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Smashed in Smashfield - MWC: East Championship! - Springfield, OH (June 20th)

FB Dj_Iskascribble

Nov 25, 2008
my turn:

1: Ally - never did get that match, my ride was gonna leave me XD I'll get it next time
2: Lain - was fun watching you in person
3: Anther - we totally should have played for 4 hours like last time
4: Judge - I still want to play you i really need ditto practice
5: Shugo - I wont SD in teams next time promise and also wanna play you in singles
5: Hunger - I wish I had gotten to play your main and I still hate Rainbow Cruise
7: Y.B.M. - my brother says GGs in SF4 i wish i had gotten to play you in Smash though
7: Grimace - Goes to show little people can pwn big time
9: Nope - yet another great tourney When i get a ride you'll see me alot more often
9: Pops - really close set screw pictochat though were going brinstar next time XD
9: Samurai Panda - Second time i wanted to play you but didnt get a chance. Ill get it next time.
9: Champ - tired johns XD
13: Rofa - the only ditto experience I got all weekend. Thanks
13: Quivo - fun friendlies were fun
13: AZ - You always make that **** look easy ill try to play you next time
13: Infern - why didnt we do that MM?
17: Fatboy - shut my brother down in pools
17: Overswarm - Fox doesnt work
17: Count - never got around to that re-MM. ill get you next time
17: Smash 64- Good **** in teams, i wont SD next time lol
17: Omniswell - pool matches were close and hella-fun
17: Sago - Ill win when i learn the ditto XD
17: Capem - expect alot of Scribbz soon
17: Mr E. - yes ROB is good :)
25: Cake - they always be slippin dont they
25: Bloodhawk - Hope i get to play you one last time before you leave
25: ITT - I need to get some singles in with you. I have yet to face a good sonic
25: DJ Iskascribble - Steady improving but Ima reach the top everyone just watch me
25: The Mann - Those matches were fun
33: Fizzle - learn to beat diddy
33: WTP - i still dont know why i went marth
33: Wangston - i hate lasers lol i'll learn falco and the next mm will have a different outcome
33: ParanormalSin - yea we'll play soon i think
33: Xisin - thanks alot for the match-up info
33: Hilt - fun teams practice
33: Moose - im starting to get wario back down XD
33: Cr4sh - Fun team practice
33: Fonz - I ran into you quite a bit didnt i?
33: Beegs - Come down to SCC and bring david
33: NOJ - I wanna play again our last matches were so fun

49: Crunch - fun wario dittos
49: Asdioh - yes it is ALL fromundamans fault =p
49: ArgentStew - thanks for letting me in the trunk XD
49: Fromundaman - Nice seeing you again, next time sleep in the danger room like i did XD. We really need to hang out again like we used to. You can get out of pools i know it! Come on kirbz
61: Paraqdigm - How? You can do better than that were DAYTON SON
73: JeLLITYMe - brother sad to see you go to NC but at least you got your game and did great (as usual) in SF. Dont drop brawl we're vawters we pwn at everything
73: TheBlueBlade - We'll play next time for sure
73: PeppyWil - IDK if i got to play you or not, come to SCC its summer now
NA: FanFan - you come back too


Smash Lord
Feb 14, 2003
Lima, Ohio
Contrary to my usual style, I'll just do what everyone else does this time.

9: Pops - If you could mindgame your opponents to play Falcon dittos, you'd totally get 1st.
9: SamuraiPanda - Haven't played you in ages, man, we gotta get some games in some time. Maybe at MIB or something?
9: Champ - Oh... Actually, I don't know what I want to say here at all. Something...
13: Rofa - Hey man, I'll get you next time. Our matches were tooooooo intense!
13: Quivo - We didn't play but I'll get you too next we meet. I will apply my Diddy match-up knowledge to playing you. :p
13: AlphaZealot - You too, ha!
13: Infern - Like rofa, except I can't match-up john about Snake. Doh! GOD KAIS !!
17: Overswarm - I'm glad to have finally played you. You know too much about ROB for me to have any chance against your MK, I've gotta dedicate some time to learning a secondary.
17: Sago - Dang man, Samus is 22222gud.
17: Mr. E - sup me... Wait a minute, there's not a space in my name argh.
25: Cake - generic trash talking about how much greater I am
25: Bloodhawk - ^______________^
25: Mister Eric - I totally didn't even see you, that's weird...
25: The Mann - I'm actually surprised at how close our set was, when did you get so good with those lame-o top tier characters?
33: ParanormalSin - Ha, challenge accepted!
33: Hilt - We totally need to get some games in some other time as well.
33: Cr4sh - You can thank previous experience with TheMann on how to fight Luigi. Thanks for teaching me not to spot dodge, though!
33: Calic - I won... on a Side-B reflected Thunder kill... Let that sink in!
33: Beegs - marf marf marf marf marf marf marf
33: NoJ - *facepalm*
49: Crunch - I thought you said you wanted to play me? :p Oh well. I wanted to leave shortly and get home at a reasonable hour, sorry I didn't stick around later to fit in some games. Maybe one of these times I'll make time for the afterparty, too.
49: XeroXen - Too pro in Friday's draft crews.
49: Asdioh - <3 you too. I've had quite a few people tell me that the past couple weeks.
49: ArgentStew - I know you're probably pretty bummed. It's not the end of the world, every tourney's different and sometimes the pieces just don't fall the right way. I'm not too worried about how doubles went for us. Hey, it's a game. :/
49: TheKiest - Gee, thanks. :rolleyes:
49: Joshu - Bye. :[
61: Sil - King of ROB dittos this weekend! ...Except when I let OS spike me on Mansion in pools.
73: TheBlueBlade - No johns man, there's always space if you're diligent enough! Oh well, some other time.
Excel - argh planned doubles partner not showing up :mad:


Smash Champion
Mar 10, 2008
Worthington, Ohio
Contrary to my usual style, I'll just do what everyone else does this time.
9: Pops - If you could mindgame your opponents to play Falcon dittos, you'd totally get 1st.
GGS all

POPS! Dude got to have my pops. Is there a character you can't play??? Even your falcon is **** when we played friendlies before it all started. I really can fight ROBs better than that I just haven't played one since I left utah lol johns. Like seriously change your main to random
DO NOT TEMPT HIM!!!! Jeebus, it's hard enough for us to make him stay Wario against good players.

I'm going to start sorting through the doubles vids now.


Smash Lord
Jul 23, 2006
Provo Utah
33: Wangston - You played friendlies against my buddy Yay and beat him so many times that he lost the will to play for the rest of the night. xD
wow dude I'm so sorry. I didn't want to ruin anyones night, I just wanted to play friendlies and I didn't want to sand bag, I didn't want to play anything other than my best. I feel bad now :(

33: Wangston - i hate lasers lol i'll learn falco and the next mm will have a different outcome
Your the mk I mm'd wasn't sure what your name was or else i would have given you a shout out. Are matches were really close. I'm glad i mm'd you to cause I need some mk practice.


Smash Master
Jul 28, 2005
Southeast Michigan
Vayseth -> I still want to team and tornado twice again. I got a new phone and your custom ringtone is MK's theme in Brawl.
Man, that would be too awesome. I'll be at the Chicago championships if you want to do it again. Other than that, there's a couple MI tournaments. Either way, you'd have to A. enter another tournament, or B. drive a while to do it.

Sorry man =(

Also, I wasn't even there but I've gotten a bunch of shoutouts XD Too good.


Smash Journeyman
Feb 21, 2009
Columbus, OH
Grats everyone on placings, I had an awesome time despite how poorly I was playing. Seems like a lot of people had an off-day =/.


Lain - Was rooting for you to win GF =/ GG in brackets, it's always fun getting ***** by you :p
CRUNCH - Ch-errrr
Gigabowser - Glad you could make it out, hope to see you at more tournies
Capem - Thanks for the friendlies
PeppyWil - Good MM's and friendlies. You really feasted on those cookies :O Also: You're not allowed to play Sheik anymore
Omniswell - Close game in brackets against your Wario.. FD left unbanned = It's a trap! IC's vs Sheik on FD was not fun.. at all.. :( GG's nontheless
Nope - Intense matches in pools, can't beleive I almost made that comeback on FD :O
Quivo - Thanks for the MM's, TL vs Sheik is so much fun :D
Fromundaman - Fun pools matches. Almost came back on Pictochat, got me a little nervous :O
Wakka - That's too bad you had an off-day.. thanks for the friendlies in between pool matches though
Lou - Sucks you couldn't stay past doubles.. I wanted some more of that Snake :O

~To Springfield~

Great job running this tourney. Venue was perfect, food was good, and the tourney ran smoothly.

33: Moose :shiek: Are you the Sheik I talked about on the Sheik matchup discussion thingy? Too bad I didn't play you :/
Yea I am, and I forgot to get matches in with you :(


Smash Lord
May 14, 2008
i'm not going to get any shoutouts because i didn't enter singles. lol oh well, nice teaming with you king yoshi.


Smash Ace
Dec 21, 2008
Huber Heights, Ohio
wow dude I'm so sorry. I didn't want to ruin anyones night, I just wanted to play friendlies and I didn't want to sand bag, I didn't want to play anything other than my best. I feel bad now :(
xD S all good. Yay gets discouraged very easily, and he refuses to tell me why until the ride home, so I can never figure out how to talk him back into playing while we're still at the tournament. >_<


Smash Ace
Mar 15, 2007
Athens, OH
wooooo shout-outs!!!

YBM-the best kirby and you coulda had ally every time btw at the party you were too funny

Nope-youre better than this and all the matches you lost you couldve won

Pops-you are interesting hahaha

Champ-hmmm id say youre a pretty alright falco at this point!!!PEWPEWPEW

Quivo-man that game with judge was sooo close its looking like youve stopped making those risky decisions and all that stopped you was simple things like arrows, youre too much fun to hang with as well haha

AlphaZealot-step up your beer pong!!lol gonna miss you and thanks for all the tips youve been a great inspiration no slacking in maryland

Infern-not too shabby but you and smash shouldve had doubles!!!!

Overswarm-one cool guy lol dont get bombed in korea!!!!

Count-great talking to you and i love your diddy and diddy doubles was definitely fun haha

Smash64-lol i was so excited seeing you at the party hahah i hope your tournament went well and next time tell the ladies no johns and remind them who theyre dealing with..GOD KAIS

Capem-man that pools match really messed things up for you that sucks! you left the party way to soon tho=(

Cake-lol like youll see this

Bloodhawk-hope you can make it this weekend youre a lot of fun and we didnt get to play enough thats for sure

ParanormalSin-if you played like you did against ally every game you would be placing soooo much better haha

Hilt-mm for sure i love playing that matchup=D

Moose-good stuff not being at your top game and still placing out of pools i swear you and crunch keep getting better faster haha hope to keep seeing you at tournaments!!

Cr4sh-haha i hope your diddy gets better but your hoping for a lot=p

Beegs-woah wth Beegs at least youre no.1 in my heart.....no homo..

Needle of Juntah-i saw your game against champ never let him take you to japes

XeroXen-those were some fun games youre mario is nothing to take lightly lol


Joshu-you are one cool guy and i am gonna miss seeing you at tournaments and you definitely looked like you were having fun in our doubles match haha

Wakka-lol youre so bad xD

Paradigm-you and reside are probably my fav 2 to see at tournaments make him go haha

Everyone i had a great time if you ever wanna play just ask and i will as long as i havent lost my controller yet haha, be sure to keep going to tournaments theyre way too fun=D


Smash Ace
Jul 9, 2007
Springfield Ohio
ParanormalSin-if you played like you did against ally every game you would be placing soooo much better haha
i dont think it was just that it was ally, it was that i had THE MOST FUN IVE EVER HAD AT BRAWL playing ally, and since it was a tourny match i had to actually take it serious. Either way, i agree, ill be placing top real soon :D


Smash Master
Jul 24, 2007
Columbus Ohio
1: Ally ($325.09) -Good **** winning, too bad we didnt get to play
2: Lain ($149.00) - Good **** getting 2nd son! I'm coming for you next time
3: Anther ($94.82) - I reallyw anted to play you :(
4: Judge ($54.18) - I'll get you next time when I'm at my best :D Good games though, fun hanging out with you as always
5: Hunger ($27.09) - <33333 We didn't get to play : ( NOT EVEN FRIENDLIES WTFBBQSAUCE
5: Shugo ($27.09) - I'm shugo's #1 fanboy, even though i talk smack to him lol. GGs in pools
7: YBM - Good **** getting 7th. I dont know whats up with us in teams. You're crazy when you smoke lol.
7: Grimace - I wish we could've played! You guys were robbed in doubles..
9: Nope - Good **** on placing high, we didn't get to play any at all though
9: Pops - ... ggs! lol, i'll get you next time
9: SamuraiPanda - Good ****! fun match in crews.
9: Champ - Good **** beating NoJ champ! # 1!!
13: Rofa - Good seeing you again mannn. I wish we could've played though
13: Quivo - You suck
13: AlphaZealot - AZ, we'll get em next time. Good **** winning doubles though! Have fun on the east coast
13: Infern - poopy butt. god kais!! uh huh. \
17: Fatboy - I wish we could've played : /
17: Overswarm - OS, start playing again
17: Count - Sorry we ddin't get our MM, I didn't see you much :(
17: Smash64 - God kais...! uh huh. Eddie, you're too good.
17: Omniswell - Should've went Wolf vs me! lol. Good games in brackets, and as always, good hanging out wiht you
17: Sago - I didn't play ANYONE from WI : ( Nice meeting you in person though. And that note you left on top of me was too good lol. I still have it.
17: Capem - CAPEM! what happened to you!? Good **** though, your mks always improving
17: Mr. E - Didn't play or see you much!
25: Cake - You've gotten a lot better. You roll around so much lol. I also think it's funny you dont use bananas against me : p hope to see you soon bro!
25: Bloodhawk - Bloodhawk!? what happened!? friendlies next time! good seeing you again
25: Ithrowthings - I picked up sonic because of you and shugo. I just copy you guys lol. We need to play next time!
25: Mister Eric - Beeep!
25: DJ Iskascribble - good friendlies
25: Z - Z! Good seeing you again!!
25: The Mann - Good friendlies man! I'm surprised you didn't place higher, your luigi *****
33: ParanormalSin - Good friendlies on THursday/Friday. I don't remember what days we played lol
33: Steel Samurai - Ah, sorry we ddidn't get to play : (
33: Xisin - Wow xisin! what happened!? Sorry we didn't get our MM, You disappeared early. I always wanna do MMs at the end of the tournament..
33: Hilt - Sorry I wasn't trying my hardest in our MM. I'll give youa real one next time! Thanks for the Sour PUnch Kids!
33: Moose -As always, fun playing with you! Good **** with sheik
33: Cr4sh - We didn't get to play, but good seeing you man
33: Fonz - Walter, good hanging out with you at your place! and really fun friendlies. I always enjoy it!
33: Calic - I shouldn't take you so lightly! Your pikachu is always improving!
33: Beegs -Beegs! Good seeing you again man! lETS PLAY next time
33: Needle of Juntah - did you forfeit?

49: Crunch - Ah crunch, let's play next time. I know you can do better too
49: King Yoshi - Good seeing and talking to you again man
49: Asdioh - I thought you made it out! Oh well, yea we can play next time man!
49: ArgentStew -Wow, I'm really surprised you didn't amke it out of pools. I was certain you would have. YOu've gotten a lot better
49: Framerate - Frame, I'm sorry I've disappointed you, yet again : /
49: TheKiest - Kiest! Fun friendlies! I hope to see you this weekend!
49: Joshu - lol at our pools matches. It makes me sad youd idn't try though
49: Wakka - Good friendlies man!! I need your help with textures! Btw, thanks for driving to china buffet!!! lol
61: Sil - Good seing you again man!
61: Paradigm - Good seeing you at a tournament! GGs in doubles too
61: Glov - Ah, we didn't get to play : /
73: TheBlueBlade - lol at livestream! we need to play next time. Gayzealot is too good.


Smash Champion
Aug 11, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
1: Ally ($325.09) :snake: good stuff man you always surprice me
2: Lain ($149.00) :popo: / :dedede: seems like you improved your chain grab -.-
3: Anther ($94.82) :pikachu2: you should have won
4: Judge ($54.18) :metaknight: we still have never played..
5: Hunger ($27.09) :wario: your one cool/funny guy
5: Shugo ($27.09) :sonic: Best Sonic in the Midwest! also a new God Kai member!
7: YBM :kirby2: GOD KAIS! good **** pimpin show em what up yo
7: Grimace :snake: dont know you but good stuff for getting 7
9: Nope :snake: 3rd best snake in Ohio placed better than best and 2nd snake in Ohio? must of had an easy braket <.<
9: Pops :wario: / :rob:we need 2 do our falcon dittos next time we have to!
9: SamuraiPanda :snake: we almost got you guys in doubles maybe next time
9: Champ :falco:the after party was fun also you guys got lucky at that crew battle
13: Rofa :metaknight: havent played you in a while next time we will
13: Quivo :toonlink: damit Q and your sexyness!
13: AlphaZealot :diddy: i thought you would do alot better =/
13: Infern :snake:GOD KAIS! what does God pies know about the GOD KAIS!
17: Fatboy :metaknight:lol funny name
17: Overswarm :metaknight: / :rob: OS you should have placed hier and should stop losing to shugo!
17: Count :diddy: didnt play you again =/
17: Smash64 :ness2:<<<<<< REPRESENTING LOW TIERS
17: Omniswell :wario:dude it was nice seeing you again you should have stayed for the after party it was 2 good
17: Sago :samus2: how dare you choose Metaknight to beat me lol oh well
17: Capem :metaknight:dude what happen to you?
17: Mr. E :rob:dont feel bad for losing feel glad that you got beat by a God Kai
25: Cake :diddy: our doubles matches were good also where the hell were you after the tourney? we got so crunk xD
25: Bloodhawk :lucario:it was good seeing youy man we need to play next time its been FOREVER since we played
25: Tactical :lucario:HELLO *waves hand*
25: Ithrowthings :sonic:our falcon matches were fun also good **** at beating Xisin that was impresive!
25: Mister Eric :rob:Beepo beepo!
25: DJ Iskascribble :metaknight: it was fun playing you guys in doubles!
25: Z :metaknight:dragonball z?
25: The Mann :luigi2:man we need to play next time
33: Suyon :pit:?
33: Fizzle :lucario:yo fizze my nizzle foshizzle we never got to do ness dittos
33: Whatsthepoint :falco:your right whats the point
33: Wangston :falco: didnt get to play your Falco :(
33: ParanormalSin :olimar:i wanted to play your olimar in braket =/
33: Steel Samurai :marth:good stuff man for making it out of pools now you just gotta place hier!
33: Xisin :marth:wth losing to a Sonic your not OS
33: Hilt :olimar: GG man our matches were close it sucks that at the end you had 2 trip and costing you the set =/
33: Airborne :yoshi2:?
33: Moose :shiek:your shiek is good i must say!
33: Cr4sh :luigi2:SHORYUKEN! GOTTA LOVE IT
33: Fonz :lucario: / :wolf:springfield is 2 good at after partys!
33: Sneakytako :rob:it was good seeing you at the tourney and im glad you made it out of pools your getting alot better!
33: Calic :pikachu2:your yoshi is scary man!
33: Beegs :marth:Marths............i hate em you must know why
33: Needle of Juntah :gw:sleepy johns huh i understand i was sleepy my self
49: Crunch - the chocolate bar?
49: King Yoshi - you should have made it out of pools your good!
49: XeroXen - your good too idk why you didnt make it out of pools also i got one thing to say i know Ness cant recover but i can make him recover!
49: Asdioh - your kinda like me picking random characters but you should stay with one if you really wanna get good with that character or just play 2
49: Iris - ?
49: ArgentStew?
49: Framerate dam you God Pies!
49: Jokey -curse you for making them the God Pies signatures!
49: TheKiest dam you God Pies!
49: Joshu - wth you didnt make it out of pools? but your the legendary Joshu
49: Fromundaman - it was good playing you in doubles!
49: Wakka - the after party was 2 good i had fun im sure you did too lol
61: Jiffy?
61: Judo?
61: BurnNotice?
61: Mr.9?
61: Metaflair - thanks for the support man thanks again WHOOOOO!
61: Sil?
61: TheGreatMuldini - man we always get to play but it was fun playing with you
61: Paradigm?
61: Glov?
61: Annet?
61: Gigabowser - you should have picked Giga Bowser!
61: Harbinger?
73: SMBW?
73: TheBlueBlade - havent played you in a while
73: JellityMe?
73: Four?
73: LMT?
73: PeppyWil - wanted 2 play your ike but never got the chance 2 do it =/
73: GMS?
73: Yay Gunblade?
73: Doctor x - Git Out


Smash Apprentice
Aug 14, 2008
Springfield, Ohio
First off I would LOVE to thank everybody for coming out! The midwest is NASTY with attendees AND set ups (RipN Approves) Congratulations to everybody that came, I hope that you had a great time and I hope that I was a great TO for you guys.

1: Ally ($325.09) Good job Ally! Won all of the Smashfield Circuit events... So Far! GG's
2: Lain ($149.00) Good stuff on the Michigan/Ohio Crew Battle. ^5
3: Anther ($94.82) Well... So we meet again...
4: Judge ($54.18) Good job at the tourney dood, might want to work on the R.O.B. before the next event haha :D
5: Hunger ($27.09) Told ya... You play NOW! :D
5: Shugo ($27.09) THE best SONIC in the nation... Hands down
7: YBM You are NEVER allowed to smoke/drink at the same time... Okay it was funny so you can do it ONE more time
7: Grimace Definitely the sleeper of the tournament! Grimace, you did amazingly well and you get my "The Sleeper" award.
9: Nope Fail
9: SamuraiPanda Didn't really get to watch your matches... Did see you cheating n practicing for the RipN challenge tho... And you got caught! Haha
9: Champ Bout time! WHITE
13: Rofa Good job at commentating AND playing bro
13: Quivo Random winner of the free controller?
13: AlphaZealot I had higher expectations for you, I really did. You can do better than 13 (sad face)
13: Infern DRUNK KAIS
17: Overswarm Congrats on winning RipN Challenge. You also won my "Sad Face" award because in my eyes... You failed the most... :D
17: Count Didn't get to watch any of your matches, but way to rep the double diddy's in doubles.
17: Smash64 OMFG!! I want you to SPELL your name... Right now... That was great
17: Omniswell I thought you were going to do better than this honestly, but still good regardless.
17: Capem Quote from CapEm "I'm on a failboat motha ****a"
25: Cake Quote from Cake "I'm on a failboat motha ****a... With CapEm"
25: Bloodhawk I will say that you did have a lot of hard/even matchups but you still did good regardless. I get a sad face that you're going to the west coast tho :(
33: Fonz RepReSentinG Ganon... Like no other. Good job at getting out of pools noobito <3's
33: Beegs Even after running through the SmashField Boot Camp a few weeks prior, you didn't do as well as I thought you would. But you'll get there
33: Needle of Juntah Sleep... It's a must. Then you can play all your matches and not get DQ'd

Yet again, I hope you had a great time and don't forget to hit up our house tournament which is next weekend! (Don't mean to advertise, just informing) You guys can hit us up even if you wanna come down for a few nights n play too, hit up Nope or somebody with a PM and you're good.


Smash Lord
Jul 2, 2008
In the Velvet Room
Uh yeah...I don't even know 9/10ths of the people here and I bet no one knows me. I'm just some random Pit nub walking around.
Judge-Well I got to play you and you just wrecked a random pit and I don't even care if you sandbagged. It was just fun to play you.
Hunger-ggs in pools and good job in getting 5th
Shugo-You don't know me but good job representing Ohio and NE Oh while we all failed
Mr. E-good rob. Even though you got 4th seed in pools you did better than me in brackets
Paranormalsin-I'm such a nub. Not banning Luigi's Mansion and just got ***** fest there. I really wanted to face Ally in brackets as well too >.< I'm learning the matchup...hopefully
ITT-Sonic....yeah I think I'll just need to pick a different character since Pit needs his arrows yarr.
Beegs-it was just lolzy in the car ride back
King Yoshi-It was nice seeing you again. I really can't tell if I'm improving but I'm sure you can take me on. I have low matchups with Pikachu and MK.
Glov-Stop switching mains
Jiffy-Get on smashboards. And sorry about your car. But the car pulling was fun.


Smash Champion
Feb 6, 2009
Three Rivers, MI
73: Four - Were you the dude that Yay and I hung out with for, like, the whole **** tourney?
Chyeeaahhh that was me. :laugh: I decided to keep my name the way it originally was by the end of the tourney though, so...yeah...I'm not Four anymore. Tell Yay I said hi though. And thanks for playing a couple friendlies with me before I had to leave. :)

EDIT: Tell him to keep practicing too when he's at your place, and to double main PT and Sonic. He seems to really like using Sonic, and his PT is probably his best (or so I saw...apart from his Charizard). And get a new controller for him...I actually felt sorry because of what he was playing with. D:


Smash Ace
Oct 31, 2004
Cleveland, Ohio
Uh yeah...I don't even know 9/10ths of the people here and I bet no one knows me. I'm just some random Pit nub walking around.
I know you because you beat me twice at TYM. Jerk.

My shoutouts consist of this:

Everybody who beat me: You all suck. Except OS because eh plays retro games and doesn't afraid of anything.
God Pies: GOD PIES!!
Shugo, Quivo, Anther: Best smashers in the world.
Everyone else: meh


Smash Lord
May 7, 2007

1: Ally - Oh man you are too cool! Our doubles matches were fun, wish Pops and I won one Mansion though... You're accent blew my mind.

2: Lain - I am so embarrassed by our pool matches. I won't let that happen again. You're too good.

3: Anther - Lol Anther

4: Judge - I need to give you Jigglypuff lessons so you can take on Ally's Falcon.

5: Hunger - Would you be offended if I told you you look like a Wario player?

5: Shugo - I don't even have to tell you you're the best, but I will anyways. You're the best!

7: YBM - Stop Hadouken-ing me! Every time I watch you play, I regret dropping Kirby. God Pies!

7: Grimace - Woo you destroyed God Pies in doubles. Pops and I beat Ally's team, and then turn around to get wrecked by you guys. Friggin amazing teamwork.

9: Nope - I was actually pretty sad we weren't in the same pool this time. Playing you is, dare I say it, fun. Oh god I hate Snake. Kiester and I will beat you next time in beer pong. BTW were you aware that Fonz is your brother?

9: Pops - You rock so hard. Doubles was just the best thing ever. We gotta practice our teamwork though. You're keeping me in competitive Brawl.

9: SamuraiPanda - I miss you T^T

9: Champ - How have we still not played each other???

13: Rofa - I had to ask Anther what you look like. I now know your face. Creeeeeeeepy...

13: Quivo - I'm not disappointed, it's just I want you to do well. I know you can do it. Except you had to play Pops, and we're like brothers.

13: AlphaZealot - Too cool. I'm still convinced that you're the best Diddy ever. You really are.

13: Infern - God Pies MM? Watching you play that weird dungeon not-Gauntlet game was ridiculous.

17: Fatboy - Basically the same as Grimace. You guys destroyed us.

17: Overswarm - Everything you did at this tourney was nullified by your picking IC against Lain in crews. You lost it for us. Next time, put me in charge. We're putting in Pops/Nope/Capem. Also, you are awesome and hanging out at Nope's was fun.

17: Count - Shoulda played you in friendlies. Gotta prove that I'm on par with Thinkaman.

17: Smash64 - I am so proud of you. Our pools matches were epic. Your Ness is great, but can only get better with practice!

17: Omniswell - And you said our team names were bad...........

17: Sago - Oh wow. I just don't know what to say. 2-0'ed Lain holy crap. I was really glad you played Samus instead of MK against me. Our matches were the most fun I had at the tourney, although you had more Jigglypuff experience than I had Samus. All I can say is that I was extremely impressed.

17: Capem - Pops and I are taking back Mansion!

17: Mr. E - You really stepped it up this tourney. Good job!

25: Cake - I never get enough Cake in my life :( We should do a crew fight again!

25: Bloodhawk - How many tourneys have we been to and I still haven't met you... That's ok though, the less Lucarios I play, the better.

25: Tactical - I saw you!

25: Ithrowthings - Oh man our friendlies rocked. I finally rested your spin attack thingy! I'll make you a Sonic paper dude, probably after I get back to OU so I can use the colored printer.

25: Mister Eric - Maybe you should consider changing your name to Mr. E. beep

25: DJ Iskascribble - I talked to you, right? Right??? Why am I such a terrible person?

25: Z - Our matches were embarrassing. I'll step it up next time.

25: The Mann - Why haven't I played you yet?

33: Suyon - Woo getting good! I remember the first time you showed up at King Yoshi's, and look at you now. The only place to go now is up!

33: Fizzle - Haha you're awesome. Wish we woulda hung out a bit more, but I was crabby for drowning in pools.

33: Whatsthepoint - the point is to win, silly.

33: Wangston - I watched you play some friendlies, and I was pretty impressed. We shoulda played.

33: ParanormalSin - Too cool. We'll play next time. Just not melee :D

33: Steel Samurai - Stop beating me, so that I can feel good about myself.

33: Xisin - We need to do doubles again some time, hehe. Gosh I just wanna doubles with everyone!

33: Hilt - I guess I'll never know why I amuse you so much, lol. You're kind of fantastic and we need to play more friendlies.

33: Airborne - While I did miss nicalobe, I still got my Yoshi fill. Our doubles matches were friggin fun. I hope you enjoyed teaming with one of our very own ougers.

33: Moose - Haha success! Moose is pimp! Rockin the brackets with shiek.

33: Cr4sh - You just get more awesome every time I see you at a tourney. I'm gonna learn to perfect rest that jab :D

33: Fonz - HOLY CRAP GANONDORF. Hey, did you know that Nope is your brother?

33: Sneakytako - Wait, is that supposed to be a misspelling of "taco"? I'm so confused...

33: Calic - I wanna play you in singles!!!

33: Beegs - Oh man doubles were crazy. I wish we were BF on BF still. Maybe we can be!

33: Needle of Juntah - I saw you once. Yep. You play Brawl. Yep.

49: Crunch - Wow, so many of us 49ers shoulda made brackets. I guess I don't feel so dumb anymore, this was a tough event. I wanna play you!

49: King Yoshi - 0.O that is all. Also, haircut.

49: XeroXen - Oh man Low Tiers we are awesome. I need to meet you. I need to play you.

49: Asdioh - Didn't recognize you with your haircut. We gotta get out of pools next time. And we need to play each other.

49: Iris - Did I meet you? I should stop being unsocial....

49: ArgentStew - We gotta get out of pools!

49: Framerate - Wow dude how did you get so good? You're like, best Jigglypuff in the world, right?

49: Jokey - Don't give up. You know you're really good, I know you're really good, just stop choking.

49: TheKiest - Wow you destroyed this tourney. Imagine if there had been a Snake in your pool. You'd have definitely been in the bracket!

49: Joshu - Hey there. You team with OS a lot. And your Avatar makes me very happy. I should probably play you some time.

49: Fromundaman - Haha silly man. Thank you for pulling up Wario on the character select screen. Did you get to see the Wario marshmallow? It rocked, and it was all thanks to you.

49: Wakka - Super hype for next year. I don't think I'll be able to handle it.

61: Jiffy - J.I.F. is a type of peanut butter. Why didn't I meet you? I'm mean.

61: Judo - I'd like to play you in Brawl. But not in martial arts.

61: BurnNotice - Good show! No, great show!!!

61: Mr.9 - Are you related to Mister Eric and Mr. E?

61: Metaflair - WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You gotta upload those videos from The Competition.

61: Sil - We should make love. So pumped about next year.

61: TheGreatMuldini - Who the heck rests off stage??? I can't believe that worked.

61: Paradigm - :( I recognize your name but I'm such a jerk that I can't recall your face.

61: Glov - Just pick Wolf already and stick with it. You can do it! Taco Bell rocks!

61: Annet - Hi I'm Framerate and I'm a terrible person for not getting to know everyone of the Championship.

61: Gigabowser - Was that your RV? Man that was awesome.

61: Harbinger - Bringer of bad news. I dunno if I should be glad we didn't meet.

73: SMBW - Super Mario Brothers Wafer. Sounds like a delicious treat :)

73: TheBlueBlade - Oooo I wanna play you :D

73: JellityMe - No, jellity me!

73: Four - Your name is a number. That is all.

73: LMT - Look, my turtle!

73: PeppyWil - You shoulda asked me for some friendlies!

73: GMS - Your Ness was intense. Quick, short hop aerials. Neat stuff. I gotta beat you next time.

73: Yay Gunblade - FF8 wasn't very good.

No! - Doubles was awesome. We got to play you guys twice which was great! You were pretty good, you should have done singles.

Yes! - You're awesome. I need to do what you do and just go to tourneys and hang out. Although I couldn't pull it off as well cause I'm not freakishly good at drawing.

Fanfan - I didn't get a cookie :( And I was gonna Cookie/Marshmallow match you...

RipN - Oh man, hanging out with you was awesome. You're kind of a scary opponent for drinking games. You ran this tourney amazingly, I'll probably never miss another Springfield tourney because they're that good.

Lou - sucks you couldn't do singles! can't wait until next OUGA v Springfield crew battle. Just don't take 6 stock this time >.<


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Jul 6, 2003
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When I come back to Midwest I will not place outside the top 4 at a circuit. I'm gonna get revenge, especially on you Snake players.


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Jan 17, 2008
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I wasn't depressed... Just extremely frustrated with myself... It still makes me angry to think about this tournament... :/

I wanted to do good at this event, and I played like total crap... Instead of brining my A-game, I brought my like D-game... :urg: On top of that, I managed to accumulate a whopping 0 points out of the three circuit events I went to... Never made it out of pools either (unless death pools at C4 counts)... I thought I was getting better too...

I don't have any shout-outs... All I can think of to say is I'm sorry to everyone for practically avoiding everyone and everything once I got eliminated from singles... I was tired and trying too hard, and that yields some bad results for my play style and my mood... I think the only time I wasn't trying too hard was when I played Panda... I was looking forward to facing him for some reason...

I'm burned out now... Oh well... Good thing I was gonna take a break after this event anyway... Going on vacation for much of July too... Hope to see you all again soon...


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May 7, 2007
I wanted to do good at this event, and I played like total crap... Instead of brining my A-game, I brought my like D-game... :urg: On top of that, I managed to accumulate a whopping 0 points out of the three circuit events I went to... Never made it out of pools either (unless death pools at C4 counts)... I thought I was getting better too....
Did I write this or something? This is exactly what happened to me. I got 4th in my pool for C4 but lost in death pools, so I figured I'd make it out at the rest of the tourneys if I could just keep getting fourth...

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Mar 19, 2009
Fanfan - I didn't get a cookie :( And I was gonna Cookie/Marshmallow match you...
A lot of people didn't get a cookie, it seems. Blame Wil.
And you should have asked for a cookie match. I would have done it (and lost)


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Mar 11, 2008
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1: Ally-Grats on winning, would like to play sometime but you're always so busy. Tell pastaboy I said hi unless you're already in Michigan.
3: Anther-Always in the same pool! I did okay but you were probably sandbagging! Next tourney if we're not in same pool, lets get friendlies, k? Good seeing you.
4: Judge-Grats on winning doubs, sorry you didn't do as well as you're used to in singles.
5: Hunger-We didn't get to play or chill that much. WTF? LOL @ you talking to wyatt on my phone though
5: Shugo-Too good, I will give you diddy prac next time you were too popular this time <3
7: YBM-You're amazing. Cool talking to you in the little time we did. Love watching your kirby, one of most fun people to watch. Can't wait till next time, also SOMETIME we should try teaming. I think diddy and kirbs could make for a good team.
7: Grimace-Good stuff, I must've gotten lucky to beat you in pools. You really represented well, 7th in singles 4th in teams. Love your snake and wiigii :D.
9: Nope-Sorry we didn't get to MM. Amazing job running the tournament. I'm ****ing pissed I missed the afterparty. I'm famous at Butler for being good at beer pong. Can't wait till next tourney with springfield, you guys are amazing.
9: Pops-You were way too good for me. I've never been rocked that badly in a serious set. I dunno if you're always with framerate but I really wanna team with a wario sometime. You're awesome though, way to show everybody why wario is so good.
9: SamuraiPanda-Sorry you didn't place as well as you'd like, fun playing you for like 1/3 of a game haha. Good talking to you too. Can't wait till our next tourney, good stuff in teams also.
9: Champ-sorry we didn't get to mm, I'm sure you'd have wrecked me though. I'm not good vs falco especially not one of your quality. Great stuff on 9th place, thats awesome!! Hopefully we can at least get friendlies in next time.
13: Quivo-sorry you didn't play your best, and sorry you didn't get a free dollar from me. Lets hang out more next time? Best TL in the nation, by the way.
13: AlphaZealot-sorry about the whole panda practice thing again. I will do my best to rep diddy here while you are gone. Good **** dominating teams. Diddy dittos were fun and stupid also!
13: Infern-good stuff at 13th, you never settled your score vs me on pirate ship. I'm still undefeated vs you on pirate ship muhahaha. JKing, you're amazing can't wait till next time.
17: Fatboy-Blah we didn't play again. **** me! Good stuff in teams, sorry you lost so early in singles. You'll bounce back though. You guys impressed in teams.
17: Overswarm-lets mm or friendly next time..also if you ever need a partner since joshu is gone get at me..
17: Smash64-We gotta play sometime. Way to rep ness! You'd probs **** me, because you're amazing and ness owns me.
17: Sago-Ahhh we didn't get to play again! I hope I can get to another tournament with wisconsin, you guys are too cool! Way to give AZ a scare with samus also.
17: Capem-Fun MM your MK impresses. Would love to play again. You're better than 17th, though.
25: Cake-lol diddy dittos, you're amazing though we gotta rep diddy not that AZ is gone. I was so pissed that we had to play first round lol.
25: Bloodhawk-wow, your bracket is always completely terrible and you never complain. Amazing guy. We're both IN and we haven't played, WTF? Seriously, you're awesome and I can't wait to see how much you **** with a legitimate bracket.
25: Tactical-Sorry about norfair, don't cp it next time! That was the most lol of a finish though. Learn how to fight diddy, I will see you in Jeffersonville!
25: Ithrowthings-Oops, we didn't play. I will help you with the matchup. Although I am sick of hearing diddy matchup johns from everyone (although at least yours are legit)
25: DJ Iskascribble-Sorry no rematch MM! I watched you for a bit and you seemed to have improved a lot, so good **** on that!
25: The Mann-Eww luigi. Stay away!
33: Fizzle-Didn't get to play this time, <3 the lucario though.
33: Wangston-We shoulda played! Lots of falcos at this tourney. We'll meet in jeffersonville.
33: Steel Samurai-playing 3 times in serious sets, wtf? You're very good, definitely somebody to watch out for. I do NOT look forward to playing again, i'll be too scared like I was each time we played Saturday!
33: Xisin-WTF at getting this low? You're wayyyyyy too good for that. You'll bounce back though.
33: Hilt-fun mm, your olimar is too good! Can't wait till jeffersonville. Sorry about the god kais!
33: Airborne-Nice yoshi, too good in teams! Look forward to playing again.
33: Cr4sh-good stuff in teams, I'm scared to face you in singles.
33: Calic-good stuff repping pika!
33: Needle of Juntah-what are you doing down here?
49: XeroXen-fun friendlies, great mario! Wish you could go to sloth.
49: Asdioh-Sorry you missed pools :(. You saw me, you told me to give you a hug, lol. You'll bounce back.
49: Iris-fun friendlies! Don't tell everyone how bad I suck with everybody not named diddy kong.
49: ArgentStew-good friendlies, great lucario! You'll bounce back, tough pool!
49: Framerate-Good stuff owning us in teams. Yes we do need to play. I'm not saying thinka is better than you, but he is **** good! I'm sure you're amazing too though!
49: TheKiest-thanks for recording me, you're hilarious too btw. The competition trailer had me roflin.
49: Joshu-Amazing times on the way there, I'll get the 8 bucks to you probably on Friday or Saturday. LOL at almost making it out of pools not trying. Go see the hangover! Thanks again for the ride smart car is too good.
49: Wakka-good times teaming, sorry that I let you down. I stunk in teams. Sorry you didn't get out of pools, your diddy is really good, especially for just having picked him up. Time to rep the chimp.
61: Metaflair-fun games in pools!
73: TheBlueBlade-Ugh we didn't meet, host a tourney!

Ripn-good tourney
Amy-sorry for making you scoot over during AZ/panda :p

Amazing tourney sorry if I forgot anybody, can't wait till next time.


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Dec 21, 2008
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Chyeeaahhh that was me. :laugh: I decided to keep my name the way it originally was by the end of the tourney though, so...yeah...I'm not Four anymore. Tell Yay I said hi though. And thanks for playing a couple friendlies with me before I had to leave. :)

EDIT: Tell him to keep practicing too when he's at your place, and to double main PT and Sonic. He seems to really like using Sonic, and his PT is probably his best (or so I saw...apart from his Charizard). And get a new controller for him...I actually felt sorry because of what he was playing with. D:
I'll tell him. And no problem, hope we get to play again some time.

Yeah, he's a pokemon fanatic who reads all the manga and crap, and he loves playing Sonic because the first match he ever watched between high level players was ITT vs. Cake Sonic dittos at Nope's Monthly in March, haha.

I know, I know, his controller is trash. I was really hopin' beyond hope that I would win the controller from the raffle, but no luck. I guess I really do need to buy him a new one. =/


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May 29, 2008
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I Had So Much fun at this Tournament...I met some very cool people...and Reunited with familiar friendly faces...That's always fun...I really can't wait til the next Circuit event.

1: Ally- Great Job on winning The Midwest Circuit Event....We had some close matches. We had an even closer match in the Singles bracket....Your Skill with Snake is in a class of its own...Keep it up and I hope you had a safe trip back home.

2: Lain- Nice Job as usual....It was kind of a let down seeing you mess up the IC's CG...I was wanting you to win....But you always place high so good luck next time...

3: Anther- YOU SUCK!!! haha Good seeing you again...You're such a good guy....I wanted to play you in The crew battle...but oh well. I hope to see you again at a future tournament

4: Judge- The most coolest and pimpish guy ever!!! Good Job on getting 4th....you are really good... I wanted to play you so bad in the singles bracket...haha but I got eliminated. Man you should have came to After Party...I was fun...See ya next time Pimp

5: Hunger- You are a chill dude....easy to get along with...and very humble. You have a great Wario...I can tell you adjusted to my play style and took advantage of it. Great Job on your placing..

5: Shugo- You are an all around great guy...Welcome to "The God Kais". We are officially brothers. Great Job on your placing. Keep up the Good Stuff. Best Sonic in the Midwest. (Possibly the World)

7: Y.b.M.- You did well...There is still room for improvement.....Work harder, Train more, and place Top 4 next time. GOD KAIS!!!

7: Grimace- You have an amazing Snake...I never got the chance to play you....But you did great in doubles and in Singles...Come around more and keep up the good stuff.

9: Nope- Haha Great job on running the tournament. I still didn't see you Chug a beer for our match so you owe me that.

9: Pops- you have a great Wario...I saw your match against Quivo...Pretty close stuff. haha You're getting better and better.

9: SamuraiPanda- We had some good matches in our set...It was destiny that we played each other. Keep doing your thing.

9: Champ- WOW you placed 9th haha you must have had an easy Bracket...J/K good stuff. Thanks for giving me some "pizza" at the party. We will be in Springfield often to party, chill, and stuff.

13: Rofa- Didn't see your matches but it's always good seeing you. I was looking for that Channel 9 news Camera. You do a great job at commentating matches....You are really good at describing the match and diagnosing the match ups and situation that happen...Good Stuff

13: Quivo- WHAT'S UP HOMEY!!! Welcome to "The God Kais". We could have done much better in teams...I felt that we should not have lost how we did. Both of the matches actually. We still have room to improve. We are WAY to good to not get Top 4....That was proof in our 1st Circuit event... We we're put immediately on Losers and Place 3rd place. We can Do it pimp...WE WILL DO IT!!!.....GOD KAIS!!!

13: AlphaZealot- Good seeing you again pimp...I personally felt you should have placed higher in singles but good stuff in Doubles...You and Judge work very good together. I wish we would have had some more "pizza" from Mario....haha but O well...Take care pimp

13: Infern- Good Snake...Maybe you should practice more with Ike so you can make your true Main your Clutch Character...Sorry we had to put you all out of the tournament...But hey...only Kais can take out Kais...

17: Overswarm- Surprised you didn't place higher...Come on OS step it up...You are too good for these placings...*serious face* you are an amazing player....haha Sorry for Jumping on you! hahahaha

17: Count- fairly decent placing Count...Your Diddy must me getting much better if you beat Cake....Keep it up pimp

17: Smash64- I'm so proud of you for going all Ness....I didn't think you were going to go all Ness...But keep it up. Your Ness still has room for improvement. We can only Get Better....GOD KAIS!!!!

17: Omniswell- Why do we always lose to you in teams...So troublesome...Haha Good Stuff. Nice seeing you again...Super cool dude. Your Wario is pretty Sick. Good job in the Crew battle...even though I felt i should have took at least 1 more stock off of you...*sigh* See ya soon pimp...

17: Capem- Good stuff Bro...I wish you would have hung out with us after the tournament...But it's all Good though. Nice seeing you again. Hopefully I'll kick it with you all next week...

17. Sago- Your Samus is Really good...We've played online all the time but never IRL...haha Oh well we'll play next time...Good Job though

25: Cake- Who the **** is Ryan! You suck for not staying afterward and not kicking it with us. I demand an explanation. I was good seeing you again... You know Cincinnati and Springfield ain't far from one another so we will see each other super soon...

25: Bloodhawk- IT WAS GREAT SEEING YOU AGAIN!!! You are a super star in my eyes...It's like you have an Aura around you....Hmmm maybe that's why you play Lucario...Haha hope to see you again Man

25: Tactical- Good Stuff in our Serious Friendlies....You still have room for improvement. I expect to see you place higher.

25: Ithrowthings- You are getting better.... Keep it up man. It's crazy to know that you beat Xisin...Keep it up....

25: Mister Eric- Beep Beep...Good seeing you again...You are just to cool... Can't wait to kick it with you once more again...

25: DJ Iskascribble- I suck on SF4 for the X box... The Dpad is terrible...Good seeing you again though....

25: The Mann- Great Friendlies man... I might start playing PS3 more so you better be looking for me...

33: Wangston- You have a great Falco....And don't get so heated during the match....Focus and you will be okay...

33: ParanormalSin- You have a Good Olimar...But I've played Hilt a lot and I'm use to the match up.... I appreciate the Support you gave me when i was facing Ally. We had some fun times at the After party... We'll be down there pretty soon so we'll chill with one another once again.

33: Steel Samurai- I really wanna take you under my wing and see you be the light in the Dark...You did Good man...This was a high level Tournament and you got 33rd...Not to Bad.. Proud of you. You made it out of pools... I know you have the hidden potential to be better...Now lets unleash it!!!

33: Xisin- WTF!!! I'm disappointed in you...I expect better things from you...You are to good to be placing like this... you must have had an off day...But it's all good... We will wreck the tournament on the 25th....Guaranteed!!!

33: Hilt- you have the best Olimar i played....We always have close matches...haha It was nice seeing you again Man.... can't wait to kick it with you again.

33: Cr4sh- Nice seeing you again...keep up the Luigi playing..Look forward to meeting you again..

33: Fonz- Your Ganondorf is too good....Maybe you should play him in Tourny matches and prove that Ganon isn't that terrible... nice Kickin it with you again...We will meet pretty soon though...

33: Calic- Haha Nice seeing you again...Mr. Energy Drink

33: Beegs- you have a Good Marth... I honestly don't remember playing you Online. But I do look forward to playing you again... Keep it up man.

33: Needle of Juntah- You can do better...I know this from watching your Matches....I have never played you yet...I would love to sometime...

49: King Yoshi- Good job in our pool matches....Hehe Can't believe I 3 stocked your Pikachu...Last time it was fairly close....You took us out of winners bracket in Doubles...But keep up the Good Stuff man...

49: Asdioh- I am very disappointed in you...I know that you are much better than what you have displayed...I thought you were practicing man... What Happened!? Nice seeing you again though...

49: Framerate- Good Seeing you again...Hope My Hadokens didn't hurt....hehe...Thanks for throwing that Marshmellow at me...I still have nightmares about rollout....haha Can't wait to see you again man...GOD KAIS!!!!

49: Jokey- You were in a movie right....? Knock'd up i think i was called...GOD KAIS!!!

49: TheKiest- GOD PIES...How dare you!!!!? GOD KAIS!!!

49: Joshu- Sad that you want be playing Brawl any more. I wanted to play you in SF4....oh well

49: Fromundaman- I'm disappointed in you man... We were all suppose to get Top 3...If not that...At least make it out of pools...Guess you had an off day...But I expect better results out of you and Asdioh....

49: Wakka- We gotta Hang out more...You are to Cool...I'll probably see you next week though...We'll see...

61: Judo- You have a good Shiek...I was kinda Sand Bagging in our matches...but i could tell that you had real Skill with Shiek...Keep going Hard

61: Metaflair- Nice seeing you again...The Most Stylish and Profilish guy ever...I'll see you in Morehead Bro....

61: TheGreatMuldini- We will get you out of pools next time...It's my personal goal to make you all improve...we have to make that happen

73: TheBlueBlade- Good Matches in pools... I was kinda sand bagging in our matches...But I could tell that you were improving...keep at it...

73: PeppyWil- Nice finally meeting you man....haha Thanks for the love you always show to The God Kais and I....We'll interact more....See you at the next tourney.

FanFan- Thanks for making the Cookies...they were soft and Gooey. You are a nice young lady with a wonderful personality. It's good to see a woman enjoy herself playing a Video Game. Hope to see you again...

Amy- I wish my girlfriend was more involved in my interest like you are with yo Boyfriend. Didn't see how you did in beer pong...haha and I hope I wasn't to much of a Nuisance while I was eating "pizza" I can't control it....haha

Doctor X- Get a Job and Start playing Brawl and come to tournaments....OS is getting weak without his Gunpunch Team

Sliq- haha You are funny... I don't remember that Bruce Lee thing...I was So done!!! Haha Come to more tournaments....you are to good of a Smasher to waste them Gaming Skills

Kel- Hurry and get back to Cincinnati...We could have used you in the Crew battle. It's always good getting support from a fellow cincinnatian from across the Seas. Can't wait to play you again and just chill....

Ripn- Great Job hosting the tournament. Fun times at the Party...Bombs and Rocks almost Defeated you all....But hey you guys are to pro...It's always fun hanging out with you guys....We'll hang out soon enough....


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Apr 22, 2007
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1: Ally: it was cool talking to you alittle bit after the tournament, OHIO DISEASE!
2: Lain: Dude i beat you in pools prepare for brackets. nah im messin with you awsome matchs with a cool guy. i hope to see you soon
3: Anther: your an awsome guy with an awsome pika, we should play some time we never really get to :(
4: Judge: i wish you liked me :( ****ing with you, lets play sometime
5: Hunger ($27.09)
5: Shugo: your probly my favorite person ever, ill see you in a few weeks hopefully it will be alot of fun. Love you
7: YBM: WILL SMITH. i really enjoyed your company. we should have played.
7: Grimace: i enjoyed your company and i would leave you a big shout out but your wisconsin
9: Nope: i heard your good
9: Pops: i heard your the reason i lost to AZ
9: SamuraiPanda: Thank you so much for that food friday night. You were by far one of my favorite people there. Awsome geting to know you
9: Champ: who?
13: Rofa: nice lack of undergarments saturday morning. Lets do some meta dittos next time i see you
13: Quivo: QUI i really liked you and was shocked that you were asian. You were a cool guy, sucks we didnt play. You should come up to shugos house when im in ohio in a few weeks :D
13: AlphaZealot: **** man your like literaly the first diddy i have ever lost too :( awsome games. Lets play again soon
13: Infern: sexy
17: Fatboy: you ruin everything
17: Overswarm: sonic
17: Count: we should really play man. One of these days
17: Smash64: best ness i have ever played.
17: Omniswell. Omni i feel like we really bonded. Can we be best friends.
17: Sago:too good
25: Bloodhawk: you were a pretty cool, i liked that you could name 5 megadeath songs
25: Ithrowthings: i throw ***s :D
25: Z: best mk i played at that tourny
25: The Mann: LETS PLAY SOME ****IN BBALL!!!! your the man now
Framrate: you were very fun to play, and are the only person geting a shout out not on the list!!!


Smash Ace
May 2, 2008
heh i dont live in the midwest but this tournament seems like it was really fun. i kinda want to drive up there sometime and meet some of you guys. not making any guarantees but i look forward to it if it happens.


Not Asidoh
Jun 23, 2008
49: Asdioh-Sorry you missed pools :(. You saw me, you told me to give you a hug, lol. You'll bounce back.
looool that was you? I remember seeing someone hug some random guy and I was like "no hug for me? D:"
I didn't know it was you though, lol. I forgot what you looked like, I just know that you beat me in pools, and on wifi >_>

heh i dont live in the midwest but this tournament seems like it was really fun. i kinda want to drive up there sometime and meet some of you guys. not making any guarantees but i look forward to it if it happens.
doooo iiiit

MW is so much better than the other Smash areas realize.


Smash Apprentice
Aug 29, 2008
Cleveland/Athens, Oh
Seven Weeks with Wario and Im proud of my results, maybe next time Pictochat won't screw me over :laugh:.

1: Ally - I will Falcon Ditto U next time. GJ on First!
2: Lain - howerver, I will not ditto your IC's
3: Anther - one day, I will fight your Picachu
4: Judge - wait until u play my improved wario
5: Hunger - GJ with Warir
5: Shugo - you think you can step it up with WARIO!?
7: YBM - GJ crushing my hope of being 7th, I'll get u next time. Too funny at the house party!GOD PIES!!!
7: Grimace - GJ to you also crushing me at many points of the tornament. Your metaknight came out of no where!
9: Nope - ...atleast I didnt have to fight your snake, anyways good house party!
9: Pops - LOSER!!
9: SamuraiPanda - Not today
9: Champ - Stop following me! why do you move up when I move up!! GJ
13: Quivo - Revenge is SWEET. I see you at a finals some other time ;) GOD PIES!!!
13: AlphaZealot - Atleast you beat that samus player, Im the best trainer in the world!!
13: Infern - GOD PIES!!! GO BACK TO IKE!
17: Fatboy - Thx for being a part of my favorite doubles team there!
17: Overswarm - Its just one of those days, it was fun talking during the house party!
17: Count - Yeah GG's I was thinking of teaming up with someone outside of OUGA(only a couple of times) and since your far, I could team up with you at a circuit event!
17: Omniswell - Wario is the way to go!
17: Sago - Samus is too good. GJ in your pools and so close with that banana fight!
17: Capem - There u are, its that time of the month where OUGA gets really good and improve.!
17: Mr. E - Yeah G&W is not a character I play....YET
25: Cake - Diddy knog dittos is a pain to watch!
25: Bloodhawk - Nice Falcon ditto!
25: Tactical - Im sorry Norfair didnt work out you, Pictochat screwed me over!
25: Ithrowthings - Yeah, Rule #6, dont suicide in Falcon dittos!
25: Mister Eric - Yeah ROB is Awesome
25: DJ Iskascribble - Pictochat FTW!!
25: Z - GJ, improving and I thought you got that creul battle challenge!
33: Wangston - If I main random, its your fault, but GG's
33: ParanormalSin - Olimar is
33: Steel Samurai - (Marth is the way to go!)
33: Xisin - (I can't beat Mart with falcon, its impossible!)
33: Hilt - Too Good!
33: Moose - As always, good Sheik
33: Cr4sh - WOOOOW, that was too close on my behalf GG's! I will use falcon next time!
33: Fonz - Look At the Last Message!
33: Needle of Juntah - Huh, u forfeit!?

49: Crunch - GG's your Wario is Scary Good, no more dittos with you!
49: King Yoshi - GO TO OU!!!!

49: Framerate - Framerate, *Gets on one Knee* Will you be my Doubles Partner for next year! GG's buddy, we showed them who the real GOD PIES are!!!

49: Jokey - Get out of pools!! I think we should switch pools next time! Its not against the rules! :laugh: Thanks for driving!

49: TheKiest - Even through the good times and bad, in the end we have a theme song about me! Thanks for driving and housing us!

49: Wakka - I am an interesting character and so are you!
61: Jiffy - I image of you just reappeared of you! GG's and hope to see the new skills u use with ness
61: Mr.9 - Falcon Dittos are too good!
61: Metaflair - Hey, when I ever get 1st in a circuit event, can you WOOO on my behalf!!?
61: Sil - ROB is the next generation. Too bad I found Samus 1st!
73: SMBW - Dont worry, you have many years ahead.

Yeah its Time to Step my game up so at the next Test Your Might, I will only play as Falcon if the characters are Mid Tier to Low Tier. Not ready for High Tier. :laugh:I encourage others to do the same atleast one time this summer. Trust me, it will make you feel better!

One random note - Does any1 play Left 4 Dead on the PC!!!!???


Smash Journeyman
Sep 28, 2008
Kaukauna, WI
fatboy shoutouts

1: Ally ($325.09) GJ ****** lain
2: Lain ($149.00) weed sucks, delays tournaments, and messes up chaingrabs
3: Anther ($94.82) <3
4: Judge ($54.18) we have to play again
5: Hunger ($27.09) good stuff, as well as good radio
5: Shugo ($27.09) <3
7: Freshprince of bair- good stuff
7: Grimace- SHI[BT son its the grimace![/B]
9: Nope- good tourney and stuff
9: Pops- Good stuff in doubles
9: SamuraiPanda-6chair bed ftw
9: Champ- who?
13: Rofa- nex time ill win
13: Quivo- QWEEVO!
13: AlphaZealot- diddy ***** too much
13: Infern- Good stuff in pools
17: Fatboy- Best ever
17: Overswarm- Shouting is the best :D
17: Count- we still have to play
17: Smash64- 222good ness
17: fagswell- song goes, love me hate me say what u want about me but all the boys and all the girls are begging to if you seek amy
17: Sago- 222good
17: Capem- who?
17: Mr. E-What?
25: Cake- i overcame my addiction to sweets
25: Bloodhawk- Tapion would hate you
25: Tactical-Huh?
25: Ithrowthingstwice- too good in pools
25: Mister Eric- what?
25: DJ Iskascribble-Who?
25: Z-huh?
25: The Mann - black, tall, gangster, version of grimace 222good of a luigi
33: Suyon-i hate pit
33: Fizzle-who is dis?
33: Whatsthepoint- how did u sleep?
33: Wangston-wha?
33: ParanormalSin-who dis be?
33: Steel Samurai-idk
33: Xisin-shield breaker is OP
33: Hilt-who is dis
33: Airborne-idk
33: Moose-what
33: Cr4sh- Is yelling sheryouken neccesary?
33: Fonz - wha?
33: Sneakytako-who?
33: Calic-wha?
33: Beegs- marth owns
33: Needle of Juntah- wake up

49: Crunch-wha?
49: King Yoshi-who?
49: XeroXen-huh?
49: Asdioh- kirby, ewww
49: Iris- jacobs ladder
49: ArgentStew-wha?
49: Framerate-i hate jiggs
49: Jokey-what?
49: TheKiest-huh
49: Joshu- Yelling is OP
49: Fromundaman- wha?
49: Wakka- Who?
61: Jiffy-What?
61: Judo-who?
61: BurnNotice- awesome name
61: Mr.9- what?
61: Metaflair- dun go in da bathroom
61: Sil-wha?
61: TheGreatMuldini-who
61: Paradigm-what
61: Glov-who
61: Annet-wha?
61: Gigabowser-who?
61: Harbinger-wha?
73: SMBW-who?
73: TheBlueBlade-wha?
73: JellityMe-wha?
73: Four-who dis be?
73: LMT-whaa?
73: PeppyWil-i keep seeing you but who are u?
73: GMS-wha?
73: Yay Gunblade-who?

P.S. Weed sucks, messes up CGS, delays the tournament, uneeded, and violates rules and doesnt get ppl DQ'd even though they take long times


Smash Ace
Jul 9, 2007
Springfield Ohio
33: ParanormalSin - Good friendlies on THursday/Friday. I don't remember what days we played lol
we played both days Q...but either way, good stuff!

33: ParanormalSin :olimar:i wanted to play your olimar in braket =/
i wanted to play your ness aswell. come down on saturday and maybe we will get the chance!

Paranormalsin-I'm such a nub. Not banning Luigi's Mansion and just got ***** fest there. I really wanted to face Ally in brackets as well too >.< I'm learning the matchup...hopefully
its a learning experience for sure tho. either way, i wanted to play ally again after my poor display in pools against him. i assure you, you wont ever let oli take you back to mansion tho :D

33: ParanormalSin - Too cool. We'll play next time. Just not melee :D
haha, i can agree to that frame. come down this friday and stay over night and play some games with us imo :D

33: ParanormalSin- You have a Good Olimar...But I've played Hilt a lot and I'm use to the match up.... I appreciate the Support you gave me when i was facing Ally. We had some fun times at the After party... We'll be down there pretty soon so we'll chill with one another once again.
it took me too long to figure you out aswell and when i did, it was too late...way too late at that xD
but youre welcome for the support, as much as i trash talk you, im still from ohio :D

33: ParanormalSin - Olimar is
sweet? not a villian? gay as aids? all of the above????? hahaha good stuff pops!


Smash Ace
May 2, 2008
looool that was you? I remember seeing someone hug some random guy and I was like "no hug for me? D:"
I didn't know it was you though, lol. I forgot what you looked like, I just know that you beat me in pools, and on wifi >_>

doooo iiiit

MW is so much better than the other Smash areas realize.
lol i realize. probably why this tourney seems so fun to me :D again i make no guarantees but i might try to make it some time.
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