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A New Fighter Will be Announced on Thursday, 10/01


Nintendo has recently just announced that an incoming DLC fighter #7 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to be revealed on Thursday, October 1st at 7 am PST, 10 am EST, 3 pm UK time, and 11 pm Japan time. The entire video will be roughly three minutes in length followed by a brief message by Masahiro Sakurai.

It’s anyone’s guess who this fighter will be, why the video is only 3 minutes, when the Sakurai Presents will be, and what the brief message is. Regardless, the community was obviously thirsty for more information and, thankfully, Nintendo is finally delivering. Please set your alarms, pour yourself a nice hot cup of Joe, and tune into this upcoming reveal! The Japanese Twitter account doesn’t confirm any new information and is a direct translation of the English version.

We provided the livestream embed in the article so make sure to check it out when the time comes!

Venus of the Desert Bloom


I'd love to see someone not too frequently discussed like Donchan from Taiko or Neku from TWEWY. Regardless of whoever it is, I'll just be happy to see new content.
Since it could be anyone, I'll just post my current hope fors, but odds are I'll be chill with whoever they add.

Travis Touchdown
Doom Guy
Maybe someone from Age of Calamity of BotW2 (Young Impa be looking cute tho.).

I feel like I have more on my wishlist but they aren't coming to me right now.
With an important reveal ahead, Byleth visited Garreg Mach.

Sorry... It looks like...I'm going to have to leave you now.
One day, I hope you'll give this ring to someone you main in Smash as well as I main her.
(Someone I main in Smash...)
:ultdk:Donkey Kong
:ultdarksamus:Dark Samus
:ultfalcon:Captain Falcon
:ulticeclimbers:Ice Climbers
:ultdoc:Dr. Mario
:ultyounglink:Young Link
:ultgnw:Mr. Game & Watch
:ultmetaknight:Meta Knight
:ultdarkpit:Dark Pit
:ultzss:Zero Suit Samus
:ultpokemontrainer:Pokemon Trainer
:ultdiddy:Diddy Kong
:ultkingdedede:King Dedede
:ulttoonlink:Toon Link
:ultmegaman:Mega Man
:ultwiifittrainer:Wii Fit Trainer
:ultrosalina:Rosalina & Luma
:ultlittlemac:Little Mac
:ultbowserjr:Bowser Jr.
:ultduckhunt:Duck Hunt
:ultkrool:King K. Rool
:ultpiranha:Piranha Plant
:ultbanjokazooie:Banjo & Kazooie
:ultbyleth:Byleth (myself)
:ultminminMin Min
:ultbrawler:Mii Brawler
:ultswordfighter:Mii Swordfighter
:ultgunner:Mii Gunner
🚫No one
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I hope it's Bandana Dee, a Pilotwings character such as Lark, or a second SNK rep myself. But even if I don't get any of them I'm excited to see who will be revealed as the next fighter. :)
Realistic Prediction: Travis Touchdown, with Bayo and Incineroar in his trailer. Sakurai's comments are about delays due to COVID

Pessimistic Prediction: Marx, with trailer humiliating Bandana Dee just like what happened with Min Min and Spring Man. Sakurai's comments are why Bandana Dee is an unimportant character (which any Kirby fan would know is completely wrong)

The Dream: Phoenix Wright, Shantae, Bandana Dee, Heavy, Monokuma, Euden, or quite a few others
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Funny thing. I had to wake up early for therapy at 9:30AM.
Now I have this just thirty minutes before therapy. Two reasons to wake up early.

Also, placing all my chips on Geno.
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