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Smashed in Smashfield - MWC: East Championship! - Springfield, OH (June 20th)


Smash Lord
Feb 13, 2006
Springfield, OH
Singles: (80 Entrants)

1: Ally ($325.09) :snake:
2: Lain ($149.00) :popo: / :dedede:
3: Anther ($94.82) :pikachu2:
4: Judge ($54.18) :metaknight:
5: Hunger ($27.09) :wario:
5: Shugo ($27.09) :sonic:
7: YBM :kirby2:
7: Grimace :snake:
9: Nope :snake:
9: Pops :wario: / :rob:
9: SamuraiPanda :snake:
9: Champ :falco:
13: Rofa :metaknight:
13: Quivo :toonlink:
13: AlphaZealot :diddy:
13: Infern :snake:
17: Fatboy :metaknight:
17: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob:
17: Count :diddy:
17: Smash64 :ness2:
17: Omniswell :wario:
17: Sago :samus2:
17: Capem :metaknight:
17: Mr. E :rob:
25: Cake :diddy:
25: Bloodhawk :lucario:
25: Tactical :lucario:
25: Ithrowthings :sonic:
25: Mister Eric :rob:
25: DJ Iskascribble :metaknight:
25: Z :metaknight:
25: The Mann :luigi2:
33: Suyon :pit:
33: Fizzle :lucario:
33: Whatsthepoint :falco:
33: Wangston :falco:
33: ParanormalSin :olimar:
33: Steel Samurai :marth:
33: Xisin :marth:
33: Hilt :olimar:
33: Airborne :yoshi2:
33: Moose :shiek:
33: Cr4sh :luigi2:
33: Fonz :lucario: / :wolf:
33: Sneakytako :rob:
33: Calic :pikachu2:
33: Beegs :marth:
33: Needle of Juntah :gw:

(Note: Due to a Mistake the bracket image shows Crunch in the Bracket. His tournament route is actually Wangstons.)

Singles Pools:

49: Crunch
49: King Yoshi
49: XeroXen
49: Asdioh
49: Iris
49: ArgentStew
49: Framerate
49: Jokey
49: TheKiest
49: Joshu
49: Fromundaman
49: Wakka
61: Jiffy
61: Judo
61: BurnNotice
61: Mr.9
61: Metaflair
61: Sil
61: TheGreatMuldini
61: Paradigm
61: Glov
61: Annet
61: Gigabowser
61: Harbinger
73: SMBW
73: TheBlueBlade
73: JellityMe
73: Four
73: LMT
73: PeppyWil
73: GMS
73: Yay Gunblade

Doubles: (31 Teams)

1: Midwest Guardians (AZ + Judge) ($289.85)

2: D.A.R.E Will Never Convert Us (Lain + NoJ) ($158.10)

3: More Serious then Darkside of the Moon (Panda + Anther) ($79.05)

4: Real Brother Relationship (Fatboy + Grimace)

5: Love us, Hate us, Say what you want about us all of the boys and all of the girls want to put their seed in us (Hunger + Omniswell)

5: Mindless (Ally + No!)

7: It's Borden on 130 (Shugo + Sago)

7: God Pies! (Pops + Framerate)

9: Bombs and Rocks (Quivo + YBM)

9: Leave Blank if your Unsure (Joshu + OS)

9: Over 9000!! (Capem + Fonz)

9: Metal Chair (MachineGunNorm + King Yoshi)

13: Dr. X is Fat (Smash + Infern)

13: We <3 ***** (Xisin + Mister Eric)

13: Balanced Breakfast (Airborne + Sil)

13: Jesus on a Stump (Asdioh + Bloodhawk)

17: OMG it's Awake (Kiest + Jokey)

17: Y.A.S (DJ Iska + Fromundaman)

17: Mindful (LMT + Yes!)

17: Jungle Book (Champ + Cake)

17: Hannah Montana Sleepover (ITT + Beegs)

17: Team Bananas (Wakka + Count)

17: Sky High (Lou + Nope)

17: It's in the Game (Argent + Mr.E)

25: P&P (Yay + PeppyWil)

25: My ****in Fouce (Calic + Harbinger)

25: Icy Hot (Paradigm + Reside)

25: Blades and Nades (SS + Muldini)

25: the 614 (tx2 + Ham)

25: What's the Man (WTP + theMann)

25: The Mothership Connection (Hilt + Cr4sh)

Thanks to everyone who showed up and brought setups! I just uploaded the Tio Bracket to AiB so......

Claim Your Results on AiB!


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
so pissed i couldn't come to this -_-;
i'm slipping behind SS farther and farther every second...good job though, DJ

god kais...step it up next time :/ i'll help you guys get there...even though right now i'm basically just a half-baked team manager who organizes stuff for people who don't need the help


Smash Lord
Apr 22, 2008
Louisville Ky.
Ally teamed with his gf.

Also, themann watch your ***, there's competiton for the best weeg in the MW. I don't care if I learned most of my **** from your vids, I can take you and you know it =P.



Smash Ace
Nov 1, 2008
shoutouts in morning lain learn to cg snake and u wil be golden!


Smash Ace
Jul 9, 2007
Springfield Ohio
1: Ally - had a blast playing you sir. you truely are a great player, i cant wait to play you more often!! plus, youre grenade counter on PKS1 was flawless. saved me from going to game 3 with you. :D
2: Lain - cheering against judge vs quivo was a lot of fun. get that snake CG down and you'll place first all the time.
3: Anther - i didnt get to play you at this event, hope to see you soon!
4: Judge - good stuff man, sucks you didnt place top 3 like usually
5: Hunger - good stuff man, glad i signed your shirt. really surprised me to say the least when i watched you vs nope
5: Shugo - HOW ARE YOU SOOO GOOD??!?!?!!!?? good stuff placing as well as you did and yes i have to say this, YOU'RE NOT SLOOOOOW
7: YBM - i saturday was the only day i ever rooted for you. this coming saturday will be even better. GOD KAIS???
7: Grimace - congrats on placing this high, at first glimpse you really dont look like a smasher and when i heard you were tearing through doubles with your partner i couldnt believe it. good stuff
9: Nope - man, Hunger did one over on you *sadface* im sure you'll get him back some day.
9: Pops - mario in cruel brawl??? too good. glad to see you as always.
9: SamuraiPanda - i wouldnt mind MM you after watching your match in pools with hilt. you guys from MI should come down this saturday!
9: Champ - GG, i wish i had placed this high :D
13: Rofa - didnt meet you, im sorry :(
13: Quivo - you got my controller son! you know, that white one, from raffle?? id like it back :D anyway, good stuff man, you keep placing like this and you'll be the best in no time.
13: AlphaZealot - was the diddy plush more than worth your two losses to snakes????
13: Infern - you were not on a boat sir. and this weekend, we'll get our mm in.
17: Fatboy - i didnt meet you either, again, i am sorry :(
17: Overswarm - OS!!! grats on the new controller!!! also, i look forward to playing you
17: Count - good stuff man, hope to see you this weekend aswell.
17: Smash64 - Ness???? good this son, hope to see you this weekend aswell GOD KAIS
17: Omniswell - hahaha, "Who the **** do you think you are???" "God Kais" too good, until king yosh messed it up :D come down this weekend!!!
17: Sago - samus? i didnt meet you, but i did watch you play. good stuff
17: Capem - lower than champ??? wtf mate!
17: Mr. E - MM next time i see you ;)
25: Cake - its cool man, you'll do much better this saturaday, look forawrd to playing your goonies :D
25: Bloodhawk - you played well, good stuff. also, sorry that you got locked out of nopes house, if i had known the back door was unlocked i would have gotten it for you guys.
25: Tactical - MM next time i see you :D
25: Ithrowthings - like you said, i dont know why shugo is better, but he is, and you guys do do the same things, so confusion sets in!
25: Mister Eric - MM next time since we didnt have time this time. you'll be here on the 27th??
25: DJ Iskascribble - havent gotten to play you recently but as i cans ee you've gotten better. thats good to hear, it will be all that more satisfying to play you.
25: Z - 11010!!!! good stuff man, i really enjoyed seeing that huge *** mug of yours!!!
25: The Mann - i heard about you, from hilt...good and more good. i look forward to playing you someday!
33: Suyon - haha, sorry man, but always ban mansion against olimar. its your safest option. although i wouldnt mind another match with you sometime. look forward to seeign you again!
33: Fizzle - fizzle, since c4 ive only lost to one lucario, and it was argent (correct me if im wrong argent but our record is now 5-1???) and i look forward to playing you again, come this weekend, and we'll mm for sure!
33: Whatsthepoint - falco? this low? im confused. i thought it was keitaro time!
33: Wangston - falco? this low? im confused. i thought it was keitaro time!
33: ParanormalSin - :olimar: <-- nough said. place higher next time cause now you're having fun with this game, keep it up. 17 kills with dacus in a day....with olimar???? who does that?!?!?
33: Steel Samurai - i wouldnt mind a mm against you, come this coming weekend and that will happen :D
33: Xisin - i am sooo sorry about our match but in all honesty the first game was miscellaneous shenanagans. but i feel like i do owe you. so next time we meet, a MM is in store
33: Hilt - :olimar: we placed the same, and Nolimar dittos were too good. ill outplace you soon enough!
33: Airborne - yoshi? really? good stuff, i heard a lot of good things from sil
33: Moose - we didnt get to play :O i wanted to see how much better you got
33: Cr4sh - SHORYUKEN!!!! 7 in a row then you can retire lols!
33: Fonz - wow man, just wow, who the hell did you have to play that you got this low!
33: Sneakytako - love the name, would have loved to meet you!
33: Calic - good MM, you prolly could have had it if it wasnt for the suicide!
33: Beegs - im in your head sir, and in your heart! good talking to you, like always, come stay for a week imo!
33: Needle of Juntah - you seize to amaze me NOJ. im sure this was a slump and the game with champ was bad, wont happen again in sure!
49: Crunch - not out of pools??? sadface! anyway, i hope to see you at CmC this week.
49: King Yoshi - i feel bad when i get put into the same pool as you. always a joy to see you.
49: XeroXen - mm next time, and dont worry, ill get that video up! grats on out combo'ing me!
49: Asdioh - killed with ftilt???? good stuff, glad we got to play!
49: Iris - didnt meet you, ill have to work on that!
49: ArgentStew - ARGENT!!!! what happened man? well regardless, dont let it discourage you in anyway. good stuff in draft crews sir, i love love love playing with you!
49: Framerate - man i wish to play you again since LLS!
49: Jokey - played you in doubles with beegs, tons of fun man!
49: TheKiest - KIESTER!!!!!!!!! always good to see you, you are getting better!
49: Joshu - WTF YOU PLAYED SINGLES!!!!!!!
49: Fromundaman - what happended man, youre better than this
61: Jiffy - lube and oil??? idk, i wish to meet you
61: Judo - good stuff in pools. watch out for the plant on picto, its hungry everytime it comes by!
61: BurnNotice - i wish to meet you aswell!
61: Mr.9 - im sure ive met you, i just cant remember a name or face!
61: Metaflair - WOOOOOOOO, having the discussion about metas dimension cape was 2good! always glad to see you
61: Sil - do better sir, although im sure you had a tough time, but now that youre back in springfield, you WILL get better FAST!
61: TheGreatMuldini - i wish to meet you aswell!
61: Paradigm - DIG'EM!!!!!!! really glad to see you sir, keep coming to tournies, and get a CAR!!!
61: Glov - i wish to meet you aswell!
61: Annet - i wish to meet you aswell!
61: Gigabowser - im glad you really enjoyed the tourny, btw, i was the guy that was there labeling things and helped you label your wii :D
61: Harbinger - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: SMBW - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: TheBlueBlade - man, if i had had that one kill on pirate ship, it would have been a great game, you play well, but you keep being predictable at times, you do commentate really well!
73: JellityMe - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: Four - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: LMT - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: PeppyWil - we must mm soon, im eager to see how much better you have become!
73: GMS - i wish to meet you aswell!
73: Yay Gunblade - i look forward to playing you and peppy again in doubles


Smash Champion
Mar 10, 2008
Worthington, Ohio
My videos will be on:


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1: Ally ($325.09) - Grats on taking our money foreigner!! Good stuff.
2: Lain ($149.00) - Excellent Ice Climbers as always.
3: Anther ($94.82) - Pikachu rocks. Grats on 3rd
4: Judge ($54.18) - Great job
5: Hunger ($27.09) - I didn't get to see your Wario, nice meeting you.
5: Shugo ($27.09) - HOLY **** Shugo. Great job.
7: Grimace - Grats on 7th and beating POPS. Glad you made it all the way down. (Taco Bell isn't just ok....)
9: Nope - Grats on 9th. Excellent Tournament. Sorry I can't make it this weekend
9: Pops - Villian
9: SamuraiPanda - I didn't get to see you play much, grats on 9th
9: Champ - Great job Champ.
13: Rofa - I should have had you in game one in pools... Grats on 13th
13: Quivo - Good stuff Quivo, too bad POPS is a villian among villians
13: AlphaZealot - I didn't see you lose, good game against Sago! Donkey Kong Mine Cart FTW
13: Infern - GOD PIES!!!
17: Fatboy - I didn't get to see you play. Glad you made it though.
17: Overswarm - I didn't see you play until the State Fight. Super C, Bomber Man, Bio Hazzard Battle and Ikaruga were amazing. I'll bring my NES next time for Turtles3 and regular Contra. That or a Megaman X race.
17: Count - Good Diddy, glad Indy could make it.
17: Smash64 - GOD PIES!!!! You can't beat me in Bomberman
17: Omniswell - Great Wolf as always. Wario's ok... heh
17: Sago - Metriod 2: The Return of Samus
17: Capem - Anther followed by Shugo.... jeebus. Good fight in Crews
17: Mr. E - Grats on placing higher than Mister Eric
25: Cake - I didn't see you play Count, I think I recorded it though. Till we meet again
25: Bloodhawk - Didn't get to play.
25: Tactical - Good Lucario. Good games in Pools
25: Ithrowthings - Great job beating Xisin! OHIO!
25: Mister Eric - Yikes, Judge first round... oh wells Glad you made it.
25: DJ Iskascribble - Didn't get to play
25: Z - Glad you made it to the Champs! I'm sure this will make you a better player
25: The Mann
33: Suyon
33: Fizzle
33: Whatsthepoint
33: Wangston - Didn't get to play or watch. Glad you guys made it.
33: ParanormalSin - We didn't get to that friendly, maybe at Test your Might 6
33: Steel Samurai - Didn't get to play
33: Xisin - Great Marth as always. Till we meet again.
33: Hilt - Good Olimar, too bad the God Kais were on fire that day.
33: Airborne - Great Yoshi and Great games. Hope to see you at more tournaments.
33: Moose - Grats on making it out of Pools. See you at either Focus Cancel or Test your Might 6
33: Cr4sh - SHORYUKEN!!!! Fun games in friendlies.
33: Fonz - NoJ is tough. Good friendlies too. Till we meet again.
33: Sneakytako
33: Calic - Didn't get to play or watch.
33: Beegs - Great stuff Beegs. See ya at Pools Pool!
33: Needle of Juntah - Didn't get to play

49: Crunch - Couldn't believ you didn't make it out. See ya at Focus Cancel or Test your might 6!
49: King Yoshi - Good stuff King Yoshi! See ya at the next one.
49: XeroXen
49: Asdioh
49: Iris - Didn't get to play.
49: ArgentStew - Don't let this get you down man. Hope to see you at the next one.
49: Framerate - You do tons better in teams with Jiggs. Please don't quit smash!
49: Jokey - God Pies!!!! We need to come up with a plan... so we can do well in doubles.
49: TheKiest - D3 was a success, too bad there wasn't any characters in my pools to use him with.
49: Joshu
49: Fromundaman - Didn't get to play, but should have.
49: Wakka - Great times ahead!!!
61: Jiffy
61: Judo
61: BurnNotice
61: Mr.9 - Didn't get to play.
61: Metaflair - Sorry we didn't get to commentate, I eat too slowly....
61: Sil - Thanks for food! See you at the next one!
61: TheGreatMuldini
61: Paradigm - Didn't get to play
61: Glov - Death pools and friendlies were fun. Concentrate on one character, you aren't POPS!
61: Annet
61: Gigabowser
61: Harbinger
73: SMBW
73: TheBlueBlade
73: JellityMe
73: Four
73: LMT - Gald you guys came, keep on trying!
73: PeppyWil - Good friendlies, till we meet again.
73: GMS
73: Yay Gunblade - Didn't get to play.

RipN: Great venue, great tourne, great after party. I tip my hat off to you.
FanFan: I need to play you, don't knwo when the next time will be.
Amy: You and your beer pong abilities....
Katon: Where were you?

Great Tournament everyone!

500th Post FTW


Smash Lord
Apr 22, 2008
Louisville Ky.
1-5 I don't really know you kids, but nice work on being super good.
9: Nope mm next week?
9: Pops pops, you're too fun, ouga is too fun. I'm still reeling from taking a game off you in pools. Good work on 9th bro.
13: Quivo I didn't get to play you, but your shirt is too good, and so are you.
13: AlphaZealot diddy dittos were tooooooo hilarious
13: Infern GOD KAIS!
17: Overswarm don't quit brawl. I like you, even though I might be the only one.
17: Smash64 GOD KAIS!
17: Omniswell tired johns?
17: Sago dude, even though your MK was the one that beat me, your samus was impressive as hell. Good ****.
17: Capem crunchatize me mo****a.
17: Mr. E go th the weeg boards, tell them how much they're wrong for me plz. Also spot dodge more ;)
25: Cake Thx for the diddy tips! Here's a deal, I win a tournament with diddy in the finals, I'll split the $ with you :laugh:.
25: Tactical thats what she said?
25: Mister Eric Beep Beep Mother ****er Beep Beep!
25: The Mann I learned luigi from your vids, and soon I will surpass you (confidence). Wax on, wax off.
33: Wangston great games bro, I still can't believe I beat you. Your falco is techskill defined.
33: ParanormalSin ummmmmm, hilt is better? mm.
33: Hilt harhar its my doubles partner. We need to get better at that.
33: Airborne Holy cow! You got into brackets in your first oos tourny! TOO GOOD!
33: Fonz Teach me more gdorf next week!
33: Sneakytako
33: Calic Golden Axe MM? How about streets of rage?
33: Beegs due, man, I mean like, dude.
49: Crunch Great games, you seem like a really decent dude. Also, firmest handshake in the business.
49: XeroXen Wigi>mario, foreals. Get at me about that.
49: Asdioh why didn't we play? straaaange. Girl johns?
49: Framerate You ouga kids are the best, lets do more bottom tier games. ditto.
49: TheKiest You ouga kids are the best, lets do more bottom tier games. ditto.
49: Wakka gimme a month bro, and my diddy will be better than yours, I swurz it.
61: Judo keep my van entertaining plz? kthx.
61: Mr.9 friendlies until you die.
61: Metaflair WOOO!

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
Guess I'll go ahead and do one of these :D

First of all to everyone that ran this. Awesome tournament. It ran amazingly well. Definitely looking forward to the next springfield tournament. All of you springfield guys are awesome

1: Ally - Enjoyed our set. I plan to get another against you at the Michigan tournament in august if you make it
2: Lain - eh, i'll mm you again sooner or later
3: Anther - =( we didn't get to play this time... you owe me a best of 5 next time! :D
4: Judge - didn't really get to talk to or play you this time around. Let's change that next time.
5: Shugo - Good stuff shugo. Best sonic in the nation
7: YBM - best kirby in the nation. **** chudat.
9: Nope - sorry we didn't get the rematch rematch >.> we'll go again this saturday at your other tournament haha
9: SamuraiPanda - heh, you beat me pretty bad in pools. Also, your idea you were telling me about sounds beyond amazing. Looking forward to seeing it when it's completed.
9: Champ - enjoyed playing you, man. First person to beat me at japes in forever haha
13: Quivo - I want another set against you when you don't have melee on the brain lol. It was too obvious you weren't at your best.
13: AlphaZealot - We didn't have to play first round! ^.^
13: Infern - Didn't get to play ya this time around, sadly. That'll be different next saturday
17: Overswarm - Go rob, man. You have the mind of a rob main, and I honestly think you'd do much much better maining him in tournament.
17: Count - Was good seeing you, man, as well as the set we had. Looking forward to more tournaments with ya
17: Smash64 - <3 you mained ness!!
17: Capem - Enjoyed playing you again. We're gonna do another one this saturday for sure
25: Cake - I didn't get to play you this time =( You guys are all awesome. There's not a springfield guy i don't like
25: Bloodhawk - Next tournament we're at, we're playing for sure. Won't be too long before you're out of the midwest, after all.
25: Ithrowthings - Good **** beating xisin; definitely took me by surprise
25: Mister Eric - haha you placed better than me! Good stuff
25: The Mann - I.. can't get over our last game, haha. Way too epic. Beast of a luigi as well.
33: Fizzle - Enjoyed the pools match. Was scared I was gonna lose, actually
33: ParanormalSin - We placed pretty horribly :/ Nolimar dittos were fun haha. We'll need to get frindlies next time.
33: Steel Samurai - More friendlies next time for sure, man.
33: Xisin - Definitely not what I expected to see. Doesn't mean you aren't gonna **** face next time
33: Hilt - 9th at the last circuit event and 33rd this time? Something's gotta change
33: Airborne - First big tournament ever with all the midwest pros, and you make it out of pools. Good ****, man.
33: Cr4sh - I feel like being original and not yelling shoryuken in my shoutout to you :D We're gonna step our game up for sure, man.
33: Fonz - Enjoyed the mm, as horrible as the matchup is haha. But I'm sure you're use to having bad matchups :x
49: Crunch - Enjoyed the games. The wario matchup's one I still need to figure out, and you definitely helped me out.
49: XeroXen - Thanks for trying to fix my wii >.> Guess I'll have to get a new one or have Nintendo repair it. Enjoyed the mms as well.
49: Asdioh - Such an awesome guy. I look forward to hangin out with you again
49: Iris - I have no idea who you are but your name is awesome
49: ArgentStew - Enjoyed playing you again in pools, man. We'll be sure to get more games next time
49: Framerate - You're so awesome lol. Such a funny guy, and I love hearing you talk about Thinkaman. We're getting more friendlies next time <3
49: TheKiest - Enjoyed talking to you. Let's get some games in next time! I don't think we've ever played
49: Wakka - I wanted to get a mm against you, actually. We'll be sure to saturday.
61: Metaflair - we DEFINITELY need to hang out more, you're such an awesome guy.
61: Sil - Enjoyed our games in pools, man.
61: Annet - Glad you were able to make it to your first big tournament :D We'll be sure to prepare more for the next one.
73: PeppyWil - Enjoyed our pools set. We should get more games in at the tournament this saturday
TheFanFan - Why didn't you enter? Enjoyed the friendlies we got to play, though lol. Kirby with DDD's hat was too good :laugh:

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
haha i remember that now. I'd forgotten about C4. I do still wanna play you, though. Sucks you won't be in Springfield next saturday =(

Also, your signatures are beyond amazing :laugh:


Former Smashboards Owner
Jul 6, 2003
Bellevue, Washington
OHIO: My bad in the crew battle. Next time I'll take it more seriously. When Judge started with ROB and OS went IC's I just couldn't stop myself from trying some dumb things. Ohh well.

1: Ally ($325.09): good to play you again. Wish I could have represented Diddy better though. Always fun to see how you react to things, you are to smart!
2: Lain ($149.00): rofl at crew battle! good stuff in singles/teams. get those cgs down.
3: Anther ($94.82): we didn't play :( good **** though at getting third
4: Judge ($54.18): WOW. We dominated. Only dropped 1 game in doubles the whole tournament. Holy ****. We just click for some reason (probably because Diddy/MK is the best team in Brawl? Yea, def). This makes 5 doubles wins in a row for me and I guess 6 for you now - too good. If you come to MD next weekend we can team and add another win (if not wish me luck with plank). Also: Teamsies at EVO right? And Genesis (if no Anther)?
5: Hunger ($27.09): played ya in doubles but no singles. your wario is sexy.
5: Shugo ($27.09): SONIC. Shugo you continue to amaze. You stepped it up in the crew battle.
7: YBM: Dang good stuff YBM on 7th. your are lucky you didn't run into me though :)
7: Grimace: nice work in singles and doubles, you (and your bro) are too good.
9: Nope: 9th? Best Snake in Ohio?
9: Pops: 9th! You used Samus right? hahaha your wario is getting better and better good stuff.
9: SamuraiPanda: ugh! I did not transition well from fighting Samus to fighting Snake. Your Snake is awesome and now that I have once again lost to two Snakes at a tournament I gotta like...reinvent and overhull my diddy.
9: Champ: 9th? At a circuit? Champ is stepping it up.
13: Rofa: good talking with you, didn't get to play you once again. Can't wait to see that documentary.
13: Quivo: good **** Quivooooooo your TL is too good, especially in that crew battle.
13: AlphaZealot: worst placement in MW ever. Nice work AZ, way to really bring your A game. PFFFff.
13: Infern: Nope got 9th. you are 2nd best Snake in OH. ROFL
17: Fatboy: nice work in doubles!
17: Overswarm: new low? we need to step it up OS
17: Count: Nice diddy dittos! However, next time don't warm up my next opponent against Diddy please?
17: Smash64: God Kais!
17: Omniswell: nice work in doubles
17: Sago: samus? wtf? What are you supposed to do against Samus?
17: Capem: springfieldddddddddd
17: Mr. E: didnt play ya
25: Cake: springffieldddddddddddd, and get better at diddy dittos I guess?
25: Bloodhawk: sorry I didn't get to teach ya diddy :(
25: Tactical: didn't play ya
25: Ithrowthings: fun chillin at night, nice work with Sonix
25: Mister Eric: didn't play ya
25: DJ Iskascribble: good stuff DJ!!!
25: Z: made brackets again and got 25th? Not bad mangz
25: The Mann: didn't play
33: Suyon: didn't play
33: Fizzle: didn't play
33: Whatsthepoint: didn't play
33: Wangston: good stuff, way better than last time.
33: ParanormalSin: good chilliin
33: Steel Samurai: didn't play
33: Xisin: didn't play
33: Hilt: didn't play (for like the first time ever)
33: Airborne: didn't play
33: Moose: nice work getting out of pools!!!
33: Cr4sh: luigi... or diddy...sigh...
33: Fonz: GANON!!!!!!!!! good chillin at night
33: Sneakytako: didn't play
33: Calic: didn't play
33: Beegs: didn't play
33: Needle of Juntah : you have the randomess placements ever
49: Crunch: ! you didn't get out of pools ! :(
49: King Yoshi: good chillin with ya
49: XeroXen: MARIO!!!!!!!!
49: Asdioh: what happened?
49: Iris: didn't play
49: ArgentStew: tough pool!!!
49: Framerate: good chillin at the after party
49: Jokey: didn't play ya
49: TheKiest: good chilin! wish you had made it out of pools
49: Joshu: wow? you almost made it out without using attacks?
49: Fromundaman: sooooo closeeeee
49: Wakka: sooooooo closeeee
61: Jiffy: nice playing ya in pools!
61: Judo: didn't play ya
61: BurnNotice: didn't play ya
61: Mr.9: didn't play ya
61: Metaflair: didn't play ya
61: Sil: good chllin afterwards silll
61: TheGreatMuldini: didn't play ya
61: Paradigm: pick up Brawl already>
61: Glo: didn't play ya
61: Annet: didn't play ya
61: Gigabowser: didn't play ya but dang I wish i could ride to tournaments in that
61: Harbinger: didn't play ya
73: SMBW: nice to meet you! you were awfully quiet though!
73: TheBlueBlade: good **** running the tournament!!!
73: JellityMe: didn't play ya
73: Four: didn't play ya
73: LMT: didn't play ya
73: PeppyWil: didn't play ya
73: GMS: didn't play ya
73: Yay Gunblade: didn't play ya

Springfield: Awesome tournament. Nice work RIPN. Gotta love the Ripn challenge. this ran great, had lots of set ups, went fast, live stream seemed to work out, and overall it was amazing. Good **** with everything Nope for heading most of it up, you did well in singles again too!

Michigan: I'll be out of town until September. I can't make it to MIB because that is the same weekend as MLG Dallas (pfft, nice work on scheduling that). So I guess I'll have to wait until Sept to get revenge on all you guys. Sigh.

Ohio: we need to step it up. Its good to see more of us breaking into top 8 but we need to crack the top 3-4.


Uhh... Look at my status.
Apr 20, 2008
San Diego, CA
Switch FC
Gratz on YbM! Kirby representing, can't wait to see vids (if there are any).

Would've loved to go and helped rep the kirby community, but oh well, I live in PR.


Smash Lord
Nov 15, 2006
Akron, OH
Great tourney everyone. Tons of fun and very well organized.

1: Ally – I still haven’t played you even though we’ve been to tons of the same tournies... We gotta fix this soon.
2: Lain – I gotta come up to MI sometime so we can get in tons of games, I think I’m getting better, but I want to get better faster.
4: Judge – Same as Ally.
5: Shugo – Have fun in MI, u gotta teach me those new sonic techs sometime eh?
5: Hunger – Your feet were really smelly. Thx for keeping everyone up at Nope’s so we were all exhausted.
7: YBM – You did really awesome in crew battles (and independence day)
7: Grimace – Good **** reppin that snake. Saw a couple of your matches rapin some MK, good ****
9: Nope – I think you’re starting to get out of your recent slump. We gotta get in our arbitrary MM cause right now we’re 2-2 on sets.
9: Pops – Why do I keep SDing against you in falcon dittos? WHY?!
9: Champ – You’ll get over your sonic weakness eventually.
13: Rofa – fun friendlies, good job in bracket
13: Quivo – I wish I would’ve beat smash64 so I could’ve fought you next.
13: AlphaZealot – I question the orientation of Diddy’s sexuality.
13: Infern – I’ll get you next time *shakes fist in air* NEXT TIME!!
17: Fatboy – Pools matches were fun. WI needs to train a good Sonic player
17: Overswarm – We’ll get in another arbitrary MM sometime.
17: Count – LOL, didn’t we say we were gonna play each other offline. Oh well, that matchup is so stupid anyways.
17: Smash64 – Good job in bracket. We gotta play some friendlies next time so I can learn that matchup. Also, fun falcon dittos.
17: ***swell – We gotta get in some friendlies so I can learn those matchups. For loving sonic mains so much you sure do pick characters that destroy Sonic.
17: Sago – Finally got to meet you. Insanely good samus, good job in doubles.
17: Capem – We got in some friendlies this time for once. We should get in more friendlies in the future.
25: Cake – Glad I didn’t have to fight you. However, you should teach me Diddy sometime so I can learn what makes him tick.
25: Bloodhawk – I gotta get over my Lucario weakness. It was fun playing you and meeting you. Plushies rule.
25: Z – You’re getting better at an alarming rate. Good ****.
33: Suyon – You are also getting better quickly as well. Fortunately for me spindash > Pit
33: Xisin – So glad I finally beat you. Sonic can be a pain to fight, especially for Marth users.
33: Beegs – C’mon, step it up. Our teamwork wasn’t on @ this. We’ll get it together and destroy the next TYM.
33: Needle of Juntah – Don’t let 1 loss get to you so much. I lost to XeroXen in pools and got real pissed too. Just let that anger fuel you for the next match.
49: Crunch – We gotta play each other some more.
49: King Yoshi – I saw you holding your own against Ally in pools. Good luck @ genesis
49: XeroXen – Sorry I got so pissed in pools. You just kept spamming those stupid fireballs and it was pissin me off.
49: ArgentStew – Don’t get so depressed. It’s just a game, lots of people don’t make it out of pools.
49: Framerate – Good friendlies, You gotta make me that Sonic paper thingy cause it looks so awesome.
49: Jokey – Maybe I should go ROB against you.
49: TheKiest – Needs moar livestream.
49: Fromundaman – Didn’t get to talk to you that much. We gotta play sometime after work cause you’re so close to where I work.
61: BurnNotice – That pools match on Brinstar was way too close for comfort.
61: Metaflair – All that bling makes my eyes hurt.
61: Glov – You hit me in the *** with a roman candle and it burned a hole in my pants. Epic win
61: Gigabowser – I’ll get you hooked up with more tournies so you can get into the smash scene in NE ohio.


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Feb 7, 2006
The Illinois Sticks
Let's see here... SHOUTS!


2: Lain ($149.00) -> Might've been the sodas... lol. Good to see ya man.

3: Anther ($94.82) -> Pleasure to see ya. You need to finish Bob Evans' life story next time before we order food!

9: SamuraiPanda -> Nice seein' ya man. Thanks for contributing to the commentary.

13: Rofa -> It was epic doing all the commentary. Good seein' ya.

17: Omniswell -> AARROOOOO! Awesome Wolf. Pleasure as always.

25: The Mann -> Dayum, you like sugar.

Epic -> Where the **** were ya?

Vayseth -> Good talkin' on stream! lol.


1: Ally ($325.09) -> Good **** in pools man, honored to play a champ.

4: Judge ($54.18)

5: Hunger ($27.09)

5: Shugo ($27.09)

7: YBM -> Good **** in pools man, I'd like to play ya again.

7: Grimace -> Out of WI and running it up in the standings! Very well done!

9: Nope -> Nice tournament has always man. Like I said, starting in August, I'll be less than 2 hours away from Springfield, so if you guys hold things, I'll definitely come.

9: Pops

9: Champ

13: Quivo -> WTG on winning, whatever it was that you did in raffles.

13: AlphaZealot -> All I can say is your Diddy is amazing, although after playing Cake, I really hate Diddy now, haha.

13: Infern -> GOD KAIS!

17: Fatboy -> Once again man, comin' out of WI! You and your bro did awesome, come down again.

17: Overswarm -> GTFO. But seriously, nice seein' ya.

17: Count

17: Smash64

17: Sago

17: Capem

17: Mr. E -> ****it.... once again, no TSB. Space johns on my behalf, but we'll definitely get it done!

25: Cake -> Awesome Diddy, good **** in draft pools.

25: Bloodhawk -> Dude, you're awesome. Glad to have ya aboard with us every circuit event. Definitely gonna miss ya when you go to the WC. (
****in' traitor, lol.)
One more event to go!

25: Tactical

25: Ithrowthings

25: Mister Eric

25: DJ Iskascribble -> We didn't play, nor did we even communicate, lol. I saw ya though!

25: Z

33: Suyon

33: Fizzle

33: Whatsthepoint -> I think this was the first time meetin' ya, but I can't remember. Anyway, nice talkin' with ya.

33: Wangston

33: ParanormalSin -> Yeah, I do tend to be predictable. There are still things I need to work on in this game, but yeah, good matches man, nice Olimar.

33: Steel Samurai

33: Xisin

33: Hilt

33: Airborne

33: Moose

33: Cr4sh -> SHORYUKEN!

33: Fonz

33: Sneakytako

33: Calic

33: Beegs -> Good matches in pools, man. Awesome Marth!

33: Needle of Juntah -> You really need to watch what's in front of you, including if you're in the middle of a roman candle fight.

49: Crunch

49: King Yoshi -> Nice matches in pools, good ****.

49: XeroXen -> Thanks for comin' again, and thanks for use of the restroom at, uh, that early morning hour. Hope your grandpa wasn't too pissed about it.

49: Asdioh -> It was nice of the princess to invite us over for dinner, gay Luigi? lol. Dude, you are awesome, thanks for driving. Oh yeah, best Kirby!

49: Iris

49: ArgentStew

49: Framerate

49: Jokey

49: TheKiest

49: Joshu -> C'mon man! I expect better of ya! But nice car.... (hat.)

49: Fromundaman

49: Wakka

61: Jiffy

61: Judo -> Your Sheik is very quick, actually, my first time playing a Sheik in a tournament. Good ****.

61: BurnNotice

61: Mr.9

61: Metaflair

61: Sil

61: TheGreatMuldini

61: Paradigm

61: Glov

61: Annet

61: Gigabowser

61: Harbinger

73: SMBW

73: TheBlueBlade -> (sigh), when will you make it out of pools.

73: JellityMe

73: Four

73: LMT

73: PeppyWil

73: GMS

73: Yay Gunblade


RipN -> Dude, what an awesome tournament, nice turnout, everything. Hope you guys hold things in August and after, I'll definitely be around, and less than two hours from Springfield.

TheFanFan -> Eh, we didn't get to play, nor did I get any of your supposedly amazing cookies! I'm sure we'll have other chances.

MachinegunNorm -> Didn't you enter? Thought you did, but good seein' ya!

UStream Viewers -> Hope ya guys enjoyed the live stream and commentary!

IF I forgot anyone, lemme know!

Doctor X

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Mar 1, 2004
Cincinnati, OH
Oi. You guys should put me below last place in doubles, teamed with Sliq. Team name "Smash64 smells."

It's only fair.


Smash Lord
Jul 23, 2006
Provo Utah
GGS all

AlphaZealot Your diddy is too good. It was fun playing you again in pools and on live stream so my friends in utah could see. They all said the same thing, stop going for the kill just play. :( if only I could land a kill move.

Champ You aren't the worlds most flashiest falco but you are a very smart one and a solid fighter. Great mms. You were always one step ahead of me and always knew when I was going to grab or try for the kill. Screw falco and his kill moves.

Cr4sh. F U!!! Almost cost me pools hahaha, I really didn't think you would have pulled out diddy and win. LOL also every time I got jabbed by luigi I would flinch, panic, and smash di up and away so you weren't screaming SHORYUKEN at me. ggs though.

Crunch I didn't think I was going to be able to win against a wario. His air game is too good. Also thank you for talking to the TO's about the pool mix up. I was so sad when I didn't hear or see my name up there and I was going to talk to them about it but you were already up there. Thanks again.

GigabowserXyZ I'm pretty sure I played you in some friendlies. Nice bowser keep up the good work. lol also i don't think mk should be banned. I thought it was funny when you asked me that after you switched to mk.

Hunger I wish I would have known you were as good as you are. Nice wario, I would rather play that than your snake. Once again if only I could land a kill move I would have taken a game off your wario. Also I think you had the sexiest kill of the whole tournament on nope at ps1 on the last stock. WOW that **** was amazing. That's the kind of **** people make gifs of and put in there sig.

Iris It was fun playing friendlies against you even though you don't like falco dittos

Milk Fun playing falco Dittos with you. Lol though last friendlies I played I was dead tired.

POPS! Dude got to have my pops. Is there a character you can't play??? Even your falcon is **** when we played friendlies before it all started. I really can fight ROBs better than that I just haven't played one since I left utah lol johns. Like seriously change your main to random

Shugo Fun friendlies. I'm sorry X and Kenneth are jerks to you, they are nice irl. You and X and pretty much even I do just as good against him as I did against you. Though you guys have slightly diffrent styles and mind games so I really can't say who is the best sonic. ALSO I think you look like Obama. Does anyone else see it?

ybm I told you I didn't suck nearly as bad as I do on wifi. Next time we play I'm going to win the first game so then I can cp on the 3 game and win that one too. You kirby is legit. I'm glad I got to play even though it was losing to you first round.

Xeroxen I pretty sure I played your mario in friendlies. Wow man good ****. Keep it up I've never played a mario that good.

If there is one thing I've learned it's that noob mind games don't work on good players. I need new ones or else I'm never getting anywhere because I can't land a kill move with falco.

Again ggs all. Lain, Anther, Ally, Judge watching videos of you guys doesn't do you justice but seeing you actually play does. You guys are all really good players.


Jun 3, 2003
The land of wind and ghosts
Last Brawl tournament for me, I just don't like this game
Might as well do shout outs for the last tournament evaaarrrrrrrr


2: Lain ($149.00) -> rofl

3: Anther ($94.82) -> What the heck

9: SamuraiPanda -> Yeah as if

13: Rofa -> Nope

17: Omniswell -> TWO HATS!?

25: The Mann -> ..hot sauce..?

Vayseth -> I still want to team and tornado twice again. I got a new phone and your custom ringtone is MK's theme in Brawl.


1: Ally ($325.09) -> Kaneda

4: Judge ($54.18) - Pauly Shore?!

5: Hunger ($27.09) - you didn't eat anything

5: Shugo ($27.09) - don't team with warios

7: YBM -> Yes Bad Man?

7: Grimace -> wowsers

9: Nope -> nope

9: Pops - chops

9: Champ - were you?

13: Quivo -> almost got you??

13: AlphaZealot -> nah I don't think so

13: Infern -> brawl is bad

17: Fatboy -> good at yelling

17: Overswarm -> :laugh:

17: Count - make me

17: Smash64 - 65

17: Sago - sagat

17: Capem - cape-m

17: Mr. E -> wat

25: Cake -> staaaaaallllllll

25: Bloodhawk -> what the

25: Tactical - who

25: Ithrowthings - what

25: Mister Eric - wait you're not mr. e what the

25: DJ Iskascribble -> scribblenauts?

25: Z - eta

33: Suyon - fuyan

33: Fizzle - nothing but a

33: Whatsthepoint -> idontknow

33: Wangston - no

33: ParanormalSin -> name

33: Steel Samurai - steal!?

33: Xisin - zicksin

33: Hilt - i don't know what you look like

33: Airborne - ok i'm bored too many people

49: Joshu -> hat.

Flawless Fan

Smash Hero
Mar 19, 2009
49: Asdioh why didn't we play? straaaange. Girl johns?
>my bad>
TheFanFan - Why didn't you enter? Enjoyed the friendlies we got to play, though lol. Kirby with DDD's hat was too good :laugh:
It would have been a waste of my money since I would have played the same as I did in friendlies. I rarely play seriously.
And yes, Kirby with DDD's hat is the greatest thing ever and is fun to spam

Shoutouts in random order~

AZ: Awesome commentary on friday.
Beegs: You and Sin are a terrible team. I think you killed each other more than we killed you.
Sin: LOL you were getting gangbanged by two girls. Me and Amy still lost but they were fun. Teams were even better.
Amy: I don't think she has an account here, does she? But thanks for all the friendlies and for finding my class ring.
Ally: Knew you'd win singles :I
YbM: Those teams matches were fun. That link dittos vs Kirby and Lucario match was fun. Fsmash **** :D GOD KAIS!
Infern: Needs more Ike and boats. GOD KAIS!
Smash64: Didn't get to play you. And you're short compared to YbM and Infern lol GOD KAIS!
OS: You're short too.
Nope: Your couches are comfy and I had the best seat there :3
Fromundaman: Sorry I didn't wear my hat. Wasn't really in a silly-hat mood :/ Also I wanted kirby dittos but that never happened.
Bloodhawk: Your plushies are awesome. I need to finish the Lucario one I'm making >_>
Paradigm: You know, I probably said something to you without even recognizing you. I wanted to play some friendlies too.
PeppyWil: You are banned from my cookies.
Westley: I have no idea what to put.
Saved the best person for last though <3

Everyone else: I think I had more shoutouts but I can't remember half of your names. If you ate a cookie, I hope it was good. If you didn't, blame Wil. He ate them all.


Smash Lord
Oct 8, 2008
Really fun tournament!!! I would do shoutouts but doing it on a psp would take years so ill just save it for when i get to a computer. I already miss sago hunger and the god kais : (.


Not Asidoh
Jun 23, 2008
Singles: (80 Entrants)

1: Ally ($325.09) :snake: Hey Ally howzit goin :]
2: Lain ($149.00) :popo: / :dedede: :O
3: Anther ($94.82) :pikachu2: O:
4: Judge ($54.18) :metaknight: =O
5: Hunger ($27.09) :wario: O=
5: Shugo ($27.09) :sonic: :D
7: YBM :kirby2: congrats man...I'm embarassed at how I did compared to you. I promise it won't be like this next time >_<
7: Grimace :snake: didn't see you play, but good stuff
9: Nope :snake: I haven't played you in a long time, but you've been doing well in tourneys...nice hosting job sir

9: SamuraiPanda :snake: I might play you sometime. Live in fear of that day.
9: Champ :falco: I think you're the first Falco to ever beat me on Jungle Japes. I'll try not to get spiked into the water again >_>
Close third game, fun MM sir. **** MK and his brokenness :[

13: Rofa :metaknight: haven't played you in forever either...
13: Quivo :toonlink: I forgot to ask you for TL dittos D:
13: AlphaZealot :diddy: I almost wish I played you so I would have legitimate losing johns. Sorry I went Fox and suicided in draft crews T_T I won't do it again.
But man if I hadn't gone up against a freaking Diddy in draft crews I would have done so much better...

13: Infern :snake: I 2-stocked you in Ike dittos on Pirate Ship, lololol.
:p fun games though dewd.

17: Fatboy :metaknight: ewww MK
17: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob: This alien taking a dump is pretty epic.
17: Count :diddy: We were supposed to play, but I don't even remember what you look like so I don't recall if I saw you or not XD
17: Smash64 :snake: I think they mean Ness... :D hope your soccer thingy went well
17: Omniswell :wario: Thanks for showing me how gay Wario can be, and that I might need to run time in a pools match someday. -.- (see avatar)
17: Sago :samus2: I'm kinda confused...are you that King Chaos guy that beat me in the King of Couches tourney at C4 Galore? Go Samus, anyway!

17: Mr. E :rob: you've gotten so much better...

25: Bloodhawk :lucario: Indiana needs to step it up. I'm going to come live at your house and practice everyday, then we'll both take first at some tourney. And stuff.
25: Tactical :lucario: place higher next time, then I might be proud that I haven't ever beaten you -_-
25: Ithrowthings :sonic: SNOIC'S MY NAEM, STAKE IS MY GAEM
25: Mister Eric :rob: That ain't Mr. E
25: DJ Iskascribble :metaknight: I'm so sad that you know the Kirby matchup like the back of your hand. I have fromundaman to blame for that, right? T_T I wish I beat you and made it out of pools :p

25: The Mann :luigi2: I've heard good things about you ever since I first saw you in November, but I still haven't played you...
33: Suyon :pit: there was a Pit player here? :O

33: Whatsthepoint :falco: I thought you mained Kirby?

33: ParanormalSin :olimar: Fun MM...too bad I failed as usual

33: Xisin :marth: 33rd? wtf mate
33: Hilt :olimar: Cool guy as always :D too bad I failed in our MM as well lol

33: Moose :shiek: Are you the Sheik I talked about on the Sheik matchup discussion thingy? Too bad I didn't play you :/
33: Cr4sh :luigi2: Hi :D
33: Fonz :lucario: / :wolf: .....................................................Lucario.............................

33: Needle of Juntah :gw: hiya

Singles Pools:

49: XeroXen Your Mario is better than I expected. Keep it up!
49: Asdioh Dear god, this was the first time you didn't make it out of pools. The fact that you got the Failure Award from Overswarm foreshadowed this.
49: Iris biscuits and gravy
49: ArgentStew we beat you guys in teams, through h4x
49: Framerate Jiggrypuff

49: TheKiest (>'.')>
49: Joshu <_<
49: Fromundaman I didn't play you. :/
49: Wakka Diddy Kooooooong
thanks for giving me inspiration though, I now know that Diddy is beatable

61: Judo I heard good things and saw good things about your Sheik, keep it up

61: Mr.9 note to self: don't go Ike against G&W

73: TheBlueBlade You had an easy pool, psh

73: Four ggs

73: PeppyWil the only MM I won, lol. Gogo Random Dittos!

Fanfan: I had a gewd time this weekend. Epic Kirby plush, delicious cookies. :D


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me
1: Ally- gratx on winning, fun games in pools ill see you at genesis
2: Lain- haha so much **** happened from you at this tourney, see you at genesis
3: Anther- antrthther so close to beating ally this time, hope to see you at genesis
4: Judge- jeeze why so much money, good ish though. we goin have mad fun at genesis
5: Hunger <.< nukka u aint gettin meh hat for no dollar:laugh:
5: Shugo- you do this every tourney get nervous that you wont place and then you **** good job
7: YBM- guess i need to relearn that kirby MU, ggs in pools
7: Grimace
9: Nope- nice placing
9: Pops -nice placing good job beatin Q
9: SamuraiPanda- haha fun talkin to you panda, see you at genesis
9: Champ- fun chilling with you
13: Rofa- fun chilling, lets get this ticket thing fixed so we can do both
13: Quivo- ggs iin doubles. fun talkin to you as always
13: AlphaZealot- fun chilling
13: Infern
17: Fatboy
17: Overswarm /
17: Count
17: Smash64
17: Omniswell-haha the ride to tim burtons was funny with you there.
17: Sago- lol tim burtons fun chilling
17: Capem
17: Mr. E
25: Cake
25: Bloodhawk- fun hanging with you, hopefully we do alot at genesis. Q.Q at you leaving the MW
25: Tactical
25: Ithrowthings- hey do i know you? i think weve met before im not sure where.(translation: good jarb? youre lucky we didnt have to play cause it would be so gay)
25: Mister Eric
25: DJ Iskascribble
25: Z
25: The Mann- omg i think i may have upset the mann by gettin in his way:urg:
33: Suyon- O.o so proud of you, you just keep improving, dont know if i can beat you again.(right now anyway)
33: Fizzle
33: Whatsthepoint- fun talking to you, see you at genesis
33: Wangston
33: ParanormalSin- sorry about pools i was still midly upset when we played, hopefully next time we can have a real match
33: Steel Samurai
33: Xisin
33: Hilt
33: Airborne
33: Moose- see your stepping it up alot aswell
33: Cr4sh- SHORYUKEN!!! O.O
33: Fonz /
33: Sneakytako
33: Calic
33: Beegs- sorry about pools, next time i wont let it get to me.
33: Needle of Juntah- haha eliminated himself
49: Crunch
49: King Yoshi-whoa since when do you get upset????
49: XeroXen
49: Asdioh
49: Iris
49: ArgentStew- man you gotta stop kickin yourself so hard when you lose, i hate seeing you like that man =/
49: Framerate- O.o that is all
49: Jokey
49: TheKiest
49: Joshu
49: Fromundaman
49: Wakka
61: Jiffy- sorry to hear about your car,fun seeing
61: Judo- oh my, sorry about game 1 i was still upset, keep workin on diddy. GGs
61: BurnNotice
61: Mr.9
61: Metaflair- WOOOOO
61: Sil
61: TheGreatMuldini
61: Paradigm
61: Glov-tsk tsk MK
61: Annet
61: Gigabowser
61: Harbinger
73: SMBW
73: TheBlueBlade- anther convinced me to ditto and then you didnt use pika Q.Q ggs in pools
73: JellityMe
73: Four
73: LMT
73: PeppyWil
73: GMS
73: Yay Gunblade

hopefully ill see the majority of you OOSers at MI v wurld alot of interesting people.

cleveland step it up

MI <3

omnom that is all

DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Shoutouts, suckaaaaas.

1: Ally - Go Canada?
5: Shugo - Wdf Sonic?
9: Nope - Thanks for the housing and what-not.
13: Infern - GGs in pools, I almost came back on that second game.
17: Count - We had some good friendlies, really good Diddy.
17: Smash64 - I didn't play you, but I have one thing to say... Ness can't recover.
25: Bloodhawk - Wassup! Good **** riding with you to the tourney and back!!!
25: Ithrowthings - Sorry I played so gayly in pools, I really wanted the win. Plus I didn't know the matchup.
33: Wangston - We did some friendlies, nice Falco :D
33: ParanormalSin - We should've gotten more matches in when we had the time! You're a really good Olimar too.
33: Xisin - I hope to god I never have a pool/bracket with you again, I can't do anything to that Marth.
33: Hilt - Good MMs, I think it's 1-1 Olimar vs. bad character Mario now.
33: Cr4sh - Oh what now!!!??? Luigi is noooot better than Mario. $1 MM next time.
33: Fonz - I didn't play that sexy ganon this time. D:
49: XeroXen - Scrub.
49: Asdioh - Hm... thanks for the ride there and back and such, next time Indy is getting top 10.
49: Iris - You were at our table at Bob Evans, you're pretty cool.
49: Fromundaman - Sorry I wasn't up-to-par when I played you, I dunno what was wrong with my game. I promise I don't usually randomly SD when I'm doing combos.
49: Wakka - Good friendlies and good Diddy!
61: Sil - ROB shouldn't take Mario to Luigi's mansion, lolol. But I think you know that now. Good ROB too.
61: Gigabowser - You're alright, keep going to tourneys and you can get lots better.
73: TheBlueBlade - WOOOOAH!!! Common man, you coulda beaten Ally, you got this next time!!!


Smash Champion
Feb 7, 2006
The Illinois Sticks
King Yoshi said:
73: TheBlueBlade- anther convinced me to ditto and then you didnt use pika Q.Q ggs in pools
Yeah, when I saw you using Pika, I kinda johned out. I'm kinda iffy on Pika dittos, but hey, next time, I'll give it a go, and yeah, ggs.


Smash Ace
Dec 21, 2008
Huber Heights, Ohio
If you didn't, blame Wil. He ate them all.


1: Ally ($325.09) - Gratz on the first. LOL Metaflair walked in on you and your girlfriend in the guys bathroom. Probably the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life.

2: Lain ($149.00) - Gratz on 2nd, new videos for the Lainium thread on the ICs board. :D

3: Anther ($94.82) - Gratz. CHUUUUUU

4: Judge ($54.18) - Nice work winning dubz.

5: Hunger ($27.09) - Gratz on 5th.
5: Shugo ($27.09) - Shugoooooooo. Keep beating OS, it's too funny.

7: YBM - GOD KAIS! Very nice, 7th place, man. MM on Saturday?

7: Grimace - Um, wow. Too good.

9: Nope - Nice work, best Snake in Ohio! Great tourney man, see you next week.

9: Pops - Apparently you're a villian. Eh, I'll believe it. GOD PIES

9: SamuraiPanda - GGs in pools, I got oooooowned.

9: Champ - Falco ditto MM next week? I need to learn how to actually play this character instead of just using him when people ban Pirate Ship.

13: Rofa - Looking forward to that documentary.

13: Quivo - "I'll bring the weed." I lol'd. Nice work.

13: AlphaZealot - Gratz on winning dubz. What happened in singles? Ohio's gotta step it up.

13: Infern - GOD KAIS! Fun Ike ditto MM, thanks for that. HOW ABOUT ONE DOLLAR?!?!

17: Fatboy - Your yelling made me laugh.

17: Overswarm - You gotta come to Springfield next weekend. :)

17: Count - Didn't get to play you, saw you play a few, though. Nice Diddy.

17: Smash64 - GOD KAIS! Fantastico Ness, homez. Muy bueno.

17: Omniswell - Michigan suuuuucks.

17: Sago - Didn't get to see you play. Lol Smuas


17: Mr. E - Noice ROB, as always.

25: Cake - Didn't get to play you this time. =O Next week, it's goin' down.

25: Bloodhawk - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

25: Tactical - Fun friendlies, ggs. =D

25: Ithrowthings - Sonic ditto was tooooo good. I may have to pick up Sonic, myself.

25: Mister Eric - Beep.

25: DJ Iskascribble - Nice work, Scribz. Didn't get to play you, sadface. Dayton needs to come to more stuff.

25: Z - Didn't get to play you this time. :O

25: The Mann - The MANN. GGs in pools, I got destroyed, haha.

33: Suyon - Saw you get beat by Sin. xD Only Pit player there, good ****.

33: Fizzle - GGs in pools. I HATE playing Lucario, and I got two in my pool. Fawk.

33: Whatsthepoint - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

33: Wangston - You played friendlies against my buddy Yay and beat him so many times that he lost the will to play for the rest of the night. xD

33: ParanormalSin - WE DIDN'T GET OUR MM IN WTF?! Next week, son. It's goin' down. :D

33: Steel Samurai - Didn't get to play you, hopefully I'll get down into Cincy one of these days to play you/The God Kais/clowsui.

33: Xisin - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

33: Hilt - GGs in pools, too fun. Clap trap is top tier, haha.

33: Airborne - Saw you play a game or two. Yoshiiiiii.

33: Moose - That was a crazy game of poker.

33: Cr4sh - SHORYUKEN


33: Sneakytako - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

33: Calic - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

33: Beegs - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

33: Needle of Juntah - wtf NOJ, low placement.

49: Crunch - WTF Moose is the one that's not supposed to get out of pools.

49: King Yoshi - Didn't get to play you this time. :O

49: XeroXen - Correction: Huber is doing it RIGHT.

49: Asdioh - I demand a rematch, I can't play Lucario for ****. xD

49: Iris - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

49: ArgentStew - GGs in pools, wtf man. Don't worry about it, just gotta brign it back next week. =D

49: Framerate - Wanted to play you, didn't get the chance. I'm trying to learn how to play Puff, for some reason. GOD PIES

49: Jokey - Doubles were too fun. GOD PIES


49: Joshu - Lol, needz moar brawl tournyes

49: Fromundaman - Haha, penguin hat.

49: Wakka - Didn't get to play you, AGAIN! Next week? =D

61: Jiffy - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Judo - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: BurnNotice - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Mr.9 - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Metaflair - LOL, Ally and No! in the bathroom. The look on your face was priceless.


61: TheGreatMuldini - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Paradigm - wtf Dayton, you guys need to get out of pools moar

61: Glov - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Annet - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

61: Gigabowser - Gratz on first tourney! Come to next weeks, we can play a few rounds.

61: Harbinger - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: SMBW - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: TheBlueBlade - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: JellityMe - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: Four - Were you the dude that Yay and I hung out with for, like, the whole **** tourney?

73: LMT - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: PeppyWil - Top tier at getting last place. I'm too good.

73: GMS - Didn't get to play you/see you play.

73: Yay Gunblade - No shoutout for you, you don't have an account, I'll just call you later or something.

RipN - Crazy good tourney, good ****, keep it up. See you next week!


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