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  • Hey bro, just perusing the regional boards and saw that you were at Randolf going to school before. You still in Lburg? I don't really compete much anymore but would be down to play some Melee if you still Smash. Lemme know. Take care...

    Ah, girlfriend, that explains it. For me, it was a combination of stuff I already did, and stuff I picked up from the people I normally hang out with. I'm really not sure how it happened, but I like the me I became. Even though my brothers and sisters think I became a ****ster (lol at them not paying enough attention).
    Randomly reread the back posts for the dedede chaingrab thread, and didn't notice it then but, whew at not being the only white guy who acts Fililipino! lol

    With me it's not even a "try" thing, it's more like I do it without thinking. Little idiosyncrasies like eating with a spoon and fork and referring to my older brother as kuya out of habit (that was a funny conversation).
    Just keep telling them to either:
    1) Try to ban life (because it is so unfair)
    2) Try to ban a ****load of things to make life less unfair (because it is so unfair)
    3) Quit life (because it is so unfair)
    There is no tier low enough to house the pro-banners. They're in that tier that's not even in the game since they refuse to actually play the game.
    In a few more months, the mods will probably open up a new thread about it if the pro-banners are whiny enough. And the same BS will start all over again.
    Absolutely no word from the opposition. They don't seem to be interested in a new thread (as they probably know deep down that they have lost). At this point, creating a new thread would just be seen as trolling.
    What makes you think you made up "gaysian"? Or at least that it's mean? I've seen it thrown around a few times on gay blogs (yes, I read "gay blogs").
    thats perfect cause I wanna get good at this game. That way it'll be enjoyable when we play. Are you mostly good on weekends cause I should be good Sunday and I won't be available till Thursday next. Dues has gotta get in on this too so I'm not constantly crushed.
    I have my dorm aswell. Theres also a student center at Randolph but I can't reserve it or anything but occasionally its completely free. Though, thats the best place since its a large tv (not plasma or whatever so that the game lags so much) and theres like 2 couches around it. I thought it'd be easier at first to meet at your place though so less of you guys have to travel. You guys are welcome ofcourse to come to Randolph or I'll go to Liberty and bring another setup if you like. Whatever we decide on, I think it'll be easiest if we meet at Walmart or some place nearby and then either I can follow you guys onto to your campus or vice versa at least the first time. Thats my very incomplete plan thus far. Whichever location you'd prefer is fine with me.
    None in Lynchburg unfortunately. Theres a few scrubs that I only hang out with through Smash. By that I mean if I'm playing in the student center occasionally they'll walk by and play for a while. Personally, there not great persons or players but someones better than no one. I'm still not amazing or anything but I know a lot of stuff even if I can't use it so well yet. I'd be glad to help teach them when we get together. I really wish there were more people though then we'd make a crew.
    I've also got MarioKart 64 on my Wii which is another great competitive game if you or any of them are interested. No one my school is any good at Smash but theres more than a few people that I play in MarioKart who are pretty darn good. Just throwing that out there though.
    Melee still > than MarioKart64.
    So I have about 3 newbs who I'm kind of teaching how to play... Is there anyone that you know that would play with us?
    Sure thing. I was playing soccer but I quit so I won't be coming up until the 30th now. But I'll have a lot more free time at school to smash so its a good thing.
    Thats cool I know exactly where Liberty is. Its kind of hard to miss honestly being so big plus its right in front of the Walmart and every College kid in town knows where Walmart is. Its a requirement. lol I've never been on the campus there though.
    I'll be at Liberty University - it's right along a highway. I'm not familiar with much of Lynchburg's roads but this semester I'll be driving so I'll be able to smash more.
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