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  • Apparently, Paws on Fire is actually good - not just good by Bubsy standards, but actually good on its own. one baby step closer to Bubsy being referenced in Smash!
    remember when everybody thought Nintendo Life "wanted Sonic to fail" because they didn't like Sonic Forces' demo? (note that Nintendo Life gave positive reviews to Mania, and if you're gonna claim "classic bias", both versions of Colours as well)
    after seeing the Bulbasaur Propaganda Twitter as well as its rather heartwarming role in Detective Pikachu, I've started to warm up to Bulbasaur and its evolution line - isn't it strange?

    still can't beat Squirtle through.
    Fun fact: there are only two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters with friends named after bodily fluids: Ness who is friends with Poo; and Wario who is friends with Dribble and Spitz.
    There's an estate agents here in the UK called Purple Bricks, and every time I see one of their "For Sale" signs, I have to resist saying "Purple Bricks in Minecrap!" in my awful impression of Mike Matei's awful Inspector Gadget impression
    imagine this: Nintendo announces they're having a guest fighter from Microsoft.

    the trailer begins, a fight is underway on Battlefield between DK and Fox, then Fox trips over an inconveniently placed laptop - the laptop slowly opens up on it's own and reveals its logo - WINDOWS BOOTS UP! this song plays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eREl_rtAYLY as we see a laptop bringing a beatdown on many Smash fighters, while throwing error X's, getting picked up by a cursor and of course summoning Clippy.
    a small part of me wants to live in a world where Muddy Mole is Nintendo's iconic mascot, but another part of me knows that if I was in that world I'd appreciate Mole Mania less.
    I do want a good Nintendo Cinematic Universe, but I don't want Pokemon to be a part of it - I think there's enough unique concepts in Pokemon for a CU of it's own.

    through, if they did end up making an NCU and it ended up being good, I'd want some representation for lesser known Nintendo series, similar to how the MCU brought mainstream attention to the once-obscure Iron Man - in fact, if they don't want to waste a big budget and lots of time on the Mole Mania movie or whatever, they could just make canon-but-not-plot-relevant short films or animated TV series.
    If the very unlikely "Google Theory" is true and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden is in the game, that means that if Jill Valentine gets in the game that doesn't deconfirm the superior-in-every-single-way Jill from Drill Dozer!
    I find it weird that Melee's blurb specifically name-drops the Ice Climbers as "Nintendo All-Stars".

    like, if it was Excitebiker or Duck Hunt I'd understand, but the Ice Climbers aren't exactly "All-Stars"
    Just a catch all-term. Besides, it'd be odd if it was "Nintendo All-Stars, except these minor guys" instead.
    I've jinxed Crazy Frog back to life, (yeah, he released a new music video), let's see if I can strike thunder twice by making Mole Mania memes - wait no, I've got a better idea, world peace memes!
    What if Banjo's spirit board focuses on Rare in general instead of just Banjo? I mean, there's only like, 4 major recurring Banjo characters other than the bear and bird so it makes sense.
    There's a kids' TV channel in the UK called Pop and it basically syndicates all the French and Canadian imports CN doesn't want. back in the 2000's they reran the 90's Sonic cartoons for some reason, mostly AoStH, sometimes Underground and once in a blue moon SatAM. anyway, at that time, they put the Ultimate Flash Sonic fangame on their website and even I, being a 6 year old who had never played a proper Sonic game at length in his life at the time, could tell it wasn't official.
    Klonoa is overrated. not the games, the character.
    I kinda agree, it seems that a lot of people only really care for the character's design and cuteness and not really the game itself.
    He's still one of my favorites platform characters though :>
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I personally find the one Klonoa game I've played, Door to Phatomile, to be a solid 2D platformer - but I would not in the slightest consider Klonoa as interesting a character as people make him out to be, like his cat-eyed classic design looks pretty cute (through his Sonic rip-off design is ugly and that one Poochie-esqe design rejected for the remake is an unholy abomination against mankind) but even then as far as 90's mascots go it isn't that good a design - he's got like two collars, no torso and Simon Cowell trousers. I know about the infamously sad ending of Klonoa 1 but even then I've seen cute games with much MUCH darker endings (Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, anybody?)

    but then again that's just my personal opinion, and I earnestly like Bubsy as a character so you should take everything gaming-related I say with a grain of salt really.
    fun fact: Mario is slightly faster than Sonic. in Sonic CD, Sonic runs fast enough to time travel, but needs to gain momentum to do so. in the end of Yoshi's New Island, an adult Mario (or "Mr. Pipe") time travels back to the present almost instantly
    however, Mario did need a Time Machine to redo Bowser's actions in the past
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    You're talking about Mario's Time Machine, correct? that game, if canon at all, probably takes place prior to the present timeline in New Island (the point when Mario and Bowser broke through space and time) judging by the date of release and character designs/voices, but even then Mario's Time Machine is as non-canon as it gets, I'd even say Hotel Mario is more likely to be canon as it doesn't contradict the fantasy world of Mario like Time Machine does.
    So you're telling me Mario Teaches Typing ISN'T CANON?! And yes, I am talking about Mario's Time Machine
    I find the idea that Bandanna Waddle Dee isn't a generic enemy absurd. since Piranha Plant, I'm no longer against Dee being playable, but you can't continue lying to yourselves that he isn't just another goon.

    I've said it before actually, a generic Waddle Dee would make a better Smash fighter than Bandanna Waddle Dee, there's more to work with.
    I'm honestly willing to defend Sonic's relationship with Elise in '06, or at least the concept (the execution not so much). they're both sapient and the relationship is solely romantic - let 'em be.
    if there's a 7th (technically 6th) Smash game, I feel Waluigi is all but a lock - probably either the first or last base game reveal. ARMS is 99% off the table, given that it isn't that popular compared to Splatoon, got barely any post-release content and will be (even) old(er) news by the time Smash 7 even begins conceptualisation, a new Zelda rep of any kind (most likely not a new debut character through) also seems highly likely - through unfortunately I don't think it'll be Tingle, an indie game rep seems inevitable - especially Shovel Knight, a second Xenoblade rep could happen depending on how much the Xenoblade franchise grows in popularity, and I don't think there'll be a new retro, and if there is, it'll probably be Mach Rider, Excitebiker, a Hanafuda rep or Prince of Sable (as much as I want to believe Muddy Mole could get in, he clearly can't)
    Nintendo makes more 3DS games: "c'mon Nintendo, give the SWITCH some love! you want it to sell, don't you?"

    Nintendo stops making 3DS games: "R.I.P. 3DS... truly the end of an era." *that one stock image of a Mario toy sitting down with his mouth flipped upside down*
    I never got the appeal of the Mega Man Classic games, which is strange because I like a lot of games that play similarly like Shovel Knight and Cuphead...
    I pre-ordered Bubsy: Paws on Fire. because it won't have a UK physical release, I'll have to wait a week or two after the initial release date to get my import in.
    That Smash Ultimate trans stage ban isn't as bad as people are making it out to be, it's not all trans rights stages, they only deleted a stage called "Trans Rights Now!" - the "Now!" makes it a political call for action. simply calling it "Trans Rights" and using a trans flag makes it a social statement and therefore allowed. it's still bad that they deleted the stage, but it's just that one stage.
    TBH I agree with Nintendo to an extent. They don't want the stage builder to be infested with political messaging stages, and I agree with that, but an account suspension is a little overboard in terms of consequence. Stage removal is all that really needs to happen in my mind. I get that people want to express their sexuality and political opinions, and that's fine, but I don't think Smash Ultimate's stage builder is the place for that. The big wiener levels on the other hand, those deserve an automatic suspension lol.
    if I had to sort 2000's internet comedy into 2 categories (funny and unfunny), it'd go like this

    Funny: AVGN, Homestar Runner, Neil Cicierega/Lemon Demon, Early YTP, Brawl in the Family, Rathergood

    Unfunny: Nostalgia Critic, Smosh, =3, PewDiePie (I've made my opinions on Felix here very clear in the past), Fred, Shane Dawson (what's he up to now? slandering Chuck E. Cheese... real classy), Ryan Higa (I refuse to say his username), College Humour, Machinima, Annoying Orange, Brentalfloss (note that Brentalfloss has actually improved quite a bit since the 00's)
    Nintendo is nowhere near as bad to fan projects as people say they are. with the exception of Pixelmon and Mario Bros. X, which both had concepts similar to games they were about to announce at the time, they've only taken down projects that are funded/monetised by ads or crowdfunding; and/or are remakes. not justifying this action in the case of the prior, but it's probably safe to make a fangame as long as it's not a remake or Patreon-funded.
    so, the Little Einsteins sing in their theme song that they're "going on a trip in [their] favourite rocket ship", let's place an emphasis on "favourite", which implies they have multiple. their rocket ship is sentient and even has a grandmother (at least according to the Little Einsteins Wikia) - does that mean the Little Einsteins are neglectful towards their other rocket ships? it's Nora Wakeman all over again!

    yes, I know I'm overthinking things. overthinking things is fun.
    Honestly, Waluigi should've been the pro(?)tagonist of WarioWare. Wario already had his own games at the time and Waluigi would fit perfectly into WarioWare's wacky world. that being said, if that happened would Waluigi get in Smash before Wario? would we be petitioning for Wario in Ultimate? would "WAH" and "Waluigi Time!" memes be replaced with "have a rotten day!" and "so, ein mist!" memes? I mean, it'd get rid of the obnoxious "Ware vs. Land" argument so at least there's that.
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