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  • is that extremely insulting?
    after jomwo happened, i get ptsd when people dont say my name right
    Thou art needed in the Ness thread.

    But yea, are you okay to give me your FC so I can send you vids? I remember a while back you were saying you might be able to do uploads and editing? I saw the old Ness community combo vid and i'm suddenly inspired and wanna make a new one. ;_;
    i cant editing software expired :/
    Noooooooooooooooooooooo... ;_;

    Hmm, I wonder who has the editing software and the patience to make something like this... i'll have a look around! :o
    I put it on the Ness boards... but I think you'll like this, I did it myself ha! ^_^

    Ain't it funny when you have the picture you want to put up on your computer, and photobucket is crashing at the closest available opportunity?

    Man this sucks. I wanted to get you that picture...
    I'm thinking if I wasn't going out to the desert i could beat invisi next tournament... I've been studying the match-up and am feeling really good with my Lucas atm. Darn timing. :(

    I need to face you at a tournament too! :o

    If there's a boost in october..... mwahahahaha.... *plans*
    A bit of MK, Pikachu, King XXX, Olimar, ICs, Lucario, Kirby and Falco
    Not in that order I use whichever one I feel like at the time
    Jammin' Jamwa I'm gonna cancel our planned MM because I don't play Ness anymore
    could be worse, Lucario kept full hopping :/

    Normally I can get a green with people from vic so hopefully it can get better.
    Dude I might have to have dinner if u still plan on playing.
    What time can u play till?
    Haha its all good, last time I went 3 days thinking you did not respond hahah ^_^

    Well, I'm Blake, thought I would introduce my self since you did hahaha.

    So I'm free all day and night so ready when you are.
    lol comment on my profile so I can see it xD

    CaLibUr_1337 is his swf account
    CAL is his tag he uses in game he is 4th on our PR and he uses Wario, DK and sheik.

    Its fine swearing those not worry me.

    My FC is 0818-6271-1077 btw
    Dude you should have friendlies with CAL at ACL, he is my offline training partner because we live about 3 mins away from each other and we don't live in the city.

    But he plays my Lucas a lot so expect him to know the ropes of the MU lol.
    Ah well I just returned from my friends place, and i left my ssbb disc at his place lol. ill give u my friend code as soon as i can. i use the CC as well because i dont have my own GCC, and ive gotten used to it too much with the added Zr and Zl buttons i cant change back D:
    Oh yay :3

    I also fear my lucas will be crap as I'm waiting for my GCC from play asia, I'm c-sticking with the CC pro but my short hopping is bad haha ^_^'

    Its cool I play people from AUS on wi-fi all the time and even people from CA.
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