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  • Hey man! Been awhile since I last saw you at a tournament. Hope you've been training!
    Nothin' much. Kinda what Dogysamich said down the page. Sucks too, couldn't even make it to ADVENT II. I blame the bad economy. What's good with you? Did you go to ADVENT II?
    hm well, sorry havnt been on here either. lemmie know if you got aim or msn or something and if you wanna play im down.
    I haven't been on this website in forever either.
    Just thought I'd tell you we got 24/60 at championships... Not too bad...

    But more importantly, I'm going to be a Junior, and I just made the Tenor line of all things!
    Also I was wondering- do you have a Snarescience.com account? If not, you should.
    It's just a general marching drums forum, and I'm on there much more frequently.
    not much, just basically living a crap life outside of college. Nothing of real interest.

    Sup with you?
    I thought I'd give you an update... :p

    In Union City we got 5th,

    and last Sunday we got fourth out of 27 at an SCPA comp.

    Then we're off to championships in a couple weeks!
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in a while...
    I've had a bunch of crap to do. We had our first indoor comp in Phoenix last week.
    We did ok. We got 6th. But only because our instructor had us set up the tarp backwards by mistake! That means no drillsets... So after prelims, we were seventh, and we moved up a place in finals...

    Our next comp is next Saturday. We're being judged by Scott Johnson!!!!
    I'll let you know how we do.
    Well that's cool.
    So Florida?
    My high school performed in the Orange Bowl in 2007-2008!
    Only time I've been to Florida.
    Yo, noticed you live in palm coast. I just moved in the W section and I am looking for some people to smash with. Hit me up and let me know if you want to smash.
    yeah sure we should hang out and play one day. I got a friend that would play with us as well.
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