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  • Even I'll admit he's annoying, but that's his specialty I guess lol.
    I've got his fighting down, I just need to work on arrows >.>
    Dude your falco is win. I felt nervous every second!
    Hey you want to brawl right? I think I saw itin the match thread.
    If you do, VM me ur info mine is 4554-6106-4878 and I show up as DRUID
    i'll play later on buddy when school comes around since i can't always be on screen
    lol sry about that
    really haven't had much time to play but i am on now and will stay on for awhile ^^
    haha i've been away from smash lately haven't been going due to some really happy events in my life =D

    all is great and i found my three fav chars to play mk oli and icys ^^
    anyways i'll probably playing online and me and you can put out a few friendly battles if possible anyways school starting up and this is my way to enjoy hope to play ya again and good luck with tourneys
    Truthfully, I only really play wi-fi for Duelist/Ganon dittos. We need to do more of those matches.
    Yeah, I wasn't planning on playing too many games. Sorry if I quit a little early, man. We need more friendlies tomorrow.

    I liked that first game, too bad it was 3:03.
    LMAO... Nice... voice actor for smashtasm? EPIC... XD

    College is awesome... homework is every OTHER day... XD

    Sucks that I know most of the crap in my classes so far though... I hope this gets a little more challenging... Someone paying me to take this crap I already know seems a little... weird...
    How do you like senior year so far? XD

    So, what the hell? 400 hallway moved to portables? XD I found out when my friend and I picked up our diplomas...
    lol i went to gameworld.

    it's decent, too bad all the TVs they hyped up are laggy.
    I don't like anyone, but you're more prone to getting away with stuff since you use the sexy yellow font.
    I haven't been to GameWorld in a few weeks now, so I highly doubt you saw me. It was probably Kinzer.
    That majorly sucks :(

    If Matt keeps Wii club going... maybe I'll drop by ;)

    All you need is a basic outline... and during the first week of school sometime... GO TO THE UNLV LIBRARY... That's important... XD

    Don't worry... you'll BS it like the rest of the class :p

    Just make sure to keep on top of the deadlines... this is one of the few thing that Gebbia WILL kill you for being late on... One late thing for the EE, even the freakin basic outline, and you can kiss your IB butt goodbye... XD

    Pretty sure these are all newer smashers lol, I don't know them personally. Black guy with dreadlocks, probably some guy that goes by ninjafox. Dunno him outside of him genuinely annoying me at Top Deck when I was emo.

    Kinzer is some ethnicity I'm unsure of lol
    also I don't see the hurt in signing up to the forums of a smash community you're actively playing with, someone's bound to know something or saw someone :\
    someone could have been rushing out early and left with it, who knows.

    If your controller had any specific characteristics to it, that'd help as well when trying to identify it.
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