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INNsomnia V - 3/30-31 - Results and Shoutouts


Aug 31, 2005
West Memphis, AR / Memphis, TN
There will be additional information about the tournament such as pool results for doubles and singles, pictures, videos (including the long awaited Foward -vs- DaShizWiz set), etc. at www.innsomnia.com in the near future (read as: when I catch up on sleep and all that fun stuff).

Total Entrants: 116 Total Pot Size: $2,740

1: Forward ($1,370.00 + trophy)
2: Darkrain ($685.00 + trophy)
3: Tink ($411.00 + trophy)
4: DaShizWiz ($274.00)
5: Tope ($137.00)
5: KeepSpeedN ($137.00)
7: Kishprime
7: Meep
9: Plank
9: -Chad- (pika Chad)
9: Mike_Falco
9: Jiano
13: Lee
13: Rice
13: SMeesh
13: Chaddd
17: Ram
17: Viperboy 74
17: Dyc
17: nikepk
17: Cyphus
17: JMoan
17: JuJu
17: Nite
25: Shogun
25: Jack 9 Offsuit
25: Big D
25: Chamberlin
25: Juke
25: Orgazmatr0n
25: ChozenOne
25: dmac

Total Entrants: 43 teams Total Pot Size: $1,360

1: Foxy Feathers - Viperboy 74 + KeepSpeedN ($952.00)
2: The Short Bus - Darkrain + Forward ($272.00)
3: Time Hatters - Tink + Jiano ($136.00)
4: DaOne - ChozenOne + DaShizWiz
5: Magical Unicorns 2 - Lee + JuJu
5: Chaddd + C - Chaddd + C
7: Chicken & Dressing - Nite + Lance87
7: Fux Widdit - Smeesh + Echo
9: Curtain of Justice - Big C + KishPrime
9: Kickin' Rad - Juke + Big D
9: Euphrates Makers of Fine Cheeses - Taylor + Eric
9: Yo jeans *****in' McDonald's spinach painting hats the doug pitching fungus - Chad + Iori
13: Inferno - Big Burn + Rezo
13: Moonlites - Ram + Boomstick
13: Poop or Sloop - Mike Falco + Mo
13: Team Gerade - Ray + Ricky


Aug 31, 2005
West Memphis, AR / Memphis, TN
Alright. I won't be giving shouts to the regular biweekly people, b/c you know I <3 you guys. This wouldn't be anything without the support from all of you.

The bald headed Asian guy that was with me - This guy deserves some props. He's the guy that cooked every pizza, made the trips back and forth to get them, drove with me to the airport to get Shiz + family, and sat at the tourney for 2 days even though he's not a smash player. You're the best man. I love you like the brother I never had. "Sarang hae, hyung."

Darkrain - I still think you're the greatest. Anyone that buys a minibus for smash tournies is automatically >>>>>> everyone else. Sucks you didn't get the 3-peat. You'll still have more spots on the plaque than anyone though, haha. Good matches and conversation as always :)

Jesi - You looked so funny sitting in the driver's seat on the bus when leaving the Pizza Inn Saturday morning. I don't know why, but my mom and I were laughing pretty hard. Just thought I'd let you know that someone wrote hearts next to Dark's name on the paper brackets and put my name on it. Just wanted to clear that up that I'm not taking him from you... yet. >_> hehe.

3God - Good seeing you again man. You should've told Mookie he has to come else you'll get someone to flunk him at school :)

Big C - Good talking to you man. You've got to come win this thing one day. I'd love to see how well you could demolish the tower. ROFL.

Big D - You and Big C should have a "battle of the big man" match :)

Boomstick - Good seeing you again man. <3 the FL guys :)

Chaddd - Good show man. I'm actually pretty glad we didn't get to play. I hate jiggs -vs- Ganon. Our lack of playing probably kept me from getting 4 stocked based on what I saw...

ChozenOne - I guess putting up with all your crap on the board was worth it. I had a blast hanging out with you. You've got a nice jiggs, and I'm crossing my fingers that one day I might be able to 1/2 way fux with that much amazingness.

Cyphus - Nice doc. I'd hate to see what you could do if you played Mario, b/c everyone knows Mario > Doc. Rofl. Anyway, good stuff. I've never seen anyone bend the way you do. You should take up breakdancing, holy ****....

DaShizWiz - Good show man. Crazy adrenaline rush watching the match between you and forward. Keep up the good work. You've easily got one of the best falco's in the US

dmac - Yooo! Grats for making it into brackets man. Always a pleasure seeing you.

Drummaboi - Rofl at you guys getting lost.... again ;)

Forward - Good to finally meet you man. Kudos on the playing, you're defeintely a beast. Hope to see you and company again at next Inn. You handled being the only West person here quite well I'd say. :)

Gerbil - I was watching your matches. Not bad man, not bad. I think we could've had some pretty decent bouts. Maybe next time I won't be so busy, haha.

Jesus - Rofl. Thanks for stealing my name :p I'll try to get some pics to explain this better. Haha.

Jiano - Pleasure to see you good sir. You were tearing things up in doubles. I didn't get to see any of your singles matches :( Hope to see you back for 6.

JMoan - Good place in brackets man. You honestly surprised me :)

Juke - Sorry for the name confusion man. I'm hard of hearing, haha.

KeepSpeedN - First place in doubles! Woo-woo! Good showing man. You repped SFL pretty hard. Kudos!

Kishprime - Mr. Kish. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. She's too quiet, maybe just worn out from constantly having to put up with your a... Anyway, beastly jiggs man. I don't care what you say, your jiggs was on fire. Maybe one day the Kishs and entire Ship of Fools will sail into INN's harbor and claim some of the booty!

Lee - I heard you were the best in LA. From what I saw, can't say that I dispute that. We'll have to talk about getting you guys out in the scene more and amending the Mid-South PR :)

Meep - Meeeeeep! I dunno why I like saying your name so much :) Congrats though man! You were the only person in the 2 days that I played a match with. I got 2 stocked, but that's cool with me. :)

Mike_Falco - Grats on the placing in the bracket man. Look forward to seeing you again

nikepk - I was really hoping to get to play you. I didn't get to play much, but I'd love to see how my jiggs compares to yours. Maybe one day...

Orgazmatr0n - quite simply one of the best names from one of the best songs. -Fin.

Plank - thanks for helping me write up the pools and stuff. Saved time, which I never can seem to get enough of. Good matches from the couple I watched. You've got quite a bit of potential :)

Ram - Glad to see my FL boys again, reppin' harder than ever! I could've used some of that kool-aid though. I was fiending for energy on Sat after not having slept since Wed... <_< Hahaha!

Rice - Why are Koreans so **** good at video games. Seriously!? Good show man. We need to play sometime soon :)

Rook - Good matches back at the inn. I hate Ganon -vs- Jiggs :( At least we got to pwn Nite pretty hard. *pound*

Sam - Woot! I think you helped set a record. For all those who didn't know, INN V had TWO females enter singles! Pleasure to meet you. I wish we could've talked more though. Sorry for being so busy :(

Shai Hulud - I've already forgotten how to say your name. Haha. Sha! Shi! Whatever... :p

SmashMac - You and your bros are by far the most respectful and polite smashers I've ever met. And your mom is cool too! Too bad she doesn't smash. That'd be too cool. Anytime you're in the Memphis area, for smash or not, hit me up. I'd love to hang out with you guys.

SMeesh - Good matches in doubles. I didn't get to walk around much for singles, but I liked what I saw.

Suicide Dolls - You finally made it! Woot! Bring some more with you for 6, hahha.

TheReflexWonder - I still say you're crazy for maining bowser. I could watch you play all day. Bowser for emperor of smash!

Thief - Sorry for the confusion man, I still feel bad for that :( Don't hate me! >_< See you sometime at a biweekly :)

Tink - holy moly! You guys finally made it! Whee! Good showing. I had fun talking to you and watching you tear into people. The 3 INN wait was definitely worth it. Can't wait to see you guys again :)

Tope - Don't be so modest. You're good. And you have a microplush pillow. You pwn in smash AND in sleeping.

Viperboy 74 - Thanks for the megaphone help. I can't believe my voice shot out on me. You're too good man. Glad to see you finally made it.

X2X - I didn't get to see any of the samus matches. I really wanted to :( You have to do it next time so I can!

I think... that covers... most of the people.

Everyone - Come back, bring a friend, and kick some ***. Assuming everyone had a good time, there will definitely be an INN VI :) I'll be doing some work on the inn website over the next bit, and post when we get some progress done. I had fun guys. Thanks for making this successful and one of my best smash experiences.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2006
The Land of Magical Deserts.
Hey Zane! can you correct that name Rezo? that's suppose to be RAM instead cause of the mix up in pools and ppl being switched around and all that jazz, anyway I placed at 17th? now that's cool! anyway I'll do shoutouts now cause I can't sleep for some odd reason.

Zane Good food, Good ppl, Good tournament, I can't wait till INN6. I hope you get all the sleep you want cuz you deserve it man.

Louisiana- it was good seeing you guys again, our matches were really fun Cyphus and JuJu. Hey Ricky I did'nt get to play you or Chad this time and Ray Stop spamming DK's up B you noob lol JK <3 Ray. and Lee what can't be said about you and your crazy antics I need you're aim again so we can joke around like we use to dude.

Nite- Thanks for the housing man it was greatly appreciated. also I enjoyed our pool matches all three of them were really close. I'll see you again soon enough my friend.

Zero- you owe me a Falcon Helmet and Ganon Cape lol good seeing you again.

Smaster Link- I wish I could have played you in hopes that it would help you revert to your pwning ways.

Tink- It was nice meeting and playing you man thanks for the Up B tip during our pool match , also the DK Friendlies were fun as hell. hopefully we'll get the chance to play again man and good job being such a badass in Melee PERIOD.

CO Brad- We still did'nt get to play for a 3rd Inn in a row! This greatly saddens me, but atleast we teamed up for a few fun Friendlies. the Mario and Luigi team is still undefeated.

TakeTwo- it was nice to finally get to actually meet you. ***** you crazier then me wearing Cow suits and **** at hugh *** tournaments! LOL man you're too awesome I can't wait to play you again until then take it easy and don't do anything I would'nt do.

SmashMac- My dear lil brother Barry, you're just too **** cool and I'm proud to call you Family man, I hope to see you again soon GL in school.

KeepSpeedN- our crew decided to call you KeepSleepN instead just cause of the fact that every tourney we see you, you're asleeping somewhere. anyway good job in teams and singles way to rep FL and hopefully I'll see you at Gig's in a few weeks.

DaShizWiz- YOU'RE GOOD!!!!! also you're pleasant to be around with your cool personality, also thanks for the support in some of my pool matches when I needed it the most it meant alot man and that's for real. hope you and your brothers had a safe trip home man.

Chad- you're Pika is too good for your own good. our friendlies were fun too just watch out for my Yoshi edgestalling next time LOL!

Ragnarok/Mr P/ Suicide Dolls - I'm glad to see you guys again it was fun chilling with ya. next time bring LKP1 and James. and Cameron I'm your Papi and don't you forget it.

Chozen One- your Jiggs is nasty with the Down B and all that jazz, you're too cool for words.

KishPrime- it was a pleasure to meet you, I just wish I could have played you.

ViperBoy- we did'nt get to play maybe next time.

and Finally My Crew- I HATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! JK I love you guys too much and being stuck in a car for 14 hours and not leaving any of you laying in a pool of your own blood and organs prove it.

and to anyone who I may have forgotten, forgive me I'm old with a bad memory anyway have a safe trip home eveyone and God Bless.


Smash Champion
Sep 20, 2005
Fux Widdit was Smeesh and Myself, and yeah Poop or Sloop was Mike Falco and Mo, so you got it right.

had a real good time, good **** to everyone I played throughout the 2 nights. I'd definetely be in for an INN VI.


Smash Legend
Jan 18, 2006
good stuff everyone, im only gonna do shoutouts to the people who stick out at first recollection cuz im tired!!

cyphus - good stuff, im bitter i lost rock paper scissors tourney. contortionising or howveer u would type that is crazy. Icies are gay. :p

lee - good stuff in tourney, ship had me scared! make it to more stuff, you LA guys have crazy potential.

ares - good stuff, it was nice meeting you :p

zane - thanks for running everything + giving us a place to stay. The tourney ran well despite a (somewhat) lack of tvs, you kept things in control.

md/va car - all top 10!!! except chz1!! cuz hes bad!!

kish - **** brinstar, i think for how close that was i deserve at least one "get out of warn free" card

Ram - good matches dude, ur luigi is good but blah, sheik eats low tiers :( just gotta pick up a counter for her.

Juju- good stuff, wavedash onto the edge! too good :p

jiano - lack of spot dodging is too good.

shiz/speedn/smashmac - u guys are too good/never cease to amaze me. hopefully you guys can make it to pound 2.

tink/forward/darkrain - stop hogging tourney prize money.

aside from that, um, yeah. i suck at memory.

good stuff everyone overall.


Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2005
The day I was here, I had a blast. Im pissed my mom made me leave, even my car broke down on the way home.

Shoutouts after school.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 6, 2006
Neptune, NJ
Meh, I expect nothing less of the great Forward. Good stuff baby. Can't wait to see what happens if Taj goes on a national tour. ;)

Lee Martin

Smash Ace
Dec 22, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA
good ****. im so tired of hearing that word. but yeah good tourney. everything went smooth. sucks i couldnt get a match in with you ram. me and plank and viperboy74 had some real good matches. on the edge of my seat...

great stuff though.
-great friendlies with night. good stuff.
-and good mm's with chosen one(lolz) good stuff.
me and john wu(juju) will be ready for teams for sure next time. ;]

K.C. Cloud

Smash Ace
Oct 16, 2006
I thought more people would have went than that. Anyways I hope the tourney was fun, good **** fellas.

Hope everyone here will be making it to pound 2.

MD/VA looks like they did their thing, good **** at tope too. That guy is too good.


Smash Apprentice
Dec 27, 2006
this was only my second tournament, but i had a great time and learn a bunch! i felt like the worse player at the whole shin dig, but i had a blast anyways :p
anyways i guess i'll give some shout outs

Lee- You rock, i was super impressed by you and wihsed i could have given you more of a challenge. keep it up man, you are an up and coming smash elite

Cyphus- Cool guy. your dr.mario is sick, and we had a fun friendly :) we should exchange aim or something, talking about mvc2 and other fighting games was pretty fun

Chosen- I mean you are pretty sick man. I mean thanks for all the tips, and it was fun chatting saturday morning. I mean... lol you say that too much :p

Lance- Rofl at the Peach Upskirt trick at PokeStadium. Thanks for the friendly and the tips you gave me. I look forward to seeing you at future tournaments.

Iori- seriously even though your tag is cool sounding. it definately is a japanese girls name. lollers. anyways joking aside you are a great talent :)

Meep- here's our convo
me: dude you just ***** my peach with falco
meep: okay i'll play fox
me: dude fox ***** my peach
meep: okay i'll play IC's
me: sweet lets play
(1 minute into the game)
me: wtf my peach is bad against IC's

haha fun friendlies meep ^^ you are a wacky fella

Boomstick- So you have a great cpt. falcon and creamed me during the actual tourney. but then when it came to friendlies i had your number :p keep up with the falcon, and your falco was looking good if you could get off a finisher!

Viperboy- Thanks for those anti falco tips, i wish we had the chance to play my peach vs your falco :p maybe some other time!

And to my friends RobGambino and Zoze, thanks for the ride, and we gotta practice together more!


Smash Lord
Aug 24, 2005
Naples, FL.
Edited for shoutouts:

This was an amazing tournament. Zane you're the best host and person ever. Thanks for the hospitality man seriously dude you're the man God Bless You.

I had a ton of great friendlies with the best of the best. Every one that I had friendlies with, great matches :). Nikepk's Jiggs is crazy, and Iori's the loudest dude ever but yet remains hilarious.

Nite: You're Falco is so good man. You were fun to match man. Great friendlies.

Zane: You're the best host ever. Didn't get a chance to play you because you were ofcourse busy running the tourney, but I look forward to the next INN.

Lance: Thanks for the Peach friendlies and tips. Your Peach is so good man. I enjoyed talking to you as well. Hope to see you and Nite again sometime in the near Future.

-Top 5 besides my brothers-

Forward: You're really beastly man. Good job on 1st place. Props to your Falco man. You move like nuts on those platforms wtf man. Fun "friendly" lolz.

Darkrain: Good job on 2nd man. You tech-follow so well dude.

Tink: You're so good dude. Good job on 3rd and wow @ how monstorous your Fox is.

Tope: Man you're really good. Awesome job on placing 5th.

--- Florida (besides my 2 brothers) ---

Rice: You're so good dude. That Falco is improving more and more and you're definantly one of the best I've seen. Good stuff @ the tourney as well.

Older brother RAM: Our friendly set was so close man and your Luigi is sick. Good job on making brackets as well with low-tier. You're just too good man. Fun hanging out with you too.

Rook: Fun friendlies man and your Shiek is really good. You're also a really cool person to hang out with as well.

Boom: Dude you're the coolest and that Falcon is so good. You're YL is awesome mad crazy too. Those YL dittoe matches were so close man. Good stuff bro.

Drumma: We had a really good set as well. You're Peach is so good for the time that you said your practice her, and your Fox is good too man. Good job at the tourney.

Every other region:

Cyphus: Those Doc. dittoes were close man. You're still the best though. Your Doc. is just too good. I love you man lolz. Great seeing you always dude.

Lee: Geez you're good man. And I got you with that handshake trick 2 times in a row. Lolz @ handshaking mindgames. But anyways, great job getting out of pools and doing so well at this tourney. I hope to see you again.

JuJu: Sick Marth dude. I think I had heard about your from Cyphus but I never knew you were that good. Awesome seeing and meeting you man. I'm still trying to figure out how you were tipping me off of the stage so well.

KishPrime: Wow man. You're Jiggz is amazing. I saw that set with you vs. Nite. So close man that was one of the intense ones.

Mr. P: You rock man. You were fun to fight as well and you're really good.

ChozenOne: Dude I don't know how you were doing it but you were beating 2 people at once when Shiz was no longer there to help you. You're Jiggs is definantly one of the best I've seen in teams dude. You were wrecking. Great meeting you and talking to you and awesome job with Shiz getting 4th in teams.

Prac: Dude you're the coolest man and your Peach is really good. You were fun to talk to.

X2X: Thank you for the Samus training, I really needed it. Thanks for the tips as well man. You've got a really good Samus.

ihavespaceballs: The only other dude I've met that has his name on a hat. I heard of how dang good your Samus was but I didn't get the chance to match it. I'll have to next time I see you man. And chad's Dreamland remix rap ringtone was frickin' sweet.

Pikachu Chad: Your the best Pikachu I've ever personally seen. Those matches with YL vs. Pikachu were really intense too man. You're just too fast though. Awesome job in tourney as well.
P.S. - Had to distinguish between the 2 Chads some kind of way XD.
Ganon Chad: That Ganon was just hard to get by man. Fun friendlies though. Your Ganon is amazing.

Mike Falco - Lolz dude you act like you're not as good as you could be but you were still owning. I mean, your Falco is really, really good dude. Great job on your placing as well. Didn't you get 9th? WTH man too good.

Ed - You're a cool dude man and you're good too. Learn the Up+B cancel like you said and you'll be on your road to Macing just like me ;). Lolz JK man.

Plairnk - Your Sheik got soo much better man. You were wrecking in singles too man. Great teaming with you man.

Ares - Great to meet you man. Your Sheik is really good too. I wasn't expecting to meet you man. I had to say something to you after seeing your dedication to the smash community by being the new guy incharge of the video thread.

Tuke - Dude your Marth is so good. Thanks for the Marth training and great matches.

C - Your CF did really well in teams with Tuke. You're really good with him man. Good stuff. Didn't see you in any singles friendlies but I know for sure that you're CF is sick.

-- My Brothers --

DaShizWiz: Great job on placing 4th in teams and singles little-bigger brother. Your Falco is ****ing nasty man and great job repping Florida.

KeepSpeedN: Good job with Viperboy on winning 1st place in teams and also good job on placing 5th in singles. You and Shiz sure can rep.

To Viperboy (even though you're not my brother but close enough since you won teams with KSN): Dude, you've gotten like 400 times better. Your Falco is so good man. I'm really happy that you and my little-bigger brother KeepSpeedN took teams. You guys should team more often.

Everyone else I mistakingly forgot to mention:

Sorry guys if I forgot someone but whoever I faught I had fun matching. Everyone was great and friendly. And everyone was good too. Bleh I can't remember everyone! I'm still tired and I don't even know what day it is after being awake for like 35 hours straight!

If I'm missing someone just let me know. It's not that I don't care about doing a shout-out to you, it's just that I can't remember right now.


Smash Journeyman
Dec 29, 2005
cape girardeau, MO
w00t 17th ^_^ Shoulda went on at least another round (shoulda had ur C. Falcon, Rice... but I suck. Your marth is a BEAST though lol)

Tourney was a blast. Got lots of matches in, friendlies or otherwise. I really liked the setup (2 RRs, THEN brackets, really cool). Man, I met so many cool people this time around... the atmosphere was so friendly... must be that southern hospitality haha.

Speedn, SmashMac, Boomstick, Echo, RAM, Ed, DYC, Mike Falco, Chozen, and a bunch of others im forgetting: It was really great meeting all of you. Definitely need to game some more the next INN.

Good games to everyone I played, most all of them were really really close (cept for Forward, he ***** me). Good seeing everyone from MO, IL again too. Can't wait for INN VI to happen now =) I wanna win it just so I can upthrow Rest some pizza boxes lol


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2006
The Land of Magical Deserts.
Hey Plank that Shiek is Destructive! it was bad luck for me to barely get past pools then meet you again so soon. I think I'll just use my Falcon against Shieks, but you're really good and I'll look forward to the next time I meet ya until then take it easy man.


Smash Journeyman
Jun 20, 2005
shoutouts later.

but if you got falcon punched by me...be sure to include it in your shoutouts ;)


Smash Master
Jan 7, 2005
teaching the babies....
Fun *** tourney im just gonna make my shout outs quick cuz i dont really remember a lot of people D;.

Tope- Stop squandering everytime we play teams in the beginning at big tournies lol. This isnt the first time. Good **** at single mayb peach is the answer to ur teams character cuz playing shiek the other nite i realize why u feel like u get ***** half the time now.

Shizwiz- good stuff getting 4th in singles and doubles. You and me both have the same mindset in smash which i really appreciate about ya. You just play for the fun of the game and not tryin to win money. You got a lotta potential to become one of the best players out there.

Plank- lol sorry i went ic on ya. I felt bad if tope forfeited to me and i didnt beat u. Al use fox/falco on ya next time we play. I honestly dont like using ic cuz they really feel uncomfortable for me to play with.

Rob Gambino(yoshi/ic player?)- lol you kept askin me advice on how to use ic. I wish i could tell you a simple answer, but i come from a region that ***** ic so my playstyle is different from others. If you really want to be good with ic the pinnacle of their game is to wobbles, but make sure you dont forget the basics of why they were good. I suggest watchin vids of chu b4 he wobbled and cg. imo that was when his ic were at their best.

PrinceZane- awesome tourney you ran. You were a really nice guy about bending the rules just so everyone coould be happy at the end. Im sure well come down to other tourneys next year or something.

Chozen1- lol you kept askin how to get better. Just play different characters. You cant just be a jiggs only player you gotta broaden ur style of play. My fox only got better cuz i tried to play falco more.

KeepSpeedn-. Good **** you were clearly the better player. I didnt expect you florida guys to have ic practice lol. You shoulda had darkrain, but good **** at placing high at this tourney and winning teams.

MikeFalco- lol you must the be the only falco i know who hates dittos. Glad you had that lame problem resloves and went to brackets to place pretty well.

Everyone else i friendlied with- **** theres so many samus players lol it was nice to play them cuz i have horrible time against them. up b outta shield is broken!!! Good stuff playing everyone.

lol @ everyone who thought i mained ic D; I havent played them for a good month and a half.


Smash Ace
Oct 15, 2005
Naples Florida

my crew:

KeepSleepN: stop sleepin' good stuff though with viperboy. u did real well in teams! didn't know u were that good. team up again with viperboy at fc

Dashizwiz: good stuff bro against forward and dark..who lets it rain! =>

Smac: good stuff man reppin the doc and all, i beleive u and cyphus take best docs now =>

North FL

Rice: sry man i took u out =( . hopefully it will b much close next time we fight!

Ram: man u are halrious. good stuff puttin' the smack down on tinks sheik. who lets his chain hang low!!

Brook: man im srry dude u didn't ake it out of pools. i woulda gave u a win, if i knew u weren't going 2 make it! out of all seriousness i do it 2 my crewmates all the time

anybody else from the region i didnt name.. srry =>


meep: good set man! srry i was being pretty gay with fox =(. u need 2 build up that falco for sheik/fox and ur set!!

tope: thanks for letting me sleep on ur little pillow thing! ur awsome

anybody else i did not name srry =>


Mike falco: dude u sooo underrate urself =( why do u do that? great falco man, good stuff in our set u got close !

NPK: dude ur jiggz is insane that sucked u suicided in last stock of our match =<

tink!: dude all ur characterz are amazing good pool set man, and good job getting third in the tournament

Darkrain: i shoulda got u man with that downsmash but whatever,falcon is 2 quick, good set man! 2bad it= not recorded!!

viperboy: good stuff teaming with ksn, im glad u guys took first, he really wants 2 team with u again sometime, like at fc10 or something! good stuff reppin the nidwest and fl with ksn!


Myztek: thank u for recording matches, and good falco man, pretty close set we had!

Gerbil: man ur awsome dude 2 hang out with, nice fox, pretty dang tecnical!

C....: awsome fox dude u did pretty well in pools,but u messe up a little bit =(

Alpha!: man i like ur samus alot! fun friendlies man!!

anybody else i missed... sorry =<

South/North/West/East/ region person..

Forward: good stuff getting first man! u got a pretty amazing sheik 2, sheik almost got me a couple X in the sheik vrs fox matchup!

awsome person shoutout!

PRINCE ZANE!!: man thank u sooooooo much for hosting the tournament, going out of ur way 2 pick us up from the airline to take us there, and then drive us back? man ur amazing dude thanks for everything, my family will definately house u if u ever come 2 florida for anything!!


Smash Ace
Sep 16, 2006
Columbus, GA
I think I've finally recovered my sleep. Now I know why it's called INNsomnia...

Prac- Good stuff making it out of pools man. I won't catch up to you if you keep getting better and better.

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

X2X- Morph ball form ftw! Goog thing you main Samus, otherwise riding 8+ hours in the trunk would've been hard. Thank goodness for Chozo statues. Anyways, you're too good. I think you would've made it out in any other pool. Sucks that you, Gerbil, and me were in the same one.

Gerbil- Your Fox was probably the best non-"pro" Fox at INNV. You're getting better everytime we play. Close matches and everything, but you really are getting mindgames. Now I've got to get some too.

Darvel- What you made it out of pools?! Oh wait, nevermind, that was a mistake. From what I saw you did pretty good. Thanks for driving back after my shift. I was way too tired to not spilt the drive up.

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

Reflex- Sorry about your DS man. Hopefully somebody found it and will return it. You did great in everything I saw. Besides, only noobs make it out of pools. Pros like us don't even care. We're too raw for pools!

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

Plank- It was great to meet you man. You're Sheik is soooo fast! I learned a lot form watching your matches. You're definitely a cool guy and a great Sheik player. I'll do my best to make it to Pound 2, but I'm not making any promises just yet.

Nite- It was fun (read: you totally ***** me) in pools. Your Falco is crazy awesome. I only took off 3 stock over the course of both matches. Good stuff.

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

SmashMac- I really enjoyed meeting you. I wish I hadn't been gayed out of my original pool so we could've played each other. Ah well, maybe next time.

KeepSpeedN- Congrats on doing so well in both tournaments. I really enjoyed talking to you for like two hours about all that random stuff. You're really good at this game. lol

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

Ace- Whoever you are, you stole my pool spot from me. That's not cool. Whatever though. Hopefully you did okay in my spot.

Zane- Amazing tourney. So much pizza! Too bad you didn't get to play though. You're too good at tournament running.

IHSB- Thanks a ton for the housing. Your house is really awesome. Good stuff from everything I saw. You and Alpha are too good together. Y'all never die! Please come to G4S3...

Chad- Good stuff making it so far with the might Pikachu. PikaBoards are defiinitely devoted to you and your awesome pika skills.

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

Chaddd- Way to go and make brackets. If you hadn't played those two Falcons (Darkrain and Jiano) you would've gotten a lot farther I think. Wes needs to step up his Falcon game so you can win some money OOS. You really are too raw shawty, too raw.

Cyphus- You're a really cool guy, a great Doc player, and a really crazy contortionist. Congrats on beating me in Finals in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament. Maybe we'll get to play at the next tournament we're both at. It was fun hanging out with you though.

Ares- You suck, get better at this game.

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings

Midsouth Power Rankings Panel- Reflex should be in the Top 10. That is all.

If I forgot you just tell me. It was a big tournament, I met a lot of people, and I got barely any sleep. It won't be a surprise if I forgot somebody. Also, let me just say:

Reflex for Top 10 in Midsouth Power Rankings


Smash Champion
Apr 22, 2006
Columbus, GA
My turn for the shoutouts :) :

Zane - Dude you kick *** at hosting tournaments. Thanks for all the pizza, and the hell of a time that I had this past weekend.

Alpha - Morph ball ftw!!! That was funny as hell watching you get out of the trunk everytime we stopped. Too bad we fought in pools, but at least you can say you shared my experience of getting the death pool haha.

Ares - Too raw for you. :p j/k close stuff in pools, you nearly had me. You keep getting better >.< stop that.

Prac - O.O we have weird match sets... I always win the first match, and you seem to barely come back and beat me the next two. That always happens no matter what the stage... like you beat me the first time on Pokemon, but then next time we land it I 4 stock you. WTF!?!

Reflex - You too were part of the Trunk Crew haha. Way to evolve into Bowserfree, I've got video of that too rofl.

Darvel - As always it's cool hanging out with you, and thanks for teaming with me man. See you on fridays as always.

Nite - Ummm.... why is it that everyone bans FD against me?? Even you???? And why must you be too good? You need to stop that too. Thanks for playing, and it's always fun hanging out with you.

RAM - Luigi ftl :( I got wrecked, I had no idea wtf I was supposed to do rofl.

Tink - Hmmm close first match with the sheik, and then you ***** me in the second. Then I MM your ganon, and you proceeded to destroy me there too haha, you're the second ganon player I've come along that has really wrecked me. (The first to do so was Chaddd) Thanks for playing (and beating) me.

To those that this was their first tournament - Thanks for coming to play, you guys picked an awesome first tourny to attend. Keep improving, we hope to see you in the community more often.

KeepSpeedN - Always awesome to talk to you, really cool dude. That Fox of yours is simply amazing, it showed me a lot and I plan to take some of that and implement it into my own game.

DaShizWiz - We only got to talk for a little bit, but as always it is cool to do so. You and your brothers seem to be way to nice to be real haha. Thanks for the friendly, it shows I have a lot to work on when fighting Falco (but then again GA doesn't have any Falcos as sick as yours, so maybe they will look slow to me now haha)

SmashMac - Didn't get to play you, but I did get to talk with you for a bit. You have a really sick Doc, and it really sets you apart from your brothers.

Forward - >.< I cannot believe I didn't recognize you... I sat down to play with you, glanced at your face and didn't think anything of it at first. Then you proceeded to destroy me in dittos, and I am always confident in dittos. So I'm thinking "wtf who is this guy?" Then when I introduced myself and you said your name back... my mouth dropped inside my head rofl. I had seen your face plenty of times before, but I didn't think you'd be sitting alone against a CPU haha. Mindgaming me from afar... too good. And the pizza box nair was even better, which I totally have on camera.

Chaddd - As always awesome job, and it was cool you came up from GA to play. I thought for a moment that only Columbus was going to make it haha. Just don't forget, I am coming for your Ganon seeing how I get closer to beating you each time... >.< It will happen... some day.... like.... months from now >.> haha

Cornel - Didn't get to play you, but from what I've seen you definately have improved. I wish you would stop doing better than me in the tournaments themselves though >.< haha, see you back in GA.

Chad - Awesome hanging out with you at Jack's place. We didn't get to play, but I did watch some of your matches and you are beasting it up as always.

IHSB - Thanks greatly for the housing man, we owe it to you. Actually, if you are coming down for G4S3, let me know, cause my mom will be out of town that weekend and I do know that I can comfortably house 3 or 4 people in my living room. (It's all up to seeing if my mom doesn't mind while she is gone >.>)

Ambix - You've gotten better dude. But don't fret at losing to Fox, because I have like... excessive peach practice. That and I don't miss waveshines (err if I do it's a mindgame haha :p) but you may want to pick up another char to fight Fox if you don't feel comfy. Keep it up, it's awesome as always playing you.

Gerbil - Dude you suck. Get better jeez.

Mid South Power Ranking Panelists - Reflex for top 10, because he pwns so hard it hurts.

Georgia Power Ranking Panelists - Ares, Prac, and Gerbil for Tier 2. 'Nuff said. Columbus is taking over GA XD

Everyone I forgot - I have a big *** list above this lol, so if I forgot you I am truely sorry. It is INNsomnia for a reason, and I am tired and have a massive headache and must continue to live life by working and going to school haha. So forgive me.

Later everyone.


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Dec 2, 2005
First off
Zane has my camera, it seems the earliest I can get it back is Saturday. All matches recorded by me will be up by at least sometime on Sunday if I get it back.

Zane: You are godly at running tournaments. I definetly owe you for some of the trouble I put you through. I still havnt played you in forever though. =(

Moogle: Good seeing you again. Thanks for driving me to the Inn in the morning. Im sorry I had to wake you.

Person who took my Cube: Hope you enjoy it.

Person who took Reflex's DS: Hope you enjoy it.

Kish: Good stuff, glad I could talk to you a bit. Wish I could have played a bit better when we did on Friday, but I was still playing like crap. >_<

Shiz, Speedn, SmashMac: You are the coolest dudes ever. Im sorry I didnt get to play you guys since I had to leave early, but it was awsome enough to talk. Greatest convos ever. Grats on coming to INN and dominating.

Gerbil: You losing that MM made me win my first MM. >_> You wanted to do that $5 MM later, but alas I had no money left. =( Next time we meet up we will fight. ;)

Lance, Sandbox, Whoever: I'll try and get a character on Underbog. You can guess as to what my name is. =P WoWcrack ftw.

Lance, Sandbox, Ambix, and Zero- That was the funniest crap ever out in the hall way. I wish I could get up to see you guys more often.

Alpha and IHSB- Stop slackn, you didnt make it into brackets. Samus isnt supposed to die.

Theif- Thanks for letting me stay the night at the hotel, even though that was the reason I had to leave. =P

3GOD- Good to see you again. I hate Peach. =(

Anyone I forgot- Sorry. But it was the greatest stuff ever whatever we did.

If anyone wants to see how bad my weekend went (aside from the part of INN), go here. Someone on another forum actually wanted to know. http://uaclan.low-ping.com/forums.asp?page=t&cmd=view&v=164164


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May 10, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
Alright, time to clear some things up.

First, Tuke = Juke.

Second, Kickin' Rad = Big D and Juke

Shoutouts later...maybe.


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May 9, 2006
Valparaiso, Florida
Yay, this was really fun.

Nite - Thanks for the housing, and the friendlies at 8 in the mornign were pretty insane too

Iori - Fun stuff playing you for a longggggg time. You should pick up a main tho !

Chad - Holy crap nice pikachu, i want mine to look like that, but i haven't spent enough time on it like you.

Forward - Nice playing a few rounds of friendlies with you, you're too good lol Fun to watch as well.

Shiz - you know, i always talkto you on aim, but good stuff, nice watchign you play and the friendlies are always fun. We should do a lot more maybe...

Speedn - Nice seeign you play...... Man goodjob in the tournament, im really jealous.

Smashmac - Nice talkign to you like always, too bad you didn't make it out of pools with your sick doc.

Lee - Friendlies were fun, but you choked in tournament :(

Tope - .....ill get you next time....

Nikepk - lol man....good stuff

Chadddd - Nice friendlies with you, wish we played more man.

Cyphus - still haven't played you....

Ricky - Nice seeign you again, same with Ray.

Juju - Noob

My crew - thanks for the drive and stuff !!! was really awesome.

Chosenone - maybe our friendlies won't be interrupted next time lol.

Tink - Nice seeing you in person :). You did realy good.

Anyone else i forgot, im sorry.... :( my memory sucks.


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May 29, 2006
Zane- INNV was teh roxorz'd omgwtfbbqkthxbai!!!1111shift+one

IHSB- Thanks so much for housing us. It was great playing friendlies with you and chatting it up as usual.

Ares- Thanks for navigating. Sorry 'bout slacking in teams. I didn't make it out of pools. . .

X2X- Like OMGz a wild Alpha appeared. ::sets out fried chicken:: "Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha " (extra dark type. XD)

Seph- Thanks for helpin out with the drive. You left your hats in my car. Those red eyes get me every time . . .

Reflex- I hope those waffles were worth it XD.

Gerbil- I am teh uber hustler. Did i get four stocked or was it all a mind game? You be the judge. But remember, I am one dollar and a fistful of fries richer while you sir are . . . exactly. Always a blast man.

SpeedN- You are a really cool guy. I had fun gettin my tutorial as well as chilling with you in general.

Smash Mac-" " Keep beasting with the doc. Oh yeah, we're both at two stock 0% on YS.

Shiz- Awesome stuff dude. I didn't see you as much as I did your bros. I'm sure you're just as cool as they are.

Plank- I thought I knew the Peach Sheik matchup . . . good stuff

Myztek- Awesome shirt. I so had you. Blegh, no johns. I hope to see you at future tournies.

Chadachu- Way to rep the pika. Good seeing you again.

Lance- Thanks for the advice. I'm Glad I got to play you again.

Iori- Sorry I didn't get my match against the Pichu. No sleep ftl.

Rook- Close matches in pools. I was scared there for a minute.

Moogle- It was good seeing you again. Those were some good matches in teams. It saddens me that we didn't get any friendlies in. Next time.

Theif- " "

Menthol- Dude, just grab the ledge. I mean, seriously. It keeps you from dying.

Tbag- I didn't get to see you play any. I'm sure it was beastly though.

Chaddd- Way to go glitching Cyphus through Corneria like that. Keep beasting.

Cyphus- I had a blast talking with you. That 0-112% combo on chaddd, amazing. Unfortunate glitches ftl.

Chozen1- I mean, if you wouldn't lose, i mean, to Samus, i mean, then you'd be, i mean, that much wealthier, i mean . . . yeah. You kick so much @$$

SMeesh- XD so sorry i made you wait for those pool matches. Wtf at shared controller.

If I forgot you and you care, let me know.

Great turn out guys. I hope to see you all at future tournies.



Mar 14, 2004
MT. OLYMPUS, Arizona
**** straight!!! Forward repz the AZC!!! Goooooooood shiiiiiiitttt, Sean, goooood shiiiiiittttt. *slurp* *slurp* lololol

Gratz on #1, it is only to be expected.


Aug 11, 2002
Austin, TX
freakin' awesome tournament

in order of random memory :O

south FL:
smashmac, great to see u again. had some sexy doc ditto. u and ur brothers are some of the most respectable players on top of ya'll talent. I wish we could play more. Grats Shiz on 4th.

west FL:
RAM, grats on ur first tourney victory on me! :O Guess it was dumb of me to pick IceClimbers...i guess i felt i'd have u 3rd fight anyway...which turns out i didn't :O. I'll get u next time!
DrummaBoi: ur peach got alot better...only got in one friendly but u earned that victory
Rice: have to play u next time
BoomStick: thanx for lee's bag =) lol

moogle: i showed my brother ur picture, and he thought it was him for the first 2 seconds, lol

chad: u beat JuJu in pools AND in the brackets, lol. i bet he wasn't happy to see u that second time. good stuff man. And even though u 2-0ed, i think both our fight was as close as it could be in every sense of combat...stupid corneria glitch ;(

shogun: awesome job for ur first tourney. i'm sure people will be looking out for u in the future. awesome friendlies.

reflex: mr.g&w ditto FTW!

pika-chad: great MMs vs. Lee and John...those were both insanely close, lol
Did you really only use Pikachu in this tournament?!

Plank: ur a really cool guy. Good stuff beating me up in friendlies, and squeezing those rounds on Lee =)

people i talked to at Pizza INN: yea..that one dude of ya'll may look like david spade...but SabreGuy unneccessarily looks like richard simmons =)

zane: awesome tournament sir. we'll definately make the next!

The Alpha Gundam

Smash Champion
Jan 2, 2006
Samus Taunt

Zane: Thanks for yet another awesome tourny. Pizzert FTW!

IHSB: Thanks for the Samus dittos and housing You sir are top tier.

Gerbil: That was mess up how we played each other in pools but o well, Glad you finally made it to an INN.

Prac: Only person out of our crew to make 2nd round, good ****.

Ares: Like gerbil that sucks that we had to play each other in pools, we need to do something about prac cause he keeps getting better lol.

L: You know who im talking to lol, way to keep repping low tier and good **** in your power ranking matches though you lost to IHSB *you can blame me for that one lol*

Darvel: get on smashboards more lol.

Speedn: Thanks for the friendlys mangz and congrats on first in teams.

Smash mac: Your sir are teh coolest and your doc rocks hard. Thanks for friendlys and dont stop playing doc us mid tier players need to stick together.

Ram: I finally got to play you. Your luigi owns my soul lol, good **** making brackets.

Iori: your too **** funny LOL. finally got to play you and i can see why your #1 in mid south.

Nite: stop beating me lol.

Lance: I watch your entire pool set and i was rooting for you. Good stuff mangz

Tink: **** it how did i wounded ip in your pool lol. Congrats on thirds.

Chadchu: Way to rep Pika you sir are my hero.

Chaddorf: Way to rep GA by getting into brackets. Too bad you play Darkrain and Jiano though its all GA Wes fault LOL.

GPC: Glad you guys came. hope you guys had fun cause our Crew battle is a month away....

Forward: I enjoy the friendlys and the Falco nair to the pizza box. Though i think you should of Bair someone through the boxes. someone like Nite.....

X2X: Morphing ball FTW!

Pizzert: Better than sex Money and Forward combine XD.

If i forget you you can balme the fact that im black and have horrible memory.
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