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  • Yeah iirc.

    "More like Johnny 600 if they knew the real number"

    Such a boss.
    Man I love Danny Trejo in Con Air, especially when he tries to **** the stewardess LOL.

    Also, hilariously I have your Skype but not your AIM, guess I can change that.
    Young Kevin Sorbo is the only manly man I'd totally do.

    I watched only 3 episodes or so of Andromeda as a kid and I really like it, but heh at the time it was airing in England I had some srsbzns going on. That's something I should really watch and waste more hours of my life.

    How good is it btw, if you're going in at this age with like zero bias (minue Kevin Sorbo being a legend etc etc)?
    Woah damn you saw Con Air!

    I swear I don't think anyone else even gets this.

    How is it that you can be awesome enough to have watched Hercules and Con Air and all this stuff people never even know about? XD
    Legit. I have them too. Buy all our play sets and toys!
    I see you also have a Kevin Smith figure. That's ****in' awesome.
    Man I remember playing the first GoW at my friend's house. He had no clue what the whole thing was about, but was like "yeah killing".

    I was like "wow, their depiction of Ares sucks, Kevin Smith or gtfo."
    In some ways I think it was done on purpose for comedy, because a lot of the show was meant to be more comic than serious.

    I love Greek mythology too, especially the trolls I mean gods. Mt. Olympus was a den of incest, trolling, and petty housewife squabbles. My kinda drama.
    Daaaaaaaamn you must be like the only guy on SWF who's actually watched the show.


    Because it's an all time favourite of mine. :D

    Oh and fyi the character is Echidna, I find her overly dramatic demeanour amazing.
    Sup Pakman, you should add me On LoL. I'm lvl 30 with over 500 wins B).

    Also, I main Luigi, so lets make this happen. SN: fribjits
    As long as it's said that it's 21+ in the thread, just try and keep discussion away from the fact they'll be booze (ie thread doesn't just start discussing what booze, how much, what to do when drunk, ect)
    I honestly don't know lol.

    I don't know where you got the reasonable idea from though. :p
    Lol yeah, I've been adding people to my friends list recently that dont "know me" so to say.

    Just trying to expand my list of friends and peers :)

    No one really knows me because im a Smash64 fanatic..i pretty much live in the smash64 area of this forum :p

    Come check it out some time, we have a social thread you can chill in even if you dont play much smash64
    Well, I can't for two reasons:
    1) If you see the pic in my avvy, I have a meeting for that on the 7th. :urg:
    2) I'm supposed to be moving out of Tech around the same time.

    Be that as it may, I'm kinda not fond of GA Meree atm. No one shows up to WABA except for Brawl, so my Melee has regressed to levels even before I came on the boards.

    I may just wait until I leave Tech and get a job before I start playing again. That's kinda sad. :(
    yes absolutely. you can be the 1st replacement if you want because the other two just said they "might" want to play and i just forced them to be replacements lol
    Oh ok, thanks though. I'm getting a ride with Ultima Scout, thanks so much man. : D
    Hey Pakman. Would it be cool if me and my friend got on septa to meet you at your place and maybe ride with you? I'm not so sure if Septa goes near Garnet Valley, if it did I'd totally be there lol. If not its kool, I'll still try to find a way haha. Thanks man.
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