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  • You do realize the storm you could unleash with words like that, right? Anything thing describing Mr. Falcon other than "manly" is usually shunned.

    And I have trouble imagining Ganon throwing up on someone for some reason.
    Thanks but I think I'm done. Not that falcon isn't fun but I'm probably not even playing falcon properly.

    I hope I dont get flamed. I'm sensitive. lol. but no seriously. I am.

    on a more serious note:
    I'm testing this with red-blue as we speak, and from these replays I'll upload a vid.

    So imma cover that before I make the thread. So I have video evidence and it will look more sophisticated.

    Thanks for the talk man. :)

    And I wrote Z1gma about this, I told him he can cover the ganon board if they benefit from this too, and he thinks this is legit enough:)

    And yes, jab-->front hitbox bair sounds legit. Not completely inescapable, but hey, its brawl (and brawl falcon).

    And yes, First hit Nair.

    And offstage, offcourse (only needs second jump to (psuedo) combo.

    And offcourse Dair-->Front hitbox Bair-->etc.

    I'll try to think of more.

    Maybe this can help ganon too, though his Bair doesnt autocancel.

    ok here it is (fast):

    Falcons Bair has a hitbox just in front of falcon. Like a hibox that makes the oppenent fly towards the side you are NOT hitting in.

    This hitbox can set up for real combo's (Front hitbox Bair--> (dash, at higher percentages) grab = inescapable) and Front hitbox Bair-->Nair is probably inescapable or just a few frames away from beeing inescapable.

    Mix this with First hit Nair, and brawl falcon gets more melee.

    This also sets up for just frames away from real aerial chase combo's:

    Front hitbox Nair-->run+Uair/Nair = almost inescapable, and probably the closest we get to melee in brawl.

    oh i see man. its cool.

    on the other hand. I have some new techniques/strategies and combo's for falcon.

    I wanna talk with you about them b 4 i post.

    do you have time now for said chat?
    uhh im pro ban just for a change

    but honestly i dont care

    i think logically there's no good reason lol at the top top top level he's not dominant

    but were talking among like 10 players... u literally have to be mikehaze level, not like bardull level

    for the other 5000+ brawl players he's too good
    Well hobo 16 i banned meta and my turnout increased by exactly 20. Hobo17 is on august 1st and im expecting 10-15 MORE and about 5 oos players. Dehf/sk92/ksmet/co18 and more

    Host meta banned events. get this train movin
    Make my understand? XD Make me ;) lol

    I have a cousin who can literally hear a piece, then play the entire thing near flawlessly...... he can't really explain it, it's like photographic memory but for music he says... I'm also not exaggerating... I'll try and record him listening to a song then playing it. People will just have to take my word he's never heard the song before (I'll try and find abstract, unknown or unheard of songs)

    Hehe, music theory is legit. :) Intervals, note names, etc. It's more or less for being able to speak to other musicians but it also really helps you understand why something sounds good and you'll be able to write "better" and such. Such as being able to write both the underlying harmony with the melody that is in the same key and can bring out certain notes and such.

    Music theory helped me a ton. :o
    Actually, no I haven't.

    Two sites that can really help:
    Google: "Music Theory.net"
    http://ultimate-guitar.com while it is guitar based, there are many articles in the Lessons and Columns area, as well as the MT forum. (You can find me as "invokke_Havokk" there

    Too much knowledge never hurt, which is why I started music theory. It was a chore at first, but being able to go:

    "Key of C Major is C D E F G A B, the song contains the notes C, E, A, and B, and there are no other notes. It resolves to C rather then A showing the song is in C Major rather then A Minor."

    Really helps for talking to other musicians. XD
    I would suggest music theory, for - and only for, the reason that it does not hurt. Especially if you already have a developed ear. Also, if you find the right placed, you can do it entirely for free on the internet.

    Also music theory helped me expand my chord usage from the basic triads into sevenths, ninths, and other various chords.
    I also learned Piano by ear, I also play guitar (thanks to cousins and various friends as 'teachers'), I can play Clarinet but have issues with pretty much every other wind instrument. :(

    Drums I have my off and on days...I can be decent one day and suck the other. xD

    So do you know your music theory? Or are you still a "by ear" player?
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