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  • haha well i spammed too much in 2008~2009 so the mods made my post count go backwards. it turns out that it actually went past 0 and into the negatives
    Add me to msn

    yellow _ elephant __ @ hotmail . com

    ^ eliminate the spaces

    my situation is i have access to a ticket to B.C.

    i then can either carpool down or i can find alternative means; though that probably entails more flying and therefore a lot of money
    Sup AJ. You improved sooooo damn much since the last time I had friendlies with you. I was very, very impressed. Good **** man! Keep it up!
    Haha I don't know. Most likely, but we shall see. My bro and I are always down to spar or even teach any form of self defense if you want (we both have diverse backgrounds).

    And I was the one who went up against Taj before the last Genesis. I boxed quite a few people but that was the main event if you would. He is pretty scary though haha.
    I was just randomly going through old posts in the NS thread, and I noticed you asked if anyone lived around Wolfville. I go to Acadia University during the non-summer months, I was wondering if you're still in the area. xD
    I am more GaW than falco these days. I am going all MK on feb 20th though. The pikachu thing is a longer story than I want to write about lol :p.
    yo man

    so there was talk about rescheduling your tourney to march 7th, which would combine it with another TO's tourney. He's got a bigger venue, and there'll be food. what do you think?
    Yao, ill try my best to make it out but its not looking great right now. If so then how about best of 5 $5 MM ?
    Also lol, Falcon can out jab and grab Sheik easily. I can't chaingrab James's Falcon (which is getting really good too.)
    lol, my characters aren't gay. Gay is like, Marth, Sheik (yeah, I know, gotta have one), Jiggs, and Peach. Samus is an easy matchup once you learn she has NO priority. You can probably jab out the missiles with like, any character.

    Keep training Fox. I notice a lot of EB games have Melee used. Kelowna has 1 and Penticton has 2-3. Worst comes to worse, you make me a smash T-shirt or two (XL) and I'll send you down a melee. ;-)
    Wow really. Sheik vs Falcon is like, the most homosexual match-up ever. xD Of course it'd be a favorite match up for sheiks. xD (It's a big match of f-tilt -> fair -> edgeguard) <3

    No johns but I broke my melee disc way back and I didn't get a new one for a long time. I didn't have a lot of...."fast" players to play against, and I couldn't practice at home, so my Fox took a huge hit technically. My Fox still can pull off wins etc, but since I can't play as technically (and there fore more fluidly) as I used to, I feel really limited. I'm using Falco atm to help me get back on track. lolol. Maybe.

    lol you use such gay characters. But it's k, I like playing vs Jiggs as Falcon actually. xD

    Sheik vs Falcon or Samus vs Fox. I don't even use Fox anymore. lolololol

    You don't like the samus vs falcon match up? I really like it as Samus.
    ahh okay, evry two or three weeks won't be a problem i think i was just saying every weekend would be sort of hard! ><; but March 28th, so i have a little while to master brawl and melee techs with bowser!
    mmm. I'll see if I can find it. Add me on msn and I'll send it to you there. Ask James for my address or whatever.
    Learn Samus man. Watch some vids and do it. You don't have to be fancy or anything. Just use jabs, ftilt, utilt, dsmash, dair, nair, UpBOOS and a bit of fsmash with some missle spam and charge shots and you got it covered.
    James at least uses Luigi, which is fresh. Sheik is so :ugh:

    It's like, oh I keep losing. I should just use sheik. =|
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