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  • well good Luigi's are hard to come by I guess. My friend is the only one I know that uses Luigi and his style makes him really difficult to fight...let along win. Ka-master has a good Luigi but Honestly I think my boy Chris has some tricks up his sleeve that even KA doesn't know about...or doesn't use. I saw some of you at ROM Crew battle. You *****! I always wanted to be in a crew battle. The seem so epic.
    From what I saw you guys have similar playing styles but IMO your Luigi looked sharper and more consistent. I think you got a shot.
    Ah...well that sucks. If you guys ever end up in the same tourney you should play some friendlies at least. Just so I can see who's better.
    Pretty much any day after 530... What day/days are good for you? I'm having my old doubles partner come over sometime Sunday if you want to stop by.
    Ah, ok.

    Do you know what's coming up after the 6th of June (aka, this summer) that will be pretty big in tri-state?
    Hey man, I was wondering about what the expected attendance is for your tournament? I'm trying to come up to tri-state soon, and I'm trying to hit a pretty good-sized tournament.
    sorry , random guy here , I just need a youtube link of the falcon+luigi finisher in ur sig .
    **** is too good
    I've been playing too much SF4 lately, even more than Brawl and Melee. I haven't played Tekken in a whiiiiile. Once 6 comes out for consoles I'll start again.
    naw, i spoke to shiz about it, his mother is puerto rican.
    he was born in the usa. might gonna have to ask DJ Nintendo
    Hey Pakman I was wondering what is your opinion about Luigi's dash attack jab resets rather than grabs? It comes out very fast and does a ton of damage for a jab reset, and you get to follow up.
    were you one of the guys talking while m2k and shiz were playing?
    because so many times someone was saying something like "gogo dominicans"
    or "dominican biiitch!" are there any dominican pro melee player in the USA?
    if you wouldnt mind, could you change my name from brinboy789 to brinboy without the 789? my thanks :D
    i wanted to make one for ct's panelists.
    dazwa explained to me im better off asking in the poll it self though
    I'd have to go with Fightgar, lol. Oooh, or Silent Rip.

    What?!? Stinkoman was amazing! Corrrrrrect me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a CHALLENGEEEEEE!?!?
    Dude, you're a mod now.
    Your like the third perosn today i just realized has red letters on his name.
    No Joke he Rocks.

    I have all 7 seasons on DVD and now am a proud owner of the 2 made for TV movies.
    Dood, that combo u have in ur sig is awesome, i saw it long ago and tried forever to find it, i could watch that all day lol. Glad i finally can find it on youtube.
    Yeah, I play a good amount. I'm actually trying to get into the competitive scene a little bit. I main Law of course. You play?
    I don't know if u have the time but can u give me some good pointers with Luigi, i really don't to be a pain but i now started maining Luigi and would like u to give me some good pointers.
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