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Barnard's Loop

Barnard's Loop
Maruchan Gaming Series Finals: The Largest Latin American Wifi Event Ever
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Two weeks ago, over two thousand players competed in the largest Latin American Wifi event of all time. By the end, just twelve players remained. This Sunday, we'll see those twelve players compete. In this piece, we'll analyze the players and their journeys!
Smash World Tour's Fifth Stop: A Look at Europe
  • 3,003
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After one month, the Smash World Tour has reached one of the biggest regions in the world. After a nearly 2000 player bracket cut to just 32, the upcoming sets on Sunday morning promise to be some of the most unexpected yet. Tonight, we'll analyze those upcoming sets, as well as some interesting stats on Europe at this event!
Smash World Tour's Fourth Stop: A Look at South America
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Things heat up in the Smash World Tour. At over 500 attendees, the South American Qualifier is the biggest stop yet, and it features some of the best hidden talent Smash has to offer. Today, we'll take a look at South America.
Smash World Tour's Third Stop: A Look at Central America
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Two weeks after the Mexican Qualifier, the Smash World Tour is now holding the other half of its Central American Qualifier event. With eight spots on the line, who will make it? Today, we take a look at one of Smash's most significant pools of hidden bosses.
Smash World Tour's Next Stop: A Look at Oceania
  • 3,594
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With the Smash World Tour's qualifiers in full swing, we come to Oceania - one of the fastest growing talent pools in the world. The event has already cut down to its Top 32, so today, we'll look at who made it, the regions at play, and what's at stake.
The Smash World Tour's first stop: An Analysis of Mexico
  • 3,592
  • 1
After one year, the Smash World Tour has returned - this time, starting online in Mexico. With Mexico as one of the most competitive regions in the world, we'll take a look at some of their regions and analyze how the event might go down!
Japan's Big Year Ends at 2GG: Kongo Saga
  • 3,431
  • 1
Smash Ultimate's first year has been an incredible one for international scenes, particularly Japan. Now, on the eve of Ultimate's anniversary, twenty-one of their top players are set to attend 2GG: Kongo Saga - the final major of the year.
Top 5 Ultimate Players to Watch Out For in 2020
  • 6,709
  • 2
Smash Ultimate has proven to be an international game since day 1. With talent all across the world, I thought it was time to start presenting several players who could be serious threats in 2020. For this article, I'll be presenting five players from five different countries!
EVO Pools Analysis - Smash Ultimate's Biggest Event (Part 2)
  • 2,875
  • 2
After an in depth look at Day 1, I'm here to present Day 2 of EVO Pools Analysis! As with the last article, this will be covering projected Round 3 Pools of EVO 2019. EVO 2019 is Smash Ultimate's biggest event - and plenty of players stand to make big plays that could define their careers.
EVO Pools Analysis - Smash Ultimate's Biggest Event (Part 1)
  • 2,896
  • 2
EVO has historically been the largest tournament series for Smash Brothers. This year, it's larger than ever - at over 3,500 attendees. With the sheer number of people going, I thought it'd be a good idea to take a deep look at projected pools and see how well players fare. With eight Round 3 Pools, I'll be covering the first four today!
Forces Collide at CEO
  • 2,545
  • 2
CEO 2019 is the last North American major for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first official ranking season. In an era where Florida is in contention for the world's best region, we're sure to see a lot of fireworks fly. However, in the fight for the PGR, the Southeast is ready to prove their mettle by sending the best they have from Georgia in the Carolinas. Japan and Mexico might have something to say, though, and with 1000+ attendees and some of the strongest talent seen at an event yet, forces will collide.
Get On My Level 2019: Event Preview & Pools Analysis
  • 5,072
  • 2
Get on My Level is Canada's premier major tournament series. It has a storied history, and we're about to see what GOML means for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Five of Canada's biggest regions are coming together to duke it out while top players aim to restore their glory or fight to hold onto it - it's Canada's first major, and one of Ultimate's most important to date.
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