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  • Mogwai, Hazz and DJ nintendo were commentating. I think shiz might be dominican
    Could you get me his profile? :p Too many fake ones and I don't know him like that for nicknames if that's what M2K is for him.
    A close friend of mine on another forum mains Ness and Lucas as well but I gurantee you they`re not useless. In the right hands they`re pretty tough (especially Lucas and his air game). He also uses the Ice Climbers and Ivysaur so maybe you could try there... Oh, and Olimar though that`s just a favorite vg character of his and he had trouble adjusting...

    I, myself, am a Mario main though Game & Watch is by far my best character.
    I`m afraid it`s going to have to wait since my computer is broken. In about a week or so, I`ll take back control over the Everything Thread and see what I can do for you then.

    In the meantime, how are you? =)
    well, someone commented me on youtube, tell me to give you guys my recent falco tutorial in melee, so u guys would put it in SWF Melee Guides
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