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  • it might help you to sign up to www.vegassmash.com and post about your controller in the stickied thread for Gameworld Weeklies. Someone might have taken it accidently, rather than stolen it.
    Sorry, visiting family.
    I live in Sherwood OR, closest "big" city there is probably Portland.
    *Lives in OR*
    Which city are you staying in? I might see you if you are in the Northern parts ^_^
    we have to fight for zen1's new 16-man tourney... vm me when its a good time for us to do our set:)
    Dang boi... I've been looking your Lucario Brainstorming thread (the one people in your profile have been talking about), I gotta say... you're putting the IB hell you went through to good use... XD

    Awesome crap dude :)

    You heard? Custom music for brawl now available :) XD

    Now... where was I? Oh "YESZ"...



    Would you mind if I copied the basic structure of your Lucario Brainstorming thread for the Diddy boards? We've been needing something like that for a while, and it's amazing what it's done for the Lucario community.
    Tis because trela made one for his lucario website. the other one RJ made for luca development purposes.
    As long as it's not the same story, it doesn't matter if the idea is the same.

    Also, we encourage participants to write new, original stories for WWYP, so you shouldn't use a story you've already posted, even if it was only posted here on SWF.
    Once I get my driver's license, I'm gonna try to go to those tourneys...


    REALLY far from my house ._.


    MLG_JV made an announcement awhile back requesting article writers for Smasboards. I sent him in a sample article, he liked it and gave me a sample assignment. I finished that and sent it in, and he thought it was really good, so he gave me the job. :)
    Well actually, I got the title because I'm a featured columnist for Smashboards now. :)
    Hey I'm online right now. I have no problem with starting on the Yoshi stage. I was out having fun today, and tomorrow's going to be July 4th, and after that I'm going to go to my Dad's house. I really wish it was possible to reach you right now.
    LotM I don't mind if you arnt going to be able to perticipate that much in perfect world. Do you mind giving a life to gamingblack and one to myself?
    The only difference between Ladder and Non Ladder is that when you play on the Ladder, there's a leaderboard that shows the highest levels of each character, etc.

    You're probably on Ladder, it's checked by default when you make a character. I'm on USWest.
    I see, I see. What realm are you on / NL or Ladder?

    My old account was *Ugg, I wonder if I still have it.
    Yeah, I had to head home. I'm usually available from 9:00pm to 1:30am Mountain Time, then about 2:30 on after that.
    You look like this guy I know. O.o

    I swear you could be twins.

    And we need friendlies sometime. It's been a while.
    Want to play a couple of matches before I have to head home? It's been an eternity since we've played. :)

    Edit: **** it, I missed you... :ohwell:
    It says you flew away I think

    I'm pretty sure he made a typo and put Glyph's name twice near the end xD
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