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  • FL diddy who always does well in teams. He wanted me to ask if you needed a partner lol.

    User name is gamedragonx.
    How often does NorCal get together for Smashfests and host tournaments?

    I'm gonna be living in NorCal this summer. I'll be working at either DreamWorks Animation or Pixar.
    Hey, you must be Sky from MLG.

    Hope my disqualification didn't create too big of an inconvenience for you.

    Hope you had a safe trip home. Maybe next time we'll actually play. Since, you know, you asked me to teach you how to play wario. But I have a feeling you were just trying to flatter me or troll me. >_>

    I don't have anything against ya either, but seriously, MLG ****ed me over big time, I really wanted to play some more matches, maybe make it to the bigs besides just Larry or Big Lou. Plus, fighting you would have gotten me the experience I needed in case DEHF came rolling back after me. Falcos are hard to beat.

    But you know w/e, if I see you at the next big tournament, don't be a stranger. Just please don't be an enemy either. :) Unless it's in match!
    Hey Sky! Huh... didn't know you were in the BBR :p
    (in case you don't remember, this is table, the mediocre MK that you played some items friendlies with at TP4 :p)
    I thought I have it in the OP of my thread. If you can't understand it in there, I'm not sure how much better I can explain it.
    Hy` Sky`
    Where do you go to get your trainer card to be that way? Or did you just edit it yourself?
    I don't mind playing your other mains, I just like to steal tricks from other peach players :)

    Also instead of dealing out the drama in the mario boards i just vm'd dark. I really don't try to attack him, he just takes it way too personally xD
    If I go I'm not gonna enter (since I know I can't win), but would you care to do some peach dittos?
    DMbrandon. I know him as a troll, but I like him. =D But we can't have that many on commentary. I just really liked hearing you, so I thought that you should be one. X]

    Uhh, where are you ho using for genesis?
    Hm... Where can I find some videos of your commentary? I haven't had the chance to hear it although I've been told you're quite good ^_^

    Also, DMbrandon is an awesome choice if you're still looking for a third. His commentary is spectacular.
    You mind telling me why I have people in your crew begging me about you being better than me? I guess it is due to that shoutout in that video from that tornament you made to me.

    I seriously dont get you at all, same time you have your boys on me. Just what is up with you and what is it that you want.
    whats up Sky, ah do you know if you would be willing to be a rep or even a discussion leader for my Peach camp? The official starting date should be this thursday & it will last till the week of genesis. Your w/ Praxis, Edrees, and Niko. More info, I'm not completely done yet, but I should be done by Thursday: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=235918
    Haha. I can do a lot of accents really well. I can only show you my Italian accent additionally to Wario's voice, as I'm voice acting for Wario in some Brawl machinima.
    For other stuff I'd have to actually record.

    I even got eMailed by some random guy telling me that I was like the best Wario impersonation he ever heard. XD
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