and for that, I am sorry.

    I still may disagree with you next time we meet in a thread, but, you have ny word, derisive comments and character insults won't originate from me.

    The deadline is the 13th of this month (Central American Time).

    I've barely started, but, I do plan on having something done by then.
    Everyone has done II before, they've just called it something different (AC, but that's technically incorrect). It's simple, and we want to give it a name.

    II is: Jump (from the ground), immediantly perform and aerial.

    That's it. The aerial finishes in the air (either in a SH or a FH) and you do not have lag when you land, since the move is already over. If the stage is sloped towards you, you might have landing lag if the move has not completely finished. There is no "buffering" or "IASA" frames or anything to do with frames at all. There still is "lag", but instead of hitting the ground and suffering landing lag, the move has finished in the air.

    Does that clear things up? Or should I explain myself better? (If you don't understand, I'll be glad to try to clarify.)
    oh well... yeah I thought you knew about it earlier than that... anyway check the other forum once in a while thats where I try and organize these things.
    You guys can't just come to me on MSN the say day and say "Hey, guess what, Smash!". I had plans. I had a meeting to attend. A meeting which lasted 'til 6 PM.
    Smash Black/Grey thingie, what the heck are postbit on top? 20 posts per page. I could increase posts per page, the others I don't know about (I like grey/black more than the blue theme).
    What board theme/postbit-location do you use? I have a feeling you could increase your forum browsing efficiency by switching to Smash Blue, postbit on top, with 40 posts per page.
    I dunno about the time I'm gona be there like at like 3... I'd bring any PAL gear you have ++ prolly some food or money for food.
    Sorry about that mod misnomer... and I just remembered how much she made me hate my own education in that she'd been learning English since the third grade! Everyone knows foreign languages are easier to learn as younger children, and yet they still put it off until high school in America for kids to start learning for the "strongly recommended" portion of their college application. It's not just utilitarian, after all; learning any other language is both a stimulating mental exercise and a precedent for a broader view of the world, which many of my peers desperately need.
    Hey, an exchange student from Sweden just arrived at our high school, and I was like, oh yeah, that mod guy who mirrored my Melee Peach to Brawl Zelda transition is from there too. Apparently, she went to a music-oriented school, strange to comprehend for us here in Generica (until college). Is that typical there, to have an area of academic orientation, in high school? And does it start in primary and secondary as well? Is it wise in your opinion from experience? It does sound like it would make my college choosing debacle a little easier.
    July '09 they're still working on an exact date because of the venue. Its REALLY far from where you are though but alot of europe is already planning to go >.>
    OK well I'm gona be there from like 2 till 8 so I bet you could make it atleast for some small time :D. There will be others there, if that is some incentive.
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