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  • And sorry for not having that recording. :cry:

    But those TV's man... :glare:

    But thank you for housing, and being an awesome storyteller...it was like bedtime stories, I even fell asleep. :awesome:
    Well, I don't LOL I'll get it whenever I decide to buy Super on 360. We could play sometime then :O How did G6 go?
    That's okay. I play Super at my friend's house on his PS3, but I might get it for Xbox soon. You have Live?
    So, am I good for meeting up with you on Friday night?

    Time will likely be around 7-9pm.

    If I have to go elsewhere (and with good reason) for housing, now's the time to say. Thanks for everything up to this point.

    Oh, and can I record the Melee bracket? My recording setup is the best in class (you can look @ the GG videos sleepy uploaded for proof.)

    I also upload really fast as well.

    Let me know, thanks. ;)
    If I do decide to go solo, any way I can get a discount for bringing 2 full setups and a 3rd tv, 2 power strips. Possibly a computer for recording as
    Well if wanted( really lazy about the computer though lol)
    Ya I do :p. I really wanna go so I might just take the gas hit and come solo. I'm kinda surprised how many people knew me at pound >.> considering it was my first national.
    Think you got me mixed up with shaq peepee did the same thing I didn't go to tipped off cuz my partner dark hart couldn't make it
    I'm panhandle FL no one here travels lol. If I was south more I'm also sure I could get people to come
    What do you estimate G6 attendance to be. Trying to judge if 9 hours of driving solo is worth it lol
    well, it ain't all cherries and rainbows making dem hps files. if I can be specific - I can do everything but make my own loop points. I just don't get it. So I make my songs about 8 min long and no match usually lasts that long.

    How "ready" are you for this process?
    I was wondering when someone would get the reference! Such a great song. Love Counting Crows.
    ok i kinda need to know soon so i can ask my dad if he can drive me to ur house and if u want to know wat thos girls im dating look like i can send u pictures
    *shrug* i'm not really that worried about it personally. i just know i couldn't get many friendlies as it was, but I can deal with it. i'll just have to be a little more aggro about getting matches i guess.
    if registered for doubles already then just tell me at the venue during singles pools r1. if not registered you can either register as "add teams" or you can just wait until the venue and tell me during singles pools r1 and give me the money then...a lot of people sign up for teams @ the venue
    are you really hosting the 2nd g6 on march 5th?
    that would kill trill dojo 3 turnout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok just let me know if i can so that way if i cant go i'll just go hang with a girl and get my **** suck sat lol
    ok im sure my dad can drive me to ur house id have to spend the night sunday if thats cool
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