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  • Oh and

    the Battle of Tanka Bay
    For again some unknown reason, Glyph was sent to attack zen-san's kingdom located in the sky. Glyph took a small group of men and went off into the sky on the Sun's Kingdom's Great Sky Boats. Once the Sky Boats got close to the sky kingdom's shores, all of Glyph's ships were torn to pieces by one man. And that man is LOTM. LOTM rushed in and slashed all the ships with his razor sharp chicken talons. As Glyph saw his ships fall from the sky, he threw an object at LOTM. IN anger LOTM attacked Glyph. Glyph gave a strong punch to LOTM's face. LOTM began to fall but so did Glyph. As they fell, they launched attack after attack at each other. As they fell they realized they were both falling into Tanka Bay. The coldest bay in The Luna Fall kingdom. The way they even ended up here was mostly because they fell into a large air current in the middle of the fall. As Glyph spread his wings to fly away, Glyph tried to deliver a final blow only to sink into the bay. He became frozen once again and would not be found for many more years.

    Was your cat hiding in/behind the entertainment system?

    Your cat's ****ing awesome! xD

    I wish I had a pet to yell at, but my mom doesn't want me to have one yet.

    So I'll have to wait until next summer =/
    It sounds useful actually. It keeps fox moving

    "You should add my cat to the brackets of your tournament. Replace yourself with him."

    I just noticed this

    Your cat owned us both xD
    Oh, cool stuff

    Never was a melee person, competitive that is. And never was the type to learn about things I don't need to xD

    But now I have a reason to look it up :)
    Yeah, I'm super predictable with him xD

    I haven't looked up anything on fox, so I've basically been using what I've figured out, and stuck with what sorta works. The funny thing is, I TRY to be all over the place and unpredictable, but it's not working :p

    And I'll look into SHDL'ing too :)
    Whatever that is

    And LOL

    Jiggz strikes again ;)
    Ah GG's LotM

    It was fun, and it was good practice too

    I need Fox tips =/

    That awesome xD
    I believe you

    We'll do the match over then haha
    Same stage, same characters
    I think I have you :)

    And any starter is fine.

    Let's do cp's in our tags k?

    Good luck =D
    A lot of people have been picking him up as a ROB counter.

    Too bad a lot of ROBs have been dropping for MK or other characters.
    Wanna do our tourney match =D

    I have 30 mins before I have to go so we'll have to do it quick lol
    haha no worries. Can we try for tomorrow?
    I have the day off work so it works out for me =D
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