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  • Yo smashmac, how are you doing big bro? What's new? And I'm still struggling w/ Brawl...I'm still having a real hard time paying attention to my opponents moves and baiting out things and overall playing consciously. Any tips bro?
    Sorry for the late reply. As far as advice for baiting your opponent, my brother KeepSpeedN advised me once to hide my true intentions at all times. Always be unpredictable, and capitalize your character's strengths. The trick is to immediately convince your opponent that a.) you are a smart player, b.) you are smarter than them, c.) there is nothing they can do about it.
    Yeah Chain-Ace I want to go to APEX but I gotta start saving and try to get some cheap plane tickets. I will talk to my brothers and see what's good but no promises. And of course if I go we will do friendlies bro.
    Yo what's good bro. You and ur bros tryn to make it down to Apex? I gotta get mad friendlies with you it's been 2 long.
    Hey man. Not much just chillin. Yeah man volunteering is good and if you plan on being in the medical field then by all means get yourself surrounded by what you need to get used to. As far as becoming a national threat, well, there really isn't a "how-to" on becoming a national threat. It kind of just happens. You won't even realize you're a national threat until you find yourself being recognized by other pros. It's really all about consistency with awesome tournament placings.
    hey man, what's up? How's work? Yeah I need to find more things to do this summer. I volunteer @ the hospital, but that's about it. My family is also moving this summer, so I need to take a look over my college choices again.
    I didn't know you still came here ^_^ I saved the notes you gave on AIM. Are there anymore tips on how to become a national threat?
    Good stuff SmashMac, I'm glad you and your brothers came out to NOOB1. Can't wait to play you again.
    Hey mac, it's been ages, whats up? Just competed in my first big tournament! Didn't even make it out of pools though, dead last in the entire tourney I think...
    hey man, what you been up to these past couple of weeks?? there's a tournament october 19th, was curious if you wanted to go and if you do, maybe we could practice sometime at my place.
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