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  • What do you mean?
    Like more results or what?

    Because those are all I have, Singles brackets are just starting, and I don't have any pools results.

    I can post some singles results later.
    Thanks a lot for the offer, but at the moment I dont feel I swing in either direction really. I could argue just as well for either side, but I think Genesis results will be most important in swaying my opinion.

    If I ever swing to pro ban however, I'll be sure to let you know.
    no problem. i need YOUR help in return. If you have ANY RESULTS from meta ban tournies i need them ASAP.
    Well at this moment I have mixed feelings on the subject. I'm starting to feel he doesnt need to be banned.....
    How much people hate MK is really region based, and I think we should all wait for Apex and Genesis results before anyone jumps to any crazy conclusions. Eitherway, If MK gets banned, I'll just **** with another good character so it doesnt bother me too much.
    I have a question man:
    why did you reply with 'wow, just fricken wow', in the falcons zones thread?
    I mean: What do you mean with that?
    thats what I meant;)
    he'll never be higher than second to last, but even second to last is quite the achievement.:)
    yes sir:).

    Maybe falcon can rise with this on the tier list like snakeee said:).
    I sure hope so. imo we/falcon deserve(s) it :p
    It seems we agree:).

    And yes, the Dair>footstool>Dair>footstool>FF Uair will most likely work:)
    (as Dair>footstool>Dair>footstool>FF sweet knee was confirmed IIRC.).
    To start off:):

    Falcons jab game is still the core of falcons metagame, and what can rack up damage safest. followed up by grab pummels and throws.

    Next to that his Utilt is ver important to rack up damage, and his D/Ftilt for spacing.

    Your thoughts/continuation(s)?
    i unno. I suppose I'm just amazing. xD

    Nah really, I dunno. I just got the invite.
    Yeah I honestly had nothing against him I was just explaining why he likely wouldn't get the position but I did not expect that....
    You are right.

    I detest everyone on the falcon board. I wish they all have a very painfull..

    but not you.
    You are neutral to me.

    I will not tolerate anyone talking smack about me.

    And I am watching the board.
    Everyone is getting angry because its true. can you not see that?

    I am room banned because I was against how the baord is currently running, as it is run by morons. They dont want to realise this, wich is fine with me.

    And yes, the board doesnt like me. But they dont like me mainly because (I hope) they know I am right. If they dont know this, than the board really is doomed.

    Also, as you seem to have choosen the easy and mainstream side of the whole story, I would like to let you know that the board is only going to get worse with my absence.
    Even worse, lol.

    Its a dead board. With a mod who doesnt do ****. Azua cleaned up his mess.

    And, again, I thought you had already left those groups..
    I thought you already left those >_>

    And dude, I dont really care if you care. You have proven not to like me anyway.

    If you cant handle the truth, and have to point and blame like the rest of the board, then I overrestimated you.
    It sounded more like you have a problem with me.

    And I already laughed at you when you posted about me on the falcon board.
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