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  • I unironically believe Pac-Land is the best stage in Smash history.

    I don't have many IRL friends.
    To me the true hero of World of Light is not Kirby or Sonic, but the duck from Duck Hunt. An utter legend of an avian, willing to not only forgive his once-mortal enemy, but also be willing to try and rescue him even in an impossible scenario without thinking a single bit about the past. Of course, the Duck Hunt duck probably doesn't get the same attention as Sonic because he doesn't have as much of a loyal fanbase - there are no Duck Hunt fansites closing down because of authors saying the plot of the latest Duck Hunt game is comparable to political protests, nor are there any super-edgy-yet-easily-offended YouTubers making 10 minute long videos analysing the quote-unquote "twisted mental psyche" of people who find the Duck Hunt dog's feet attractive - but we really should appreciate this duck as the utter legend he is. According to the Heroism Wiki, forgiveness is "perhaps the hardest thing that anyone can do", and includes such beautiful examples as "Squidward apologizes to SpongeBob for playing a nasty prank on him at the Krusty Krab." and "Emma apologizing to Noah for dumping him and they reconcile, continuing their relationship because she can't focus on romance during the competition." - Who are Emma and Noah? I don't know, but we have to respect their pure heroism. The Heroism Wiki also includes articles on other great heroic topics like "Screaming and Falling" and "Benevolent Pigs". Real legend, that duck.

    This began completely earnest but quickly turned ironic.
    animal Sonic characters fall into different layers of recognisability as an animal

    The ones that are instantly recognisable as their species - Tails, Vector
    The ones you could figure out with a quick inspection - Sonic himself, Blaze
    The ones that look like one species but are actually another - Fang (jerboa), Bean (woodpecker)
    The ones that don't even look like any specific animal - Knuckles, Sticks
    Whatever Rouge is
    and the ones that aren't animals - Eggman, Chaos
    Sonic's design is great and iconic, but kinda falls flat as a hedgehog design. If you showed someone who doesn't know what a video game is Sonic's design without context they'd probably assume he's a cat with a mohawk - it's not as bad as Crash Bandicoot through, but to be fair Crash was never designed with a species in mind beyond simply "marsupial".
    if Mario has to be angry in Smash so people will take the series seriously, why not give him equal billing to an angry Link instead? A cover that depicts a joyful Mario standing alongside a more competitive Link would perfectly reflect both sides of Smash, both character- and gameplay-wise.
    How about a Sword and Shield stage which gives the illusion fighters are Gigantamaxed? could make a fun competitive legal stage
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I'm not saying they should have Gigantamax designs, just that the background should look small, creating the illusion fighters are giant.
    If they don't change forms then its called dynamaxing, but I love the idea. Bonus points if fighters get their voices deepened and little storm clouds above their heads.

    Alternatively the stage could cause players to get the super mushroom power up in certain conditions, like if they stand on a glowing "power spot" or something.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Ahh, I just assumed Gigantamaxing was the same but bigger and with some different designs here and there.
    When it comes to Smash I'm generally in the "be grateful for what you've got" camp, but I never got the logic behind "*POPULAR CHARACTER X* got in, be grateful instead of campaigning for *POPULAR CHARACTER Y*!"

    Like, you do know that not everyone who wanted *POPULAR CHARACTER X* also wants *POPULAR CHARACTER Y*, right?
    I can't be the only one who WANTS the ARMS character to be a Bowser Jr. situation, right?
    Why are so many Miis in Shared Content of the Wendy's girl with names that aren't Wendy/'s?

    Made a quick search, they're official Wendy's Miis. I thought they were some kind of protest against Nintendo banning Wendy's Miis or something.
    You know, I find the whole Porky Spirit speculation thing kinda ridiculous - most of the Mother villains are absent as Spirits, no Giygas, no Fasaad, none of the Sanctuary Guardians, no Franky - like, Ultimate Chimera, REM, Master Belch, Masked Man and Starman have Spirits, but 3 of those have major roles in SSBU, one is a joke boss and arguably a mascot, and the other - well, spoilers. I feel the reason for Porky and Giygas' absence from Spirits is because they wanted to focus on the whole "power of friendship" side to the Mother franchise over the its darker side, perhaps so someone going in to the series having only played Smash would still be surprised by the dark themes
    I doubt the spirit team was that smart when they did the selection for the Mother set. I mean, they used a fan edit for Masked Man's sprite.
    I don't find it ridiculous even though I don't think anymore Porky is going to make it. There are or were a few points I believed before going in Porky's favor like:

    - Porky has no Spirit.

    - The Absolute Safe Capsule's sprite used for the Spirit in the game is the empty version.

    - Every Subspace Emissary boss has a Spirit except Porky.

    - Sakurai saying in a Fatmitsu interview that one of the reasons he added Piranha Plant was to fill the roster up with more villains, which the roster was kind of lacking.

    - A unknown screencap of sunflowers in the picture for the Mother Spirit board event.

    - Sakurai saying in Terry's presentation that "It's more important that a character is fun to play, not just being recognizable."

    But I'm beginning to think that the reason Porky didn't make it was because he was a cut fighter and Sakurai probably knows Mother 3 isn't coming out in the west amytime soon. Sakurai said had he known before hand in Brawl that APE wasn't going to bring Mother 3 overseas he wouldn't have added Lucas. Same logic probably applies to Porky here. Final verdict: Porky will never get into the roster unless Mother 3 get's translated and brought over to the west and that's really just a if.
    I wouldn't be opposed to an outsourced (little to no Sakurai involvement) Fighters' Pass 3.
    That'd depend on whether or not Sakurai trusts that outsource to do at least a decent job with the characters.
    I don't get why people complain about off-model animation, I find it really appealing, gives a homemade feel. I'd take that over Flash puppet animation any day.
    Maybe the Sega Saturn would've been more successful had Bug! not starred the worst character design Sega has made to date (which is saying a lot)
    People who think it's "immoral" to pirate games from 10+ years ago that haven't been rereleased since then just because of legality are basically the gaming equivalent of hyper-religious people who think atheists can't have morals because they have "no motivation" to have them.
    I think the most ridiculous subgenre of fake Smash leaks I've ever seen is the fake Miiverse post - like, did the people who made those leaks know how social media works?
    Terry's codename was "Dolly".

    Let's all be glad that codename wasn't leaked beforehand.
    So, Disney now have their... 8th "first" gay character? Out does look pretty sweet through - I feel Pixar are at their best when they take an absurd concept and take it seriously. "A guy swaps bodies with a dog so he can come out as gay to his family" goes perfectly well with "a rat cooks exquisite cuisine by pulling a guy's hair", "an old man rescues an endangered animal while lifting his house with balloons" and "a musical love story about volcanoes".
    I can't help but worry for Yandere Dev, he's an emotionally unstable slacker who is constantly mocked by the internet and makes a game filled with dark themes - some day he's gonna snap...
    Has there ever been a new, completely original game that's included in a compilation? the closest I can think of is the Game Gear unlockables in Sonic Adventure DX, but that was a remake...
    You know the whole "drinking tears"/"hoes mad"/"dab on the haters" thing REALLY won't make people like your character, right? In fact, it'll do the exact opposite and just add more fuel to the fire of hatred.
    Phoenix Douchebag
    Phoenix Douchebag
    Those people don't want to make friends or convince people. They just want to watch the world burn. When people do dumb **** like this are why i don't have sympathy when they get screwed over.
    They're just stupid memes anyway, in a few years from now, people will forget about them, and everyone involved will cringe from shame when they're dug up again out of curiosity.

    Some parts of the fanbase did things that are way worse than taunting like a Monty Python Frenchman. I just shrug at these jokes and move on.

    TLDR; this is the equivalent of poking a poodle.
    I'm a huge fan of Classic Sonic and a casual fan of Boost, but I've never really seen Sonic as some ultra-cool dude - I've more seen him as a Max Goof figure, a flawed, snarky, chilled-out teen living his best life.
    Rosalina is basically the Shadow of Mario:

    Extremely controversial and is often believed to have replaced an earlier character (Daisy/Knuckles)
    One of the most powerful characters in the series
    Lore implies they were involved in previous games' events
    Fit the aesthetic of the time period they were introduced to a T
    More serious than the other characters at first, but slowly devolved into just another wacky cast member.
    I've been waiting a long time for the next Bubsy game to be announced. It seems the pattern will be one every two years, each having some sort of important date (launch, reveal, e.t.c.) close to Halloween. The only hint we really have right now is the official Bubsy lurking silently on the semi-official Bubsy fan Discord a few months after PoF's release, meaning they may be taking notes for the next instalment. I have high hopes for Bubsy. Paws on Fire is 'aight, and I think if they get the right devs he could really be something special.
    I've been celebrating Pac-Man's 40th anniversary more than I ever have for the birthday of any real person I've known in my life, including myself.
    These two consoles couldn't be further apart aesthetically, but the Xbox Series X really reminds me of the Game Boy Colour - in that certain games were designed for the latter console (GBC/XBSX) but could be run as deoptimised versions on the prior console (GB/XB1)
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