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  • I really can't play right now, and mostly because I have attend a group gathering in a few minutes.

    Guess we shall try again later :p
    Are you available to battle?
    If not, what time do you think you will be able to?
    Are you available to battle?

    Btw, if you need to know, I'd like the same rules as yesterday.
    Sure! I'm kind of new to the online thing. Btw, I can face you once a day, right? If so, when is the next time you are available. Tomorrow? Thanks.
    GG, sorry about forgetting to sd so much.
    Btw, it was over after Ice Climbers, right?
    Sorry about that. I'm kind of new to this forum. Umm.
    4 on 4
    Yoshi's Island

    Is that all I need or is there more?
    Btw, I understand the crew battle thing.
    crap I just noticed something....
    Solid and ToZ are both using Falco already too =/

    Like, I'll allow one repeat of a character, but I don't want 3.....
    I gotta kill him off lol
    But you can pick someone else to replace him if you really want. Or you can just stick with 4

    Sorry btw >__<
    I still need your gym info btw D:
    You will have time for this tourney right?
    LOL yeah that was my peach xD
    I still call hax rofl

    And I figured that's why you sd'd lol
    I was gonna get the replay, but I figured I didn't need to since I knew you would
    lawl...... xD

    And lmao, I noticed you were getting silly on that pictochat match with your fox haha

    And yeah Norfair was soooooo fun for some reason. I was laughing like the entire time xD
    I had WAY more fun brawling you than I did Mewter lol
    He ran the **** clock on me =/
    I still won though lol

    Anyways, GG's!
    We should brawl more :)
    Teams or whatever
    Nintendo Whine-Fi. :(

    I seriously had someone on Allisbrawl comment on me saying "Don't play this guy. He lags like crazy". :\
    haha sure.

    I'll be practicing Luigi a bunch btw :)
    Maybe Zelda O__o
    Urgh, my mom was nagging me about my homework during the Lucario match. -_-

    I'm currently trying out my Rewtem name (with alternate controller scheme!) with my Link so I can his sliding USmash. What do you think? :)
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