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  • lol, yeah that probably it. Have fun with the mass who doesnt care about the mass 'and who just wants everything to end'. cry moar.

    Also, that ban is effin easy to bypass. So I'll see you on the falcon board.

    **** you man, with all my heart, and a piece of my lung ^_^
    lol you are just agreeing with the mass on what is suposedly right.
    If you are as smart as I thought you were, you would understand the situation.

    And well yeah, then **** you too man.
    I hope you have a very very painfull....

    Do you really think I cant see what happens on the falcon board, though I'm roombanned XD

    wth dude.
    I took it to his profile because I just said reported lol. I was trying to avoid spamming. I mean seriously, what is with knee...
    oh hey darx ^.^

    azua did it.
    all i said was "im bored" and she changed it lol.
    all in good fun...

    I know you posted, check it again.

    And I don't want to take steps for him to be banned, I just want him banned. If that makes sense.

    I use him when I can't think of a better counter, and my MK owns :p I just despise him. It's no fun when I win, and facing an MK is never any fun...
    I like using MK, I just feel he should be banned.

    Check the Link BBRoom.
    Sorta, only as a trial thing.

    Personally, I can deal with him.

    I also use him when I can't think of a hard counter vs someone.
    lol, thats 100% true. i remember my first tourney, in the losers bracket i had to face a diddy. i told him i play falcon. he was like "oh, i mean brawl" and im like "falcon" then he's all.. lol you cant be serious. i lost to him, but they were close matches each with high % and same stock.
    im thinking of using either snake or luigi. depends on who I play really but I might still go falcon because im experienced in banned stages x)
    i feel the rule set hinders falcon more than it helps. i cant chain release or chain grab anyone which means wario is severely nerfed in the match-up. although D3 w/o his chaingrab will be fun to fight.
    Oh I see.
    I did it all in one color because last time I color coded my thread people where whining about how 'it hurt their eyes'.
    But Imma color code it right now ^_^
    please look at my latest thread on the falcon board.
    I will not watch 'my home' die without taking actions to try to stop it.
    <3 you darx, no homo.
    If they cant handle the truth, as it seems they cant, that only proves my pouint of them beeing incompetent of progressing.
    I thought you would understand that. But as it seems you are with them, it seems you are misinformed, too.
    ill head over there if i ever get any matches recorded... dont feel like asking things because i know most of marths stuff really.. i lurk alot of the boards
    lol, yeah i was playing around with high tiers looking for ones i liked... got down to marth diddy and snake
    then decided i dont have the brainpower to keep up with nades/C4 ( i kept suiciding when i tried to C4 recover because i had one on the stage) and couldnt think fast enough to play with bannanas
    so i went marth :D
    Yeah, I've been trying to fix them up. But a key part is not to say you are cleaning them up or the like, just say you are trying to help out. Or people will resent you for thinking the job they are doing is terrible. Especially because we have a mod now.
    Darx, I will gladly take the honor of monitoring Viva La Revolution! Whether it be for a while or forever I'll take care of it for you. Sorry, I've been gone for so long... I can swear my pc got the **** T-virus or something :laugh:
    ..............i was going to say hello, but i see that you're leavingggggggggg

    OH NOES!
    Oh sorry to here that. I would tell you not to go, but what you do is your decision. You could just leave the smash section, and go to debate hall and pool room for a while? And also, thanks for the index comment, but yours was the original, how could I best that?

    Bye man....
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