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  • I think marth sheik could be 55-45, but could also be 60-40. Falcon idk at all. I really think marth wins vs ganon. By how much? It's hard to say. But I don't think it's as near even as people tend to claim
    of all matchups u admire my ganon matchup!? i didnt even play any ganons this weekend lmao. sure but i do that by playing with people. if u have any specific questions id love to try to answer them
    hey u going to that turny in chapil hill next month?? and if u never message me back ur a *****
    Don't get hit :p
    And I usually take cleanse.

    although that's the reason I don't play trist as much as I used to. It sucks to lose the game because of one mistake and you die :(
    hey u now anybody that can pick me up for g6 i need a ride there not back tho and i got 15$
    Hey, chas and i are gonna get there rather late like after noon. I hope you can sign us both up or something before registrations close. We plan to make it in time for singles. Hope to see you soon. <3 wario love
    Hey, by any chance do you have any room at all for G6? Chas and i are planning to drive up there together.
    I've been meaning to re-watch this movie, like, out loud to people, for months
    Will door fees be waived if a full setup is brought?

    $5 isn't a lot but we just moved and when you combine my expenses, then include gas, + food and entry for bros

    We could bring 2 tvs if that would add incentive.
    Ok that's cool I just saw it in the thread, btw be sure to let people know that you need them to bring set-ups
    Thanks, would it be a problem for me and Steve to come over that Friday and go to the tourney with you?
    Ok cool, and a website better than 60 round trip?

    That's ****, btw I can't let anyone OoS win your tourney, WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!!
    When do you plan on getting the tickets again?
    I have the money w/e you want to get it
    lol after i ****ing *** **** ur ike ur going to be so mad that ull go back to mk
    lol im going to try to get cory to take me and give him like $25 for gas unles u want to take me lol
    That saturday which would be Jan. 29th

    So would you be trying to leave early morning Friday Jan. 27th and leaving sometime Sunday Jan. 30th

    The only reason I say early morning Friday is because it's gonna take a while to get there, and it'd be **** to have a lot of time to chill once we did get there lol
    Cool Beans, what do you think would be good as far as leaving?
    Early Friday morning and coming back sometime Sunday afternoon?
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