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  • i didn't know you were a day trader, that's pretty sweet. i think i saw your battlestation on reddit a while back.

    have you ever dabbled in forex or automated trading? i tried to get started with metatrader (automated forex program) a while back, but it was pretty complicated for a newbie, and i hear most people lose money when they try forex.
    If you're actually serious about wanting to play I'd be down.

    text me at 773.243.9037
    Black Ops is only like 1.5 years old and how is it lame? It's light years better than Modern Gay**** 3.

    Nah, I'd rather not smash my head against my TV. :p

    It's coming out to the PC too I heard, w/ extra bosses.
    Now I gotta go for the rest of the pro perks in Black Ops...(Lightweight, Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Tac Mask and Ninja.) The only really difficult ones should be Scout (I never snipe in Black Ops), tac mask (ughhhhh **** flash bangs and nova gas) and Ninja. (Ninja requires more plants/defuses...)
    Well, there's not much selection in terms of ISPs in my area. The one I'm currently with is the "best" even tho a few times a day, the Internet dies for like a minute. (Which really pisses me off when I'm chatting with friends or playing an online game on XBL.) :mad:

    Comcast? More like Comcrap! :smirk:

    You can do that? o_O (I'll do some research tonight into this, thanks!)

    It sucks how I have to limit what I can and cannot DL these days, like demos off the XBLM or PSN store. =/

    Really? I'm currently on my 4th 360, the first 2 got the RROD, then the 3rd one stopped reading discs. I'm currently using a 360 elite (Jasper chipset from 2010) with my old 20 GB HDD from my previous pro 360 consoles. :(

    PS3es break??? :O (I have a 320 GB PS3 Uncharted 3 console.)

    Thanks, I'll look into this. I've already stopped posting on SWF anyways.
    Agreed, I only have the 320GB Uncharted 3 console which I bought back in December. I need to buy more blu-ray movies tho. I wish I could use Netflix over here in Canada (well, I can) but the ISPs over here gauge us. Like, the ISP I'm currently using gives us a 175 GB monthly bandwidth limit and for every 1 GB we go over, it costs us $1 and my dad gets pissed. =/ (Family of 6 w/3 desktops, 1 laptop, 5 iPod Touches and 2 iPads among other electronics such as the PS3/360.)

    And I know why, the RROD? :troll:

    Friend request sent. I've heard of Reddit before, would you recommend I check out that site?
    Alright, thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely look into getting those games soon! :)

    Why do you need THREE PS3s? :O

    And maybe, I didn't think you considered me to be a good enough friend to do such a thing. :')

    Use the super soaker or MP7. :smirk:

    Btw, you have a FB?
    Yeah, I've heard the same things about Dark Souls. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. I mean, I like a challenge but not impossible stuff which that game offers.

    Which one is better? LBP1 or 2? And do they have online? (Where you and I could play together?)

    I stopped playing MW3 a month ago, the MP is choke full of BS and I don't want to deal with anymore unnecessary stress. You should try MW2 again, not that many people noob tube and the spawns are wayyyyyyyyy better than MW3's. I have 17 nukes in MW2 now. :awesome:

    I beat MW3 on veteran but I still need to finish the spec ops missions but none of my friends want to help me anymore. ;-;

    And I got MG4 and God of War 1 & 2 yesterday for my PS3. :)
    Hey, sorry for the delayed response, been pretty busy the past few days and I just didn't feel like responding to any of my VMs...x_x

    I stopped playing my PS3 after I beat Uncharted 3...nothing good is coming out for the next while. :( (I almost beat Portal 2 but I only rented that game.)

    I heard that Dark Souls is HELLA difficult, is that true? And are the LBP games any good? Silly Fletch, Heavy Rain is an interactive movie. :troll:

    How are the R&C games? Never played any of them before. They look fun.

    And how come all my friends are playing Skyrim? I didn't like Oblivion...

    How you liking MW3? I stopped playing that game like 3 weeks ago, it's worse than MW2 was when people were OMA DC pro piping back in the day IMO. :mad:
    But you play Call of Duty... D:

    And no one has a 3D TV, silly. Too expensive. I don't think 3D gaming will ever catch on, or it'll take a while to achieve mass exposure and adoption.

    It is? And thanks for the link! I'll get back to you on this! Wish you could do it on the 360...but stupid DRM...:mad:
    What do you think about Killzone 3? I just got the game.

    And Heavy Rain is an interactive movie, not a game. :smirk:

    And cool, what kind of stuff do you have on your account? Is it legal?
    I'll get back to you on this. I bought Killzone 3 today. :awesome:

    Can you recommend me some PS3 exclusives btw?
    I did enjoy Uncharted 3's single player, it felt like a movie, yet, played like a game.

    Oh yeah? I've heard the same stuff, that Uncharted 2 was overall, a better game.

    You'd be willing to do that? I'm assuming you live in America? I'd like to take you up on your offer, if you don't mind.

    Uh, normal. I found some of the treasures. Looking to try the co-op and online MP, let's play one day! :)
    I added you on PSN.

    And yeah, I have Uncharted 3, God of War 3 and Batman: Arkham City. Is the MP good for UC3?
    Nothing much, had my Thanksgiving meal today and I'm sooooooo full right now lol.

    And I'll definitely check out r/gaming on Reddit one of these days! Oh and here is the newest MW3 single player trailer in case you missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdKgDVruHfo (This video raised my hype for this game by 1,000,000%) :awesome:
    Oh, just referring to your previous VM. I assumed you were a teenager. I'm 21. We're old.
    Hey Fletch, how ya been dude? I heard MW3 is supposed to be revealed this month according to the voice actor of Gaz/Ghost.

    The court date is still set for the 23rd btw. (Infinity Ward V.S. Activision)
    I'll be on today from maybe 11:30PM-1:00AM EST. Only time I'm available on weekdays pretty much. I'll be free most of the weekend though.
    I can't believe we were never friends on SWF before.

    *Sends friend request*

    PS: Happy (American) Thanksgiving dude!
    It's only for a limited time though, I believe the deal ends on Sunday for all platforms.
    Hello good sir, I was wondering...I have 4 AR classes out of ten and...
    Can you list the best setups? I have now...

    ACR@Red Dot

    Tar@ Extended Mags

    Scar@ Extended Mags

    Frenchmas@Red Dot

    All with pocket M16's and Scav/SP/Ninja or SitRep...

    Alright, I'll need some help with those gun stats when I start making the guide. What's the easiest method of chatting for you? I have AIM and MSN if you use either of those.
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