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  • Haha alright cool, that sounds simple enough. But yeah could you whip up a proper .gct for me? It's been forever since I've even touched the code manager. xD
    Yeah I think I'll just go with Riivolution then since my Wii can still read the DVD properly. I'll get started on setting it up now and I'll let you know if any issues come up. What I'm mostly concerned with is how to arrange all of the different mods (textures, music, etc.) into their proper locations, or if I can even use the ones I currently use under the GeckoOS method. The only thing I've gathered so far is that I'll need to use a .GCT file that doesn't have Phantom Wings' File Replacement Code on it if I want to use Riivolution effectively.
    Ah I see, and this whole time I thought you had been using Riivoluton lol. I ask mainly because I've always been rather impressed with the quality of your hacks/vids and stuff. Is there any way you'd be able to somehow walk me through that direct ISO process or is it too complicated to guide someone relatively new to the concept through?

    Another big reason why I wanted to branch off from simple GeckoOS usage is because I want to be able to switch to the Japanese character voices and whatnot. I know it's possible through Riivolution as well, but now I'm also intrigued with your method.
    Hey, how does I infinite replay with the SD card again? Step by step please for I am dumb and don't remember things.
    suuuuuper late reply, but it's totally fine, whenever you can put 'em up is cool with me.
    Ohhh the duplicate layer blur trick! I actually discovered it just a few days ago and applied some of those techniques to my current avatar here. Though instead of the glow effect I believe I used Gaussian blur/ hard light for the top layer, then decreased opacity for the bottom one.

    To me it kinda makes the image softer and a bit more bright in a way lol. Pri cool avi Two-Ell xD
    There are a lot of unnecessary stickies anyways.
    Like why does Kevin get to sticky the NC thread >.>?
    When are you going to put up the August ZP replays?

    Sorry if you are being uberly crammed with replays that people want you to put up. I just really wanted to see my sets. Just a lil curious.
    Hehe I appreciate you passing that link to me. Maybe I won't have to wait I leave for Japan next year to finally hit up a tournament after all. XD
    I quit smash. And by quit I mean haven't paid any attention to the smash scene in over two years just because there is no scene here in Utah. Honestly I think I'm only here for the MKWii thread, but I'm trying to post a bit more in other areas. EYE DEE KAY, I kind of miss that sense of being in a community like WifiWars.

    But other than that, just school and stuff. One more year and I'm free to leave and go to Uni. Mad hype for that, haha.
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