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  • I traveled to Europe to stalk you where I shall remain to continue stalking you
    Is your name pronounced "Ti-Kay-O" or "Ti-Cow"
    The former sounds like a :saturn: talking lol
    I was playing some Pokemon and found a Nidoran and used that in my email and added 67 because 67 is boss, so five years later I'm entering the scene and I'm like "I need a tag" so I chopped off "ran67" from my email and was like s'perfect.

    And I've been Nido for a year now.

    Wow, your actual name is Nico?
    That's almost Nido except the third letter is back one place in the alphabet O_o
    I probably won't, I just keep thinking about quitting when I'm feeling bad.

    Omfg I just realized "Tikao" is an anagram of "Kaito" which translates to "blue" in German if memory serves me right which also explains why you use blue Ness... HOW AM I ONLY FIGURING THIS OUT NOW?
    Don't worry, everybody tells me how they imagine me to be an aussie Lucas and I often judge people by their avatars.

    There was once a time when I though Shaya was a girl. :embarrass:
    I'm thinking about their main (doesn't count for zss-mains xD)
    Do I hear some TikaoxPeach hints :troll:
    I like the turning 16 one, I can't fail that too! It appears we are of an age! =D
    Gogogo, new years resolution! :D

    I'm going to be better at brawl and always take the dog for a walk when i go to the store <3
    Like this! =D

    And yes, a Franklin badge and mother-themed wall-poster sounds awesome. Gotta check it out with the Lucas boards...

    Oh and we need to make a PSI brothers community combo vid! We have to get the guys interested... :D

    As for our games, that wi-fi made a mess of everything and i failed so hard on quite a few things.

    That said, i'm sure that applied to you as well. Some of those were nail-biting games!
    Dude, are you going to that Brawl in Berlin or whatever?
    You need to rep the Ness
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