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  • Hey you have improved so much buddy, if you keep that up you might have a chance of beating me. :)
    Hey buddy i'll be glad to challenge you again, but however i'll be at my friends house a little later on. And the bad new I have to use his wii because his router have a security code nobody don't know the code. Isn't that stupid or what, :( well anyway he's on smashboards also, just check out my friends on my profile and his name is Yoh 1 ok. :)
    Hey buddy long time no see how you been doing, so you getting better. I haven't seen you in a while buddy.
    Relax. I am blunt at times. Bear with me. I actually kind of respect you for messaging me in such a frugal manner. But JUST a little...
    There is a thick line between anger and wit, I will have you know. Most guys on this site are pure jackholes. I have to deal with them all the time. You cant blame me. I am always defending myself alone since most gamer girls are too cowardly to say something. I am just a blunt, logical lady that wont allow just any idiot to speak foolishness. That is how I am. And no "Why so serious?" crap. Way too cliché, étranger.
    Hey buddy I challenge Super Angry Luigi yesterday and let just say he's a better Luigi. And check out the videos on my visitors messages ok. And what do you think about the matches.
    You fought Ville he's really tough and specially with his Princess Peach and Zelda.
    Well I just trying to know them and challenge and meet new friends.
    Are you still awake or if you getting sleepy we can challenge the next day. If you want but i'm still wide awake.
    Hey buddy you still want to brawl because I was waiting. If you was busy for something I'm very sorry for being a knucklehead.
    send me a message back ok.

    BFC. 1805-4015-6048
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