[Nesu] It's so deserted here I could find Criminal Caterpillars. (Post here if you're cool)

Best Ness Outfit?

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Apr 4, 2010
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Wow... well if we both put complaints to forum support, I'm sure they'll get right to it. Make sure to send a link to this thread. I already sent mine, but there's power in numbers xD
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Mar 12, 2009
Good luck to both of you guys! I'm gonna try to watch the stream when I can, so ONE OF YOU'D BETTER MAKE IT FAR! >.> and get some of those high-level Ness dittos recorded XD
I really wish I could go. Maybe next year though (sadly engrossed in getting good at PM and Melee, though Ness isn't great in either of those games. Trying to get good at those games over improving at Brawl because maybe the tech skill from those games will be more important to practice)

EDIT: Playing through M3 again from the start. Can't stop loving Mother games.


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Feb 18, 2011
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6 is my magic number, mainly cause of Mario Party 6. I also have a few other reasons as well... :)

- I’ve never played a game before that made me smile so much like that! Practically everything about that game was magical to me. Plus, I did play it when I was only 6 years old, and in my first game, I won with 6 stars at the end. There’s also the fact that it came out on December 6th.

- Whenever I played Mario Party 4, and there was the Lotto-Scratch Off, I choose Ticket #6 (which is the 2nd column, 2nd row). I usually won coins for choosing that particular ticket. My friend also hosts a Mario Party fan-made game, and three times in the game, the winning ticket was Ticket #6, and my prizes were 100 coins (twice) and a rare Capsule.

- During the summer, I volunteered at a Day Camp called Centre du Sablon (CDS for short or just Sablon, whichever you want to call it). I ended up joining there Week 6 and I made my best friend there, who was working in Group 6. The first day there, my co-boss asked me which group I wanted to go in, and I said Group 6, but he placed me in Group 5 instead. Little did I know, my best friend would have came from Group 6… And I have no regrets volunteering there.

- I was born on January 29th (1998), and January is the first month, which makes my birthdate 1/29. When you add the digits, you get 12, which is divisible by 6. When you add 1 and 29, you get 30, which is also divisible by 6. I was born in 1998 as well, which is also divisible by 6 (and you get 333).

- My house family is a family of 6. There’s me, my brother, my 2 sisters, my mom, and my dad. (And also I’m the youngest of the family).

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Mar 29, 2012
Good morning, evening, afternoon, night, or whatever type of day you're having Ness Boards.

I don't know If Timmy will make a thread or discussion about this, but he's figured out a way to recover with Ness on accident?(Even when being edge-guarded)! Once I saw this, I looked to search and see If someone has done what Timmy has done (was bored so meh). No one has done this yet, no one except for Timmy (aka Yoshi8984).


Support my boy! Best Ness In Canada!

Thanks for your time~
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